When you think about money and your behaviours, do you think you are inclined to having more or less? Do your behaviours show you that you want more or do you reject it every time it comes to you by the way you get rid of it very fast?

What behaviours are you showing to yourself and others with money? For some, the more money they can give to others they are helping to attain recognition for their generosity, whilst those who count their pennies and never give are easily looked upon as stingy.

Generous to others

Some may be generous to others and will go out of their way to help others, but when it comes to them, they may put themselves last or forget themselves all together.

Is money ultimately the most important thing for you? When you have it will everything be alright for your family because they can be happy? Is that it?

Do you believe that once you have millions of dollars, you will then be successful? Does this belief still hold true for you? Or is it a past belief?

Is having money the only important thing for you? Do you feel that if you do not have a lot, then you amount to nothing? Are those your true values?

Break down in the family

Does money affect the break down in the family when you have less? Do you feel you cannot do anything or go anywhere, so money is more important than anything else? Does this belief still hold true to you?

You may notice that for some, money may be more important than human life. Look at insurance companies. They supposedly pay out when individuals have paid in. When it’s time to receive assistance with the insurance company, it can sometimes be difficult to receive that help.

Money is the controlling element

Money can be the controlling element and every transaction passing through must be completed. Individuals have accepted this idea as a means of exchange. How you relate to this behaviour, comes out in our ability to have more or less.

What you choose to use as an exchange does affect people in the community. Each society takes this money-system for granted and doesn’t necessarily agree or even question this.

Who is creating more money

You may believe that the government is the one creating more money, when in fact it is the banks that control the system. So blaming the government is not the answer. It is the Federal Reserve, which is a private system that works with the banks.

Now our money has moved to the next level; from gold, to paper, to a piece of plastic, to simply sending an order with your computer and paying electronically. All of these changes, to get what you want at the supermarket.

Money is not something that many people think about. It is an information system about what we owe each other.

Change your behaviours about money and how you interact with it, and you will change your life.

Conclusion: Money and your behaviours have an effect on the other, and also your family. All from the way you view it, and attract it to you. Money is an agreement. You owe someone or they owe you.

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