An important fact that has been well understood since ages is that the body gets influenced positively or negatively by the way the person thinks and feels. Much before non physicians and modern day science have acknowledged this particular fact, of a thorough mind body connection, it was explored centuries ago. Many of the encounters under clinical examination provide startling results and experiences of people that are as challenging to the medical theories that are prevailing these days as they are thought provoking for futuristic research of the unknown (yet).

Higher levels of education to gain perfection
Perfection of the physical aspects and tangibles has been encouraged since ancient times, especially in the culture and tradition of the Romans and Greeks in pursuit of establishing the mind body connection. The trend of getting the body separated from the mind began in the Western world, especially endorsed by Plato, the Greek philosopher. It was a strong belief amongst the Greeks that if things were done in moderation the endeavor would greatly benefit the connection between the mind and body. It was observed and taught that humans should always pursue higher levels of education that does not result in neglect of the human frame.

Concentration on an exercise regime
It is virtually impossible to get the mind separated from the human body as the entire functioning of the body is completely dependent on the way a person thinks. The Greek philosopher Plato laid greater emphasis on the fitness of the body which in turn helped in developing a healthy and sound mind body connection to redefine the concept of ‘soul’. With proper exercise and that too on a regular basis a harmonious balance can be maintained between the psyche, mind as well as body.

Exercise develops the mind
Extreme concentration is needed while developing the body, which in turn helps in developing the mind. Focus has to be laid on what exactly the body does while exercising, on which your mind should be able to concentrate well. When this is achieved, there is proper synchronization and development of body and mind. To live a successful and happy life attaining a perfect balance between the body and mind is of prime importance and you need to work hard towards developing this coordination and intertwining lifeline.
Mastering the mind enables better body control

Once the mind is mastered well, it is possible to have complete body control as well. Muscles all over the body can be best controlled by the power of the mind through a strong mind body connection. While performing exercises, a great deal of concentration is necessary to remain focused on the activity and attempt it in essence to profit from it. Individuals who exercise have to learn to maintain the right control and balance of muscles as well as overall body movements by controlling the mind.

Stimulation of brain cells
Research reveals that losing extra weight or fat in the body largely depends on your mind and the way you think about the issue and concentrate on exercises for losing desired weight and developing stronger muscles. Cells in the brain need to be stimulated well similarly for any other nagging issue, so that your mind power leads to increase in concentration levels to overcome any obstacle. Strong thinking ability as well as reasoning while doing any type of work, concentration of the mind and focus on the mind body connection is very necessary to attain desired results in life. It is only after harnessing the power within this connection that the body can be influenced positively.
Controlling imagination and thoughts

Thoughts arising can help in influencing the body positively. The human body responds in a positive manner and stress levels are decreased to great extent when the flow of thoughts is positive. Everyone experiences the fact that when the mind and body are relaxed you tend to be happy and calm. Even your imagination can affect the mind body connection, responses, physically and mentally. It is natural to feel uneasy and discomfort on imagining or remembering a frightful experience of the past.

Mental preparation for anxiety-rife situations
Just the thought of unpleasant incidences can make you palpitate, heartbeats could increase and you could develop cold feet with sweaty hands! These days greater stress is being laid on the connection between the body and mind as an important aspect for healing even before preparing patients for medical procedures. To get the anxiety about surgical procedures minimized, patients can be prepared mentally for desired outcome of the protocol by addressing the mind body connection.

Different kinds of exercises
Different kinds of exercises can be adopted for calming the mind and empowering the connection between the mind, soul and body. Benefits of these mind and body empowering exercises are many.
Sleeping disorders can be cured anxiety and pain can be decreased.
Any side effects caused due to a medical procedure can be decreased.
The immune system can be strengthened.

The body develops greater ability for healing.
Individuals who exercise daily are able to focus on their day to day activities as well as their lives in a better manner with perfect mind body connection. Besides this, greater control of the mind, body and general well being can be developed.

Balance between health and the mind
If proper health, both physically and mentally is to be maintained, there has to be a proper balance in
Behavioral patterns
This can be attained via physical and mental exercises. Just biological factors don’t suffice in an individual’s well being, as this also greatly depends on factors that include
Social acceptance
Physiological well being
Psychological health

Situations can be perceived in a much better way by following prescribed relaxation and calming exercises that call for no more than moderation while breathing and simple body movements, resulting in a receptive and sound mind body connection. By doing this you will gain better control on your mind and body, the body heals faster, you turn out to be more confident to tackle the most difficult situations without batting an eyelid.

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It started way back in 1953. While rock and roll was gaining ground and poodle skirts were in style, Jose Silva was preoccupied with his 10 children. Like any awesome parent, he wanted the best for his kids. But he didn’t stop at reading, arithmetic, and writing. He expanded his children’s studies to include hypnosis, mind exercises, and meditation all based upon scientific research.

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