Some people are naturally blessed with hypnotic eyes. Women are praised in songs and poems because of the way they can make men swoon over their beauty by simply looking them in the eyes. However, when it comes to mesmerizing a person with the use of hypnotic eyes, there is a different form of power being used, and it is not the power of beauty but rather the power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the process of putting someone into a mental trance. Once an individual is hypnotized, the therapist gains a strong power of suggestion. The first part of this practice is called hypnotic induction, which makes the subject, gullible and susceptible for persuasion. One way to use hypnotic induction is using the Direct Gaze method. This is a powerful mind control strategy that requires extreme concentration of the therapist. This is where hypnotic eyes are used, as the subject looks into the eyes of the therapist, there should be unspoken message passing through. The therapist must effectively and totally capture the subject's gaze to ensure that the connection will not be broken.

Mesmerizing people with the power of hypnotic eyes may be a little difficult at first, but with enough practice and the right guidelines everything will run smoothly in the long run.

To start using hypnotic eyes on someone,you should first ask a subject to stand straight and keep his weight distributed evenly. Tell the subject firmly yet convincingly to stare directly in front of him and focus on a point under your right eye. The subject should be able to concentrate on that specific spot as you stare back at him. Avoid blinking during the process because you must maintain a strong eye contact.

Slowly count down from 5 to 1 while still maintaining the fixed gaze. Between the numbers, tell your subject that his eyes are slowly dropping, getting heavy, and eventually they are closing.

Tell your subject firmly to "Sleep now" and see if the eyes are getting really heavy. The subject will be sleepy until he totally succumbs to deep slumber. Make sure there is a comfortable place ready nearby. The body will be completely limp therefore it will be too heavy, make sure you can take the subject to a comfortable chair or sofa.

Deliver these lines or something like it, directly to the subject, even if he may seem to sleep: "You are now in a pleasant and peaceful state of hypnosis. Nothing can ever interrupt your present peaceful state until I tell you to wake up. I am instructing you to listen to me very carefully and to fully understand every word I say."

After that, it is time to tell your subject what exactly you want him to do. If the objective of the hypnosis is to get the subject to stop smoking or drinking, then you should tell him that he can do it by simply following certain programs. You can even make a person think that he can easily lose weight if he keeps his focus on it.

Once you have done what you aim to do, you should take your subject out of the hypnosis, by simply saying that his eyes will open as soon as you say or do something like; clapping your fingers or after you count from 1 to 10.

This is basically the way to hypnotize someone with the use of your hypnotic eyes. If you can't get it right the first time, do not give up. Practice makes perfect.

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