Mental health has been one of the major concerns for people all around the world. Today people are spreading more awareness in creating a positive environment that can prevent individuals especially youngsters heading towards wrong steps. Mental health is a topic that should be discussed openly just like we talk about our physical health, diet & work out. If this happens then people would speak more openly regarding their personal issues.

Since last few years, major cause of deaths has been reported due to suicides. There are also some cases which haven’t been reported due to social stigmas. And this is the reason people refrain to talk openly on this topic. Several cases of suicide are either unreported or declared as natural deaths. Dealing with mental illness not only makes the patients suffer but also creates difficulty for the attending physician to recognise the exact mental condition, rule out the diagnosis & provide appropriate treatment. One more reason for not being open about unhealthy mental conditions is negative response towards suicide or suicidal attempts by the society.

Nowadays, people have a tendency to either mock or bully those who try to express themselves & make them feel weak or failures, thus landing them into depression. Depression has no discrimination & is independent of any age, sex or religion. Even high class individuals, millionaires etc. suffer from mental illnesses. Hence, mental health & awareness needs to be probed deeply. Social media and networks have played a major role in spreading negativity that has overcome the mentality usually of teenagers.

In case you have experienced any such events in your life, follow the given tips to be more aware and positive for your mental condition:

Talk to your family & friends: Believe yourself, you are never alone. Talk to your loved ones whom you trust and discuss your problems with them. Always try to accompany yourself with positive and encouraging people. Open yourself & let your loved ones support you if you are going through any mental crisis.
Avoid social media as much as possible: According to various researches, social media users suffer from depression more than the non users. Use social media only for a limited time or if possible completely avoid it. This step will make you enjoy your best moments of life which you had lost somewhere.
Exercise more: socialize more with positive people as being alone would aggravate your negative feelings and push you towards depression. Physical work out elevates your mood and enhance your positive thoughts. Regular exercise increases the blood circulation and enhances happy hormones in your body.
Seek professional help: Consult a professional if you need a better solution. You can also opt for online psychological consultations where you can easily express your feelings.
Mental health awareness is an initiative that should be adopted by everybody in the society. As a citizen you should help people dealing with mental illness. You can help them as follows:

Listen to them patiently: Most often people need somebody to listen to them and half problem is solved. You must listen to them carefully & suggest the best way possible. You need to show them care and attention so that they don’t feel lonely.
Stop judging: Most of the people don’t share their feeling openly as they fear of being judged. If they share their feeling, then you should be compassionate enough to feel their pain instead of blaming them for the consequences.
Advice professional help: In case, they don’t feel better after trying every effort, then you must suggest them to seek for professional help.
Prevent abuse: Ragging, bullying, abusing etc. are the offences that are socially unacceptable. In case you notice something like that just console the victim and inform their family about the consequences.
Mental health awareness is a great initiative in creating positive approach towards life for most of the sufferers. Let’s get together and discuss openly about the mental health leaving behind all the negative beliefs.

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