After you have invested a lot of time in researching the best stand mixer to buy, there is a need to know the right tips on how to use the mixer. Using the mixer in the wrong way will lead you to some losses or lower the lifespan of your product. Therefore there is a need to ensure you know all the common mistakes that one needs to avoid when using the stand mixer. For instance, you may need to use different features for varying recipes. Below are some of the common mistakes that everyone should avoid when using the stand mixer. Those mistakes are;

Starting your mixer on a very high speed

If you do not want to collect your various ingredients from different parts of the kitchen, then you need to start your electric mixer at a slow speed. For instance, if you needed to mix eggs and baking flour, then starting your mixer at a low speed will help you to prepare your ingredients smoothly. When you begin your mixer at high speed, the flour, eggs, and any other ingredients will be spread all over your kitchen. Therefore always start with low speed and increase the speed as you proceed. At buyers trend you can find all details about best mixer.

Failing to test your bowl clearance

Before you start using your electric mixer, it is essential to test the bowl clearance. That is because you may make a mistake of choosing a high or low clearance bowl. A small clearance bowl can make your bowl to get scratches at the bottom while a high clearance will leave some ingredient unmixed. Therefore you need to ensure you are using the right bowl to avoid such inconveniences.

Using the wrong mixer accessory

After you have bought your mixer from the favorite store, you will be given all the essential accessories for your mixer. Those attachments have different purposes. There are some attachments that you are for stirring solution that is more vicious while others are more studier for mixing less viscous solution. Therefore you need to ensure you are using the right accessory for enhanced performance. Many people make a mistake of using the wrong attachment that results in damage to the mixer.

Keeping your mixer wrongly

Once you have finished using your mixer, you need to store it properly. That is because if you store it wrongly, there are high chances of breaking due to falling or getting injured by some other things around the house. When choosing a stand mixer, you need to ensure you have adequate space to store the one you want.

Some of the other common mistakes to avoid when using the best stand mixer include;

Not using the splash guard

Not reading the mixer manual,

Choosing wrong functionalities

Doing something that you do not know and plugging your mixer into the power strip.

Avoiding all the above-discussed mistakes will help you to use your stand mixer well.

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