I would like to share my mindfulness practice journey as it has greatly transformed my life and make me a better person in all aspects, including problem solving. The benefits are countless and change is incredible. You see the world in a different light and definitely in a positive way. No amount of words can describe how incredible the change is, you have to experience it yourself in order to enjoy the benefits and wonderful experience.

Before I started my mindfulness practice, my mind was always racing with thoughts and self-talk, to the extent that at times, I was unable to differentiate between reality and “reality” created by my own thoughts. The only time that my monkey’s mind was still was when I was asleep. Though I am able to function well daily and be able to maintain a friendly disposition. There is this nagging feeling in me that reminds me that I need to action and do something to tame my monkey’s mind, for the better good of my emotional, mental and physical well being.

By sheer coincidence, I attended a workshop on how our brain works which promoted mindfulness program for beginners at end of the session. I signed up for the program immediately, with the objective of taming my monkey’s mind. I was very determined to learn and apply what was thought in the program to still my mind once and for all. This was the start of my mindfulness journey and I had not looked back since then.

As my life has transformed greatly from the beginner’s level program, I advanced to the next level right after completion of my beginner’s level, to the intermediate level. My thirst for mindfulness knowledge and interest in the various mindfulness practices increased after these two programs. Without a break, I proceeded immediately to sign up for another eight week course on “Mindfulness-based stress reduction”, which has further deepened my understanding of mindfulness and how it can help to reduce stress in my life in a healthy and productive manner.

Being mindful has helped me tremendously in all aspects of my life, be it physical, emotional or most importantly mental. More often than not, we are physically tired because of the mental overdrive that we have, by constantly replaying stories or events that happen in the past. By diligently applying the tools thought during the programs, I was able to be in the present moment and being aware of things happening around me. I do not live on auto pilot and do not live outside my body, as what many are doing now. I do not let my thoughts control me and affect me in negative manner. I am able to live in the present and feel my body and emotions in a non-judging manner, in order to help me better analyse the circumstances and matters on hand and to better handle and resolve them. This takes months of hard work and practice, to be aware 24/7, every second and if there are any thoughts that stray, to gently let the thoughts come back to the present and be in the equilibrium and neutral state of mind.

The outcome is so rewarding that it has become a habit of mine to practice mindfulness daily. I wish you will embark the first step to the mindfulness journey and enjoy every minute of your life.

Author's Bio: 

Mindfulness Practitioner and avid traveller, who enjoys writing and sharing one’s life experiences.