There is no doubt that the demand of bilingual speakers are on a surge. When it comes to job opportunities, knowing Dutch language along with English can open up several opportunities. It really doesn't matter what type of job you're looking for, whether it's in the tourism industry, a job as a liaison officer, or even running your own business, being bilingual and speaking Dutch fluently can open new avenues of employment.

As a beginner, online classes are a great option to master the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of the language in a virtual classroom setup. An online Dutch language Course in Kolkata is preferred by students worldwide who’re working but also want to study simultaneously. Even students who don’t want to attend the regular classroom also prefer it.

Initial training in the online course

Initially in the course, the focus is on developing fundamental skills of the students and starting from scratch. They’ll be guided through online Dutch dictionary, get introduced to the alphabets, learn new words and expressions, and be able to perfect their accent with video and audio training sessions.

Instructor-led online Dutch classes will offer tips, guidelines, and instructions to hone skills of the learners in the core areas that encompasses reading, speaking, listening and writing. Books and study materials will be available in PDF format for an immersive learning experience.

Advanced training in the online course

After reaching the advanced stage of training in an online Dutch language course in Kolkata, students will be given lessons on complex grammatical rules and its appropriate usage. It includes tenses, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, parts of speech, sentence construction etc.

There will also be 360 degree classes on improving vocabulary and learners will gain expertise through video and audio sessions. They will also become trained on meanings of various Dutch words and synonyms.

The most important objective of the course is to help students develop fluency while speaking with the right accent. To make sure students develop the right pronunciation they’ll get practical classes on speaking Dutch with native speakers. It is exclusively meant for students learning Dutch online and looking to master speaking it for relocating in Netherlands for higher studies, jobs, and permanent settlement.

Monitoring the progress of students online with tests and interactive sessions

Online writing tests

Learning alone is not enough in an online Dutch language Course in Kolkata. Students also need to analyze and track the progress they’ve made. Hence online courses involve independent study and writing assignments and tests. By taking part in the tests and assessments, they’ll come to know about their strong points as well as identify those areas on which they are weak at and require improvement.

Interactive online sessions

There are interactive group sessions with a teacher and a few students. The sessions are scheduled and organized in such a way that all learners studying online can take part in it. They are required to log in with their Skype account. The topics on which they’re going to talk in the interactive classes are provided in advance.

Enroll in online Dutch language course in Kolkata at IITT Language Academy. Master words, expressions, and accent and grammar rules with precision at the hands of expert instructors. The institute also offers basic and diploma courses on other foreign languages such as Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Danish . Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian and others.

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Laxmon Gope is an avid learner. He was a former English language student who enrolled in Dutch language course in Kolkata. He has also learnt German, French, Spanish, Italian and other major European languages. Now he works as a translator in a leading NGO.