Quote: “You are the star of the show until the curtains close. When the mask comes off, who are you? Do you really know?”

We idolize others to fit into society. Does the mask you wear represent truth or false reality? It will be difficult to measure up to what people expect you to be. Play the role for too long and forget about your inner beauty. What is more important, a false sense of self or choosing reality. Take time and get to know who you really are. Wearing a mask does not make you a true Star. Live life how you see it and find happiness within your inner being. Reject the idea of trying to fit into a crowd just to be someone you are not. If people cannot accept you for who you are, change the friends you got. The idealized self is not you by far. It is a mask in disguise to cover up who you really are.

The mask we wear is an idealized image of the self. God created us as authentic beings not to be somebody else. You can play a role or you can be free. Role-playing is an escape form of reality. It is a fantasy world of false imagery. False images are difficult to live too. Such high standards and demands can steer you away from the truth. People judge one another based on appearances but never judge a book until you sit down and read it. When you form an idealized self-image, the Ego grows until it has no limits. We perceive these images along the way and create a different face for the world called a mask as they say. You are a beautiful and unique blessing from God. Quit searching for an audience to applaud. If you want to feel accepted, learn to accept yourself. This is how you build self-confidence without the worries of being someone else. For example, as a child, were you interested in becoming a singer? Did your parents put you down or encouraged you to go out and be a winner? As adults, we covered up those special memories from way back when but the truth still resides within our inner being. The heart is where you will find your genuine talent. Express your true self and that is where you will find it. The idealized self knows nothing about unity. It separates itself and lives in a world of duality. Why bother to be something you are not? It is a blessing to know who you really are. Who are you? You are the Star God made you to be. Be your true self so that others can see. When you strive to stay alive, the Ego feeds off this energy as well as your pride. Too much Ego distracts you from being true. How long can you remain on such a high pedestal? There is always an experience to bring you back down to reality. It is not fun when the mind reaches insanity. Stop in your tracks and think for a minute. If you could accept your true self, why idealize a false image? Do you always receive the approval that you need or look down to others for not taking you seriously? Of course you do. The Ego lies and runs from the truth. You have such an amazing ability to live from your own inner being. Look into the mirror and concentrate on what you are seeing. You heart has the power to be your own Star. You do not need any false image to prove who you are. God made you to be the best you can be. Leave the images of society alone and focus on reality. Whenever you are feeling low from putting on a show, take off the mask of the idealized self and let go of the Ego. We travel down the road to Releasing the Ego.

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