I would like to share the 2 past life regressions I did, 10 plus years ago I do not know really, if I believe these experiences happened or if I made them up in my head. What I do know, is that I gained clarity about a problem I had all my life. The experiences are were clear and foggy at the same time. They were like a dream.

The first related to my being a child, about 10, and due to crazy circumstances, I think all parents were killed ? when we were attacked by soldiers. I was in charge of 10-20 other children and we were running from.....what....not sure... we were kids and did not understand and our parents were gone...dead ? and I was the leader of this group of children.

We were walking and came up to a beautiful lake. The other children wanted to go in the water to refresh, feel cleaner, and maybe play on our journey to wherever ? I hesitated and then said OK, let's go in. We did and were splashing and enjoying the water after a long journey, so it seemed.

A band of 16th ? century soldiers came up on horses and stopped. They took out bows and arrows and we were all killed. I remember the some of the scared looks I got from the other kids, and felt like it was my fault. We all were killed in the lake with arrows. And that was the first regression. That is all I got.

The second regression's setting was in the United State western region sometime before the white man came. I was an Indian leader, maybe a chief. I over reacted to another tribe and gathered all of our men and took out after the tribe to fight them. We did not find the other tribe and I had left no one to defend our village.

When we came back to our village, most of the women and children had been killed while we were away. I was scorned and sent away alone. That was the end of my second regression.

Whether or not these experiences actually happened or not does not matter to me. What matters is what I learned. I knew I had always avoided leadership, being a leader. I felt I would disappoint people and not do a good job, and maybe I would be the cause of more deaths. So both of these regressions showed me, deep in my being, why I feared being a leader. Through this realization I worked on myself and my fear of leading has lessened significantly.

The past life regressions worked for me. I have no desire to do any more and at the time, thought why not try to do one. I recommend that if you are so moved, you try to do one. You may discover something about yourself, as I did.


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Don Wadington MBA. Many years of Chill energy help for people. Author of "The Chills Book" and Feel Your Affirmations-A Secret?"