For some people, Crystal Skull is just a skull-shaped quartz sculpture. Crystal Skull some clear, Some colorful; In workmanship, and some are rough, some are extremely fine. Some crystal skull only a few centimeters in diameter, Some are similar to a life-size skull. Whether you think they are fabulous, or still feel they are a terrible terror, Crystal skulls have to admit the very clever production in making skills. That is why they are displayed in the Smithsonian museum, British Museum and Paris humanity museum for visitors.

The crystal skull which display in the British Museum

But, In some eyes of a believer of supernatural, Crystal Skull is not only a fun arts and crafts. It represents the destruction and devastation, Or hope and treatment. Some people think that the crystal skull like a crystal ball, Can be seen the past and the future. They claim that the skull can emit spiritual energy, halo or sound. Crystal skull believer that, Maya mythology involving the contents of the Crystal Skull. They also mentioned that 13 were kept in different parts of the Mayan Crystal Skull, Now been discovered one by one, and reunion together.
The mystery surrounding the crystal skull is not only their meaning, People in their history and there are also a lot of questions. Some people think that thousands of years the Crystal Skull had existed, May was alien to leave things, or like Atlantis and Lemuria relics of lost civilizations. Many people think they're just some "fake", At most a few hundred years of history. Some people want to get a better price for it, made up a series of kinds of strange legends. The controversy of the mid-1930s, Continues to this day.
This article, We will introduce you to the story behind the crystal skull, And a believer in the supernatural and scientists for the origin of the different versions of the crystal skull. Let us begin in the 1970s from the fiery moment Michelle • Hedges crystal skull. In all the crystal skull, the Mitchell • Hedges Crystal Skull may be best known of. It is said, It is in the mid-1920s were discovered by the British explorer F • A • Michelle’s adopted daughter Anna • Mitchell • Hedges. Anna publicity, In her 17 years old birthdays, Under the sacrificial altar of a Mayan temple in Lubaantun she discovered this crystal skull. Lubaantun settle in Belize, Which is a broken city.

January 6th in 1926, F • A • Mitchell • Hedges go out to the Mayan explore the cities of Central America Lubaantun

According to Anna said, Mayan told her, When the eldest was bad worship in age, Can not continue to perform duties, He and his successor will be holding a skull lying on the altar. After the ceremony, Will sacrifice all his old knowledge to a successor, then he around forever.
Mitchell • Hedges Crystal skull size of about 20 centimeters in length, Width 13 centimeters and heigh 13 centimeters, Weight 5.4 kegs, made of transparent quartz. Its nose, cheekbones, nose, separating the jaw, eye socket and so many details consistent with a human skull.
1936, one report appeared in the British magazine 《Man》about Mitchell • Hedges Crystal skull, and compares it to an another crystal skull which display in the British museum. However, the Mitchell • Hedges crystal skull is the property of a named Sydney Burney art dealer. Anna claimed that her father had previously kept it to Burney, And Burney in 1943 put it in auction to settle debt. Mitchell • Hedges final in the Sotheby auction buy back the crystal skull.

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