Many contributions to your life are made by Spirit each and every day. Most of them go unnoticed; as it should be. The purpose of having a physical life is to grow and learn; to explore the numerous possibilities that the world can bring you. We are always trying to enhance the beauty of your soul's purpose. With God and Spirit working in the background, you are able to be in control of imprinting the path of destiny you want for yourself. No matter what it is, the ultimate physical person in control are where you are heading is yourself. Simply know that exploring the treasures of your life is what you should be doing.

Let us take a peek into your thoughts when you first arise for the day. Do you get up feeling spirited and happy, or with an annoyed, "Here we go again" type of mantra? It is vital for you to remind yourself that the first words you put into your head--or say out loud--will set the tone for the day. Luckily, you can reset your approach at any given second, however, this may take a little longer if you have interacted with other people who will feed into the vibe you send forth. Awaken each day with a simple statement of gratitude. "I'm alive and loved by the entire universe! I deserve great things to happen today!"

You might ask why this is of importance. The concept of other people being affected by your mood is not always understood. Look at it from the receiving end. How do you feel when one of the first people you talk to during your day is nothing but grumbles and complaints? Is it fair to say that it puts you into a less happy or content mood yourself? The elation and joy of your importance, as seen by the Kingdom of Angels, is such that you, as a physical person, will never be able to understand the depths of love that attach to it. Look at yourself as being important and full of vitality.

Along with your guides, teachers and loved ones in spirit, you have the potential to build on a life of utter happiness and prosperity. Nobody can take that away from you without your conscious or subconscious acquiescence. This is why we--Spirit--are so repetitious in our words and lessons for you. In our heart, all we want is for you to open your eyes with an expectation that you are a superb being; one who is worthy of being love by the masses and by the entourage of angelic attachments who are always with you. May this day bring you a new awareness, as well as new friends. You must abide by the power that friendships can wield, whether they are peripheral or lover to lover. To think less highly of yourself only means that you have more to grow and learn. It is not failure, nor can it be when you are open to the power of your Higher Self. Live with the feeling that you are caressed in the bosom of God, the Ascended Masters, and the angels who circulate around all of them. Feel the warmth of love, the light of the power within. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Author's Bio: 

Jim is a renowned medium and psychic, but considers himself a teacher of spirituality. Although he has been doing most of his work on a more personal basis, Jim's new direction is to try to include more people to understand the simple, yet perfect connection they can have with their loved ones on the other side.

The ability to communicate with Spirits was not something he searched for. In July of 1993, while enduring a very difficult time in his life, Jim was suddenly blessed with being able to speak, see and hear numerous people and higher level souls in the other realm. He openly and actively shares the information he gets with anyone who desires to improve their life.

Jim Fargiano can be reached on Facebook and Twitter, but most easily through his website at: He is a widely recognized leader in spirituality and posts messages he receives from the other side almost everyday. Short quotes will be on the fan page for The Spoken Words of Spirit on Facebook, as well as on his home page. Longer messages can be read at If you are serious about improving your outlook on life, then take advantage of the opportunities Jim provides.