‘SHE knows, how to run a business, and thus she prevailed enormously.’ Such kind of statements were almost none to hear during the early times of business revolution. But, this phenomenon was predicted and did changed as the many decade passed. Those days are gone, when women had to face the domination and skepticism of investors, colleagues, senior executives and clients on their ability of lead an organization.

In this proactive growing business world, women are witnessed to break through the glass ceilings to make their way out to reach top notch executive positions in organizations. Be it a Sheryl Sandberg—the COO of Facebook, Ginni Rometty—the Chairperson, President and CEO of IBM or Indra Nooyi—the Chairman and COO of PepsiCo, name them; they all have attained a successful stature in their respective organizations and field. Through their impeccable achievements they proved that ‘myth’ in the ‘myth of metriocracy’ is no longer exists. They turned to be a great example for many upcoming women business leaders and entrepreneurs who are striving to attain the same.

CIO Look understands what it takes for a leader to overcome all the external as well as internal obstacles, believes in providing full support to various upcoming leaders in various industries. In this special issue of September, “Most Prominent Women Leaders, 2019”, CIO Look features some of exceptional women leaders who have strived and further thrived in achieving many milestones in their pathway.

It admires such prominent women leaders and appreciates their contribution in making the business world more appealing than ever. Below are the glimpse of these featured personalities introduction:

Dr Caroline Barelle, CEO of Elasmogen Ltd, a highly qualified and proficient in Pharma and biotech, is working to bring effective medical solutions for all.

Martina Klingvall, Founder and CEO of Telness is working to provide telecom solutions in an attempt to leave a positive experience to the customer.

Michelle Beyo is Founder of FinAvator, a consulting firm with expertise in Payments, Prepaid, Loyalty and Blockchain focused on Digital Marketing, Product Strategy and Sales Acceleration for Startups, FinTech’s and Enterprises.

Nancy Zeffman, Co- Founder at Cucumber Clothing, understands the problems with women’s nightwear and clothing and took many steps forward to modify it.

Let’s unveil such inspiring interviews and stories of such significant avid women leaders and their role in their organizations in this special edition and spread a word about their contribution in making this world a better place. Also, flip through the CXO standpoints presented by some of the leading industry experts to taste the glimpse of industrial revolutions.

Enjoy the read…!

Quote: “To dream, and to work on that dream irrespective of situations or obstacles is the true definition of successful person.”

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