This is general monthly horoscope reading based on Scorpio moon sign.
This month you should try to preserve your energy and your main focus would be on to managing your children and health.
As far as investment matters are concerned, this month you should avoid any stock market trading and remain away from mutual funds, equities, debts and other investment instruments. You had to wait for better period else your hard earned money may go in losses. Avoid buying gold except for marriage purpose.
As far as children matters are concerned, at times children may find tough to express themselves and satisfaction would be quite less at times. They may feel some mental problems or tensions. You should try to help them at mental level and give some mental support to them. Give balanced diet to them so that they remain healthy.
As far as health matters are concerned, you should take proper care of your body. Try to avoid oily foods and keep your lipid profile under control. Try to avoid aggression, drink plenty of water. Take proper care of your bones and if you have pain in your body, do not neglect and take proper consultation with doctor.
Marital Life
As far as marital matters are concerned, this month would be nice and bright. Your spouse will be supportive and have caring attitude. It will be pleasant time to exchange your views and ideas with each other. You can share your feeling and thoughts with each other. Overall brighter month.
If you keep your mind and eyes open without losing your concentration, then it will be quite good month for luck prospects.
As far as professional life is concerned, your 1st half of the month would be quite better month as compared to 2nd half. In 2nd half of the month, you had to put in extra efforts for your work commitments to be fulfilled, but in process of putting extra labor you may become tired and exhausted therefore put in extra efforts but do take care of yourself also. Take some time out for yourself and do practice some meditative exercises or yoga in morning for some mental peace and rejuvenation.
If in business, this month will you give you money inflows, but will bring some pressures along with that. Just keep your cool in tougher situations and do not make any new financial or marketing policies as of now and try to satisfy your current and older clients by giving them good service.

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