Wow!Manifestation on the Corporate meeting.
Did you ever heard The Transformational Abundance Cards?
I use regularly in my work.

Today, I held a Corporate Training and I used these Coaching tools.
At first we used the Tell me - card, what The attention directed toward a positive future.
When you feel: you are stuck, these card helps and shows the way the better future.
The one step is difficult, but you decision your life, becomes easily.
The people formed small groups (4people)and the focus was a question: What kind of life one year later? Share your positive future!
(The attention directed toward a positive future.)
When they spoked their dreams, they are very happy and felt the freedom. Their motivation grown up!Were enthusiastic!

In the second half of the Training, we held a Brainstorming session.
How can we make more money? How to be the best?
(Steve G.Jones has got a program: Master Peak Performance: )
The tips come from the players, and me also.

I think this is the powerful tools. One Card Type - One Training program. And everyone can use these Cards.

What was the mood? It's very good!

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