What is mindfulness??
- It is being completely present in the current moment physically and mentally.
- It is the ability to be able to listen to your breath even when you are engaged in an activity.
- It is being aware of what you are talking about and to whom and under what situations.
- It is the ability to be able to not to take any negative remarks from someone personally and the ability to understand that it's the other person's mindset that made him say something of that sort and it has nothing to do with you personally.
- It is the ability to be able to come back to the present moment when you seem to be lost or distracted, it's the ability to be able to ease tensions in your mind and body when you are stressed.
- It is the ability to accept yourself the way you are and be happy about it. It is about being able to bring the best in yourself so you know you are the best version of yourself.
- It is the ability to appreciate goodness in others without letting a feeling of jealousy creep in.
For me, mindfulness is that one word which can transform my life from the worst to the best and the trick is it requires absolutely no hard work.

How Mindfulness can help us in different spheres of life?
Mindful breathing, mindful eating, mindful listening and what not! There is not an area of life that we can't improve if we know how to practice mindfulness. Can you imagine what a blessing our life would be if all of the above points that I mentioned about mindfulness were easy to incorporate?
Mindfullness is all about focus and and its about training your mind to be focussed all the times. When we are focussed, obstacles are not obstacles any more but we consider going through obstacles a process that we must go through whole heartedly to achieve our dreams.

How to practice mindfulness?
Mindfulness can't be taught but just practised, its just your mind who can train you to be mindful. We can't learn mindfulness if we consider it a goal but its best learnt when considered a path; an ongoing path for lifelong which helps us achieve our lifelong happiness and peace. There is just one way you can practice it - just say this one word to yourself every time you are distracted or feel low. Once you start practising it, it just becomes a custom and gets hardwired into you. Once you get into a habit of reminding yourself that mindfulness is the key and your ultimate goal is to achieve your lifelong happiness, all life problems will be solved. Even a single day when you don't follow this, you will know the difference practising mindfulness makes in your life and you will have more and more hunger to practice it.
Take your life in the best possible way you can!

Author's Bio: 

Mili is a graduate in IT and is currently working in Customer Service because of her keen interest in communicating with people. She is also a makeup artist and has a passion for developing new skills and meeting new people. She loves to read about human psychology and follows a few great life coaches to keep herself motivated all the times. She has a desire to gain immense knowledge on human psychology and bring a change in human mindset that's drifting towards negativity. She immensely believes in remaining positive all the times and practising gratitude.