Meditation for beginners can be done easily with one simple trick. Once you have discovered it, you'll quickly be able to get into a mindful meditation to relieve stress as well as have found an excellent meditation for anxiety relief.

The best part about this one "trick" is that you don't even have to do anything to quiet your mind down because your mind quiets down automatically.

So, what is this "magic bullet" for meditation for beginners?

Brainwave meditation!

WHAT IS BRAINWAVE MEDITATION? Simply put, brainwave meditations have become very popular because they are:

1. Safe
2. Effective
3. Easy
4. Instant
5. An excellent meditation for beginners

And they come in different "flavors" depending on your goal. For example, if you want to attain a light meditative state while staying alert but relaxed, an alpha brainwave audio is the choice for you. An alpha brainwave audio is also a great meditation for anxiety relief, increasing creativity and better comprehension while learning.

If you want deeper relaxation or want to improve your memory and focus, then you would want to use a Theta brainwave audio. A theta brainwave audio is also the best choice for creating a lasting sense of well-being or is a great way to replace sleep if you find the appropriately engineered meditation audio.

The Delta brainwave would be the right "flavor" for strengthening your immune system and releasing anti-aging hormones and other beneficial chemicals that make you feel good. The Delta audio is also a great treatment for insomnia.

WHY IS USING BRAINWAVE TECHNOLOGY A GOOD MEDITATION FOR BEGINNERS? When you use a brainwave meditation audio, you are relying on one of today's coolest technologies to gently shift your mind into mindful meditation to relieve stress or anxiety.

The reason it is such a good meditation for beginners is simply because you don't have to do anything except listen to soothing music or tones and drift off into a mindful meditation where you can focus on relaxing rather than trying to remember how to keep yourself involved in the meditative state.

HOW TO USE BRAINWAVE TECHNOLOGY: Using brainwave meditations is very simple.

STEP ONE: Find a good collection of brainwave meditation audios that are simply just brainwave technology without any affirmations.

STEP TWO: Listen to the brainwave meditation audio using stereo headphones. This is important because this technology depends on transmitting different frequencies into each ear so the brain synchronizes to the appropriate Alpha, Theta or Delta frequency. [There's also a lot of new information about Gamma, but any of the three basic frequencies - Alpha, Theta or Delta - are a great choice for meditation for beginners.]

STEP THREE:: Give yourself around 20-30 minutes to enjoy the meditation. While your brain is usually put into the appropriate frequency quickly, listening to the brainwave meditation for 20-30 minutes gives you lasting results.

SUMMARY: Using today's technology of brainwave meditations makes meditation for beginners a snap. Instead of spending time learning to meditate, you can spend time finding just the right meditation pillow, meditation cushion or other meditation accessory to make your meditation time comfortable and cozy!

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