Mother In Law Causing Problems In Marriage: Leaving Husband Because Of Mother In Law

It is not a secret that this bond is rare and most times does not exist. Even a daughter in law that is chosen by the Mum of the groom is still put through the test of time to fully comprehend the wishes of her mother in-law. Below are solutions to some of the differences that could exist between mothers and their daughter in-law.

1. Patience
Although patience is desirable in both mother and daughter in-law, the fact remains that the individual that needs greater patience in this relationship is the daughter in-law than the mum of the groom. The mother needs patience to accept whatever bride her son has brought before her. She needs patience to see that with time this is the relationship that could enhance the life of her son. It is important for her to have a relationship with her daughter in-law but the fact remains that as it is her son she has also earned the maternal rights to have some form of stubbornness. On the other hand the daughter in-law must have greater patience to uphold her marriage and build this relationship. She must realize that if the positions where reversed then she would probably behave in the same way. It is up to her to show the mother of the groom why her son has chosen her from many.

2. Forgiveness
No one is perfect in life and we all make mistakes. Mother and daughter in-law relationships desire a great deal of forgiveness between both individuals. There is no doubt that things will be said between them that are terse even in the best of relationships. Words should not be taken as gospel. Words are really just words unless we make them bigger than they really are. The thing to remember here especially on the daughter in-law's side of the fence is that she is in the relationship with the groom and not the mother. On the other hand the mother must be willing to accept the daughter in-law for who she is and not measure her according to her standards. That said she has a duty to her son and it is natural that she would want the best for him. Both mother and daughter in-law must have tolerance and forgiveness to build their relationship.

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3. Judgment
God is the true judge of all things. It is not so important here of what went wrong or what was said or what was done. What is of importance is the conscience of mother and daughter in-law before God in regards to their differences. Whether either of them believe in God or not their conscience would define what they have to answer to in the end. Neither can run away from this and if what they have said or done abides within God's law then they are free of a guilty conscience. If however it does not then there will be a price to pay. God does not need our belief in him for us to be judged. His son our Lord and savior died for us and in that case he would judge us whether we desire this or not.

4. Love
Love is the basis of this relationship. The mother must accept the daughter in-law as her own and vice versa. They do not have to start out as best of friends. However God does not say that for us to love our neighbors as ourselves we must be the best of friends. The important thing is because of God and because of the groom the mother and daughter in-law must be willing to put aside whatever differences they may have to make things work. Whether one is wrong and the other isn't, it is for God to decide. What matters is what they are willing to let go for who they belief in and love. If they can put aside their differences for God then they would receive blessings in return.

5. Prayer
When all fails there is only one place to turn to and that is prayer. This is the basis and foundation for strength in any relationship. When a matter is placed before God we confess that we are children and rely upon his guidance for answers. In prayer we shall receive those answers and have the strength and wisdom to deal with the situation. If the mother and daughter in-law combine all the measures mentioned above with prayer there shouldn't be any reason for major upheavals.

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Spice up your sex life

This is one area most married couple pays less attention to. Sex usually takes a back seat especially when there are plenty of everyday things that need your attention. Take time to have a passionate lovemaking session with your spouse before it fades away and becomes too late to revive. Put real effort by talking openly with your spouse about what turns you on and your sexual desires. Learn new love-making ideas and techniques. It will be enough to get your desires running again.

Do not be selfish by giving more

If you invest in your marriage, you generally will get more out of it. Express your love and devotion to your spouse freely. You will be surprise it can set off a cycle of giving-back between you and your spouse that will be difficult to hold back. Do take note though. Every person is different. Your spouse may not be as expressive as you are, so make sure you do not feel resentment if you do not get as much in return as you give.

Schedule a regular date night

This is common advice. It will be great to go out without the kids. Going to a fancy restaurant can be daunting if you are on a budget. However, if you focus on that, you will never have the money or the time. This is the time to use your imagination. Send the kids away for the weekend. You and your spouse spend the afternoon together preparing a gourmet dinner. Join a dance class, go for an evening walk together or just sitting at a park talking.

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Take time to talk and do it from the heart

Do you feel that you and your spouse are talking less to each other? Suddenly, you cannot think of anything to say. You realized that talking and confiding to your spouse becomes very difficult. Remember that the foundation of a strong marriage is emotional intimacy. You must have frequent and open conversations with your spouse on things that really matters to the marriage and the family.

Do not take your spouse for granted

Familiarity breeds contempt. When a couple gets to familiar with each other, they tend to take their spouse for granted. We forget our attitude and manners. Not only do we take our spouse for granted but we become more critical towards them and are constantly nagging. We develop a few bad habits over time. Take time off regularly to look at your current situation and the way you are treating your spouse. Get rid of your bad habits that can kill your romance and your marriage.

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The first important step is to listen to your partner intently. Many people when they are have a conversation with someone else simply wait for their turn to speak, not truly listening to what the other person has to say. If you want to be a good listener, then sit down with your partner and let them speak to you about how they feel and really listen to them, don't just wait for your turn to talk.

Since communication is so important, it can either make or break a relationship. If you don't talk with each other enough then that could be one main reason your relationship isn't doing as well as it could. By making sure you take time out of your day to really talk with each other about how your day was and how you feel, you grow closer to each other and your relationship already starts to improve.

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A few days ago, I was surprised by a newspaper report that said that about 83 percent divorces take place only because the couples did not try to solve their differences. This news was really very sad as it should not be the tragedy of such a vital relationship. These things happen only when the couples do not feel free to discuss their problems openly with each other and sort out for the sake of their own interest.

For any reason, I personally do not feel that a relationship should break down only because of some petty differences. It is the responsibility of both the husband and the wife to care for their relationship, as these relationships cannot be established everyday. Even you cannot find your soul mates everyday. Many reasons are also found that are responsible in creating these misunderstandings between them. However, every difference can be sorted out and every misunderstanding can be solved with a little care, love, faith, and sense of respect towards each other.

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