Mind control techniques are very useful because it gives people a big advantage generally in life, especially in their careers and business endeavors. Being able to control the way other people think and react is a good way to win any argument and avoid further confrontations.

These mind-control techniques though should not be used to blackmail other people into doing what you want. They are good to advance your career. The best way to do this is to use mind control techniques the ethical way.

One good mind control technique is to use the Favor Bank System. This system allows you to let anyone feel indebted to you without much coercion. This is simply the way of using the favors you have done for other people in the past. They simply owe you, and you are just asking for payback, but in a subtle manner. It is like counting on the people you have helped before helping you out when it is time for you to ask a favor back.

Sitting at the Winners' Table is another technique. You can make other people think that you are always right if you hang out with the winners. As much as possible always try to associate yourself with those who have contributed for the good of the organization and the society in general. By doing this, other people will see you as reliable and highly credible, which make them more likely to believe in your causes. If you keep close to the influential people, you get the chance to influence other people too, and this will help you get what you want in the long run.

One of the most tricky mind control techniques is keeping your cards secret. It is simply making sure that you do not reveal all your cards to other people so that you will not lose your aces. You do not need to be a card player to do this, and it is not a risky gamble. It is through a very subtle way of making sure you have full control of everything that is happening in your life. Your hidden cards serve as your back-up plan in case your initial goals fail. A good example of this is by asking for discounts at street markets. If you appear to be wealthy and arrogant, every trader will see you as someone who can buy anything at standard price, so why give you a discount? Dressing up like a millionaire is keeping your cards open. If you dress up simple, you are effectively hiding your aces. Even if you can afford the regular price of a product, you still have a good chance of getting a good price markdown.

The Power of Persuasion is one of the easiest mind control techniques you can use. When you think about, you may have been using this technique since you were a child. This is simply the way to make others see the way you do without appearing too pushy. If you ask someone for something in a persuasive manner, that person will feel embarrass to deny your request.

Using mind control techniques is just a way of asking for more. However, it should not go over the limits of what is appropriate. If you use these techniques to gain advantage while the other person lost too much, it will not be the ethical way.

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