When faced with decisions a battle commences between our hearts and our heads. Our heads are full of so called ‘common sense’; others people’s ideas of how we should exist. The should’s and oughts’s of society, culture and family. ‘What will other people think if I do this?’ mentality. But it is our hearts that tell us what we feel is right, what we know is right and what is our own personal path, destined for only us. This heart voice though speaks quieter than the head voice, because it doesn’t feel it needs to shout as it speaks the truth, but instead asks you to listen.

The confusion that arises is based on fear. We know what we want in our hearts and we know what is right, but doubting ourselves and fear of getting it wrong, letting others down or making mistakes creates this confusion. The fear is telling you though what path is right. When we fight against what is right for us and what we know in our hearts we become tired and tense and afraid and feel lost, as thought we are trying to swim upstream.

The path of truth takes courage and trust, like as a child holding the hand of a parent and trusting completely that they will keep us safe. God is that loving parent and knows what’s best for us and it is through our hearts that we are connected with the source of all love and light. It is not always the easiest path, but with acceptance and trust we can enjoy the journey more; like letting go and putting your hands up as you ride the rollercoaster.

For many years of my life I felt confused and lost and kept wishing someone would give me a manual for my life, to tell me what to do. As I have followed my path, trained, grown and spiritually awakened I have learnt that the manual is inside the heart. It is totally unique & individual. We cannot hope to read someone else’s manual and expect to get the answers.

It takes courage to be truly yourself, trust your manual and listen only to your heart and God who speaks through your heart. To follow your path with only faith to lead the way, with that though the heart becomes still, calm and full of love and joy and it is those feelings that show you have chosen what is right for you.

As a medium I have gained through time and letting go to fully trust what I am given as messages to pass on, but in my personal life the battle still continues and between the heart and my head when at times I am faced with feeling vulnerable, scared and impatient. It is at these times that I learn the most and am reminded of the lesson to listen to my heart, God and have complete trust in grace and the mercy of life, the universe and the source of all love. Then peace once again settles in my heart and I feel safe.

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My name is Jo Warwick. I am a spiritual medium & qualified counsellor and offer personal clairvoyant readings via the phone, email, face2face or through art passing on the guidance of the spirit realm, as you travel life's journey. mediumtherapy.com