Memories of Love at La Mediterranee

By Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz
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We have many memories of love. Tonight, we observed first-hand the look of love.

Nearly every time we go to New York City for business or pleasure, we go to a wonderful restaurant we discovered a number of years ago called La Mediterranee. This exquisite French bistro-style restaurant is located on 2nd Avenue just off 50th.

La Mediterranee reminds us so much of the intimacy you find in the bistros of France. And trust us on this; the quality of their food is as good as it gets! We have shared a romantic meal or two at many fine restaurants in Paris, Lyon, Nice, and at other gastronomically delightful restaurants in other French cities, but La Mediterranee ranks high on our list of destinations. If you want a great meal, a splendiferous bottle of French wine, and superb service in a warm and romantic environment, this is the place to be.

The décor of La Mediterranee has the look and feel of southern France. Paintings on the walls show scenes of France along the Mediterranean Sea, complete with beautiful beaches, blue skies, and charming and inviting scenes of French life.

We have found in our hundreds of interviews with successfully married couples over the years that true love, once found, is almost never lost. For many who have lost a spouse due to death, we have learned that true love lasts beyond a lifetime.

Memories of love found at our favorite New York City restaurant, La Mediterranee, are most certainly never lost. When you dine there, you never see anyone unhappy. You see couples of all ages enjoying the company of the one they love. You see budding romance.

When we left his restaurant tonight, Ernesto proudly proclaimed that at least two couples he had introduced to each other at his bar were now happily married! Which leads us to the main point of this article.

While at La Mediterranee tonight we saw the look of love. We saw the elderly man at the bar looking at the many loving couples in the restaurant as he quietly thought to himself how much he missed his own wife who had passed away. You could see in his eyes the love he had for his deceased wife and how much he wished she were back, sitting next to him sharing a drink. We felt for him. We felt his loneliness. We knew his life would probably never be the same without her.

Some couples sat at the bar. Most were young. They had their lives in front of them. They had their love in front of them. Perhaps, Ernesto will introduce some of them to each other tonight. Ernesto has a good track record!

Most of the couples in La Mediterranee were like us – loving couples that had been married for many years – almost 42 for us. They, like us, were enjoying their love for each other over a magnificent meal on this beautiful evening in the Big Apple. Watching them gaze into each other’s eyes made us proud – proud of their love and commitment to each other, proud of their willingness to let their love for each other show, proud of their adoration for the love of their life.

Next time you share a romantic meal with the one you love at La Mediterranee say hello to Ernesto, host and manager extraordinaire. He makes every dining experience a wonderful occasion. When you eat in Ernesto’s restaurant, he makes you part of his family!

And don’t forget to thank the best wait team there is – Pierre, Vito, Katja, and Mario – for their usual fabulous service. Ernesto is rightly proud of his colleagues. They make everyone’s experience delightful and enjoyable.

Next time you are at La Mediterranee, ask Harold to play your favorite love song. He will mesmerize you with the way he strokes the ivory on his keyboard. If you want love songs, Harold’s your inspiration. Hold her tight. Love him well! Harold will certainly help the romance.

Enjoy your memories of love from La Mediterranee. They will last a lifetime. Cherish them.

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