This is general monthly horoscope reading based on Taurus moon sign.
This month your main focus would be on to children, managing your career and to your health and your energy will be divided into these areas.
If you want to invest your money this month, then do so only in safer instruments as compared to riskier instruments as time is not so good to take any risks but before investing read offer document carefully and amount of interest that you will get and taxes that you had to pay. After carefully analyzing the scenario go ahead.
As far as children matters are concerned, they will feel lonely and tired this month. They will have mood swings and their concentration and focus would be very less. They may have some issues which have to be addressed. They may feel erratic and have changing behavior but this is only matter of time. Till that time take care of them by treating them as your friend and try to give them helping hand and mental support.
As far as your health matters are concerned, you should pay due attention to you back, thigh, calf muscles, bones and your feet as you may feel pain and numbness in your body parts. Try to take adequate measures to keep your body fit. If pain persists, then do take help of doctor. Take adequate caution while walking. Take care of your respiratory and nervous related problems as well if any.
Marital Life
As far as marital relations are concerned, this month you had to put more efforts from your side so that momentum and flow goes on. Your spouse may be aggressive or become tired due to house hold or professional work, so do not disturb instead try to give helping hand so that bonding can become much more stronger.
This month Luck would not support you directly, instead you had to make opportunities yourself by your dedication and hard work. If things go against, still maintain your level of hard work.
As far as career matters are concerned, you should take care such that you should not become victim of politics at your work place. Just try to focus on to your own work and leave unnecessary topics behind. Set up your priorities and work accordingly. Your creativity and judging the situation will be quite good this month but follow above advice carefully.
If in business, this month will be quite hectic. You will become tired easily and have more aggression this month particularly in 2nd half of the month. Money inflows would be average. On whole, just look out the loopholes in your business and try to remove them which will create base to go higher in your business.

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