"Meditation is emptying self of all that hinders the creative forces from rising along the natural channels of the physical man to be disseminated through those centers and sources that create the activities of the physical, the mental, the spiritual man." Edgar Cayce

" Telepathy and clairvoyance are not the aim of Yoga practice. They are by-products of this practice..." Patanjali

"How do we know that ESP is enhanced by meditation? We have laboratory evidence. A survey of sixteen experimental tests, by Charles Honorton, now conducting experiments at the Princeton Psychophysical Laboratory, reported that nine of these experiments provided positive evidence for the enhancement of ESP by meditation." Henry Reed

~ ~ ~

While I was still in the midst of developing my own abilities, I personally noticed how meditation helped me toward sharpening my skills. It was fantastic as I began to notice how I dealt with life in general (truly became the eye of any storm, so to speak) with greater ease. When I didn't meditate, or calm the racing mind, I realized how much I was swept up into unnecessary dramas! Only to begin a cycle of impulsiveness, unsureness and the like. Also, now, going back to my sensitivities, I was able to 'attune' better making my abilities to feel, see and hear with greater clarity.

In meditation, or quite time as I call it, is not a foreign thing we do contorting into some odd position and chanting utterances that make no sense. Well, some people can do just that but the bases of mediation is ultimately to relax oneself completely, as if you were going into sleep mode. When fully relaxed, and again, techniques to do so varies here. The point of going into a temporary state of relaxation (because we do have much to do in our day!!) will also allow your conscious mind to relax. That is, get your Ego/Consciousness out of your way to witness other amazing information 'floating' around! This is the stage in which you are completely open to receiving 'other' such stimuli and awareness normally drowned out by your waking consciousness. I hope I didn't loose you!

It is like going on another journey, and it's at this stage where the so called imagination shows itself clearly. I use imagination, but it's actually clairvoyant visions that can arise at this point. A form of E.S.P really and it's at this stage people can explore different ways of receiving information - depending upon the goal; past-life regression, astral travel, channeling and so on. In meditation, our attention is focused away from the physical senses (used in full waking state) and back onto the mind itself. The meditator is at this point 'raising the level of vibrations'. Working at this level of vibration it is a step closer to the spiritual level of vibration. A higher frequency where 'other worldly' vibrations exist and therefore easier to tune into in a meditative state!

Think of a theatre. Think of our normal waking state like sitting in the theater with all the lights on. The picture being projected on the screen appear only faintly. We can see clearly inside the theater, our surroundings affect us almost as much if not more so, than what is showing on the screen. But when the theater lights go out, the image projected on the screen captivates our attention. And so, in mediation, when the senses have been stilled, the spiritual forces will have a greater psychokinetic impact on the body, and the nature of this impact will be governed by the image chosen by the meditator.

The delicious part of meditating is eventually you will be able to utilize your extra-sensory perception in your daily waking life! It's incredible the habit that's formed. I have it so that I only wave my pinky finger that rests by my side (weird I know) or other times I go quickly into a scene from my meditative state to enhance my awareness. This is the exact technique I use when doing readings/mediumship work. It's been a blessing for me in helping me strengthen my sensitivity level in an orderly way. Other benefits are plenty but some of the prominent changes in people have to do with trusting themselves in life (because they are centered and are utilizing amazing techniques), self-esteem rises, health improves, metabolism improves, and depression slips away.

It certainly is a practice worth studying and/or performing. I will say it is very powerful and for those who are starting meditation practice I highly recommend having a professional assist you in the beginning. As much as you will have an increase in sensitivity to all things extra-sensory, so too will you experience a sort of cleansing of all outdated emotional baggage!

Happy meditating!