The beauty of the mind can also be its downfall. One cannot overstate the significant importance of the human mind. Anyone can harbor anger and animosity at someone next to him or her and not be obvious about it. The mind is one instrument of amazing capacities that the human have control over, with complete privacy. One can have one thing in mind and report that he/she has something of the total opposite; and nobody can dispute what is reported because nobody is in his/her mind to know for sure.

We can make assumptions and inferences based on surrounding variables and likely responses concluded from previous circumstances of similar scenarios. An abused or betrayed partner could be seething in anger at the hurt, impudence and arrogance of the perpetrator; yet he/she is acting as if all is well and forgiven. Meanwhile he may be plotting revenge and destruction.

Meanwhile the mind continues to mull the details of the betrayal until it has concocted an unrelenting and unforgivable assault on the victims’ ego. Every betrayal is certainly personal but some are more debilitating and insulting than others. We must never take each other for granted; especially when the other party is being unduly accommodative about a grievous injustice.

We oftentimes, accept people’s kind gestures of forgiveness and tolerance to be their measure of weakness or even stupidity. It is better to underestimate your own prowess and power of control than to underestimate your nemeses’. You must be cognizant of the fact that you have created a nemesis; any time you betray the trust of a partner. We need to “do unto others as we would like others to do unto us” at all times or be ready for any type and magnitude of reactions.

Granted that some actions may not have been provoked by the victims; but there is always some kind of provocation to warrant certain erratic or extreme behaviors; albeit, the reason is not immediately discernable by observers. Rarely do people react to the point of shooting or beheading their partners without premeditation; unless they experienced spontaneous madness.

Yes, some people have more fragile egos than others but barring mental illness or the influence of foreign agents in the system, people do not react so extremely without the thoughts having percolated for sometime in their mind chambers. It is onerous on all to pay close attention to the people in their life circles. Although we do not want to excuse extreme behaviors, someone should notice something odd enough to call to question and seek help for perpetrators before things get out of hand. Everyone is so busy or too self absorbed to pay attention to others.

When we get so caught up in our own self aggrandizement that we sometimes denigrate others; we may end up with the short end of the stick in partnerships. Niceness is a two-way street where all parties are expected to travel back and forth during the cause of a life time and during the course of a relationship. In other words, we must practice give and take; not take and take and keep taking. If anyone abuses that basic code of human conduct and interactions; consequences are sometimes too costly.

Bad behavior is bad behavior, whether it was provoked or not. However, certain classic reactions are not only acceptable, but actually expected under certain scenarios. It is honorable for all to be kind and nice to each other. We must all go out of our ways to be kind to each other. Being the infallible human that we all are; we should be willing and able to forgive and let by-gones be by-gones. It is imperative that we do not play mind games with each other.

Again, being the infallible humans that we are; most people fall short of high levels of magnanimity and would not readily forgive and let go. Some may forgive with strings attached; at such, giving an eye for an eye. That is not the preferred behavior, as it can slowly go from a battle to a full blown blind war. We can all learn to show love even in war times.

It is a natural human nature to always prove a point. People participate in idiotic practices to prove points to others. In our efforts to prove points to some; we loose sight of our very essence which is the fact that we ought to expect those around us to accept and honor us as the divine beings we are. We cannot over state the fact that we are each enough in our individuality.

Many times, we allow ourselves to be misguided into believing that we can impress others by being who they expect us to be; thereby, forfeiting our true unique essence. We should otherwise impress upon others to take us as we really truly are; or else they are not worthy of us. Feeble minded individuals easily fall prey to peer pressure and mind control. Some individuals are master-minds at manipulating others to do their biddings without making it apparent.

The mind tends to be more susceptible to manipulation and control when one is at low ebbs and or under the influence of mood altering agents such as alcohol, marijuana and various narcotics. Some individuals, who are otherwise intelligent beings, can become easily controlled into enslaving themselves to do the whims of others (believing such acts to be their own wishes), without having an inkling that they are being hoodwinked and controlled.

When we love intensely, we sometimes loose ourselves into the relationship to the point of convincing ourselves that we are nothing without our partners because they complete us. This is an abysmal mistake in perception. We are already complete by being. Our partners can only compliment us by bringing to the table, the skills we are limited in. It is a wonderful thing to be in full control of your mind at all times. You should own and take responsibility of all your actions by projecting and evaluating all the possible outcomes on all you are involved with.

The mind possesses the ability to accomplish anything it focuses attention on because humans are created to be fully functional without outside interference or assistance. There is no one so special or important in life that anyone has to endanger his/or her life; especially relative to the false impression that he or she completes him or her. We all severally need each other; yet we can each separately exist without each other.

The beauty of the mind is in the immeasurable powers it affords us. When mishandled; the same powers can also turn to horrific nightmares. There is beauty in the privacy of the mind but that same privacy shades us from seeing a potential horror when in the making. In effect, because we do not have access into other people’s minds, we must all endeavor to not take each other for granted. We must not take the kindness of forgiveness or tolerance as weakness and stupidity. We ought to desist from taking undue advantage of those that open their hearts to us.

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Motivational Speaker, Talk Show Host, Empowerment Trainer and Author of "A Slice of Africa"; "Innocence Interrupted"; "Till Cheating Do Us Part" and "Hear Me Out".