Mediums live in a world invisible to most of us. They tread the line between life and death as easily and as naturally as we ourselves wake and welcome in the day. A medium is usually born that way with the skills coming down through family lines, where a grand parent and then a parent will have often had the skills. Though some mediums can find the gift later in life, I have spoken to many mediums who tells me they saw spirit when they were small children, just as clearly as you and I see other people. Many feel fear when they encounter the message of mediumship, and some organised religions do their best to keep it underfoot and promote it as a supernatural force.

Yet what mediumship exists for is to prove that life is everlasting and that we do not die, in fact you cannot die for the life of you, regardless of your belief system, your consciousness, character and emotional make up will survive physical death. What modern day mediums actually represent, is a tool to ease the fear of death, which society sees as the end to life as we know it, this would summise that only the earthly life matters, and that we are one and all with our physical bodies.

The truth in fact is that we are made of spiritual essence, and that essence actually resided and lived within the spirit realms, before we came to earth in this present life. Crazy as it seems to the non believer, we most probably have lived on earth before and have chosen to come back to learn more of life’s lessons, and correct any patterns where we do not grow and so evolve out of them. If you think about the spiritually wise, they would have had a journey to get themselves to that position, yes it is is possible they may have been old souls, but the actuality may be that in this current life in the physical realm they may have discovered the fountain of greatness that is the awareness of the human condition, its spiritual essence and mind power.

Mind power is what psychics and mediums use when giving us a reading. The mind is very powerful and is like an operational sat nav of life, many people live and die during this incarnation, never even accessing their own potential, and their own minds. I call these people the spiritually repressed, and they can often be found heading up large corporations such as the media in the USA or the UK, think for a while about the general global view and news delivery of any psychic story and recall it always, without exception, negative and derisory.

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Rachel Ann works for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.


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