My Husband and Kids Have No Respect for Me: My Husband Lets Our Son Disrespect Me

The culprit underlying most emotional abuse and verbal abuse is common, everyday resentment.

Resentment is a perception of unfairness for not getting the expected help, recognition, appreciation, consideration, praise, reward, or affection. It is becoming a predominant emotional state in the age of entitlement. But it builds under the radar - by the time you're aware that you're resentful, it has reached an advanced stage.

The problem with resentment in families is that much of it is due to the effects of emotional pollution tracked into the home from the outside. Resentment is a way to blame powerless feelings on someone else, and the rule of blame is that it usually goes to the closest person. Blame justifies self-righteousness and low-grade anger, which temporarily feel more powerful. But the temporary empowerment comes at the cost of making an enemy of the beloved.

The Chain of Resentment

No one resents just one thing. The continuous nature of resentment creates a self-linking chain, whereon past resentments attract present offenses, forming an ever longer and heavier chain. For example, I had a client who came to his first session resenting his wife for going to bed without kissing him goodnight. That event linked onto the night before, when she tried to kiss him while he was pouting over the fact that she wouldn't help him do the dishes. That linked to the night before, when she did the dishes behind him back, implying that he wasn't capable of doing his household chores. You get the idea, once bound with a chain of resentment you can resent someone for doing something and for not doing it.

A point about the architecture of a chain is worth noting. If you pick up a chain by one link, you hold not just that link but the weight of the whole chain. The chain of resentment does not distinguish important matters from petty or trivial ones - they're all links on the chain and therefore carry the weight of the whole chain. That's why nothing is too petty to resent.

Though mainly about the past, the chain of resentment eventually extends into the future. That's when your expectation of someone disappointing you becomes self-fulfilling prophecy: "The weekend's going okay so far, but she'll find some way to screw it up."

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How it starts

Resentment exists in all enduring relationships, because even the best of them cannot be fair all the time. It builds automatically as interest declines, an interest must in all relationships that pass from novel and uncertain to familiar and stable.

The trouble comes when resentment blocks natural compassion for loved ones. In good relationships, compassion - caring about the discomfort or distress of loved ones with a motivation to help - outweighs resentment. When resentment begins to overwhelm compassion, it forms a self-linking chain that makes you look for things to resent, as protection from disappointment. At that point it starts a downward spiral of irritability, impatience, restlessness, bickering, cold shoulders, stonewalling, angry outbursts, and, eventually, emotional abuse.

Here are the signs that resentment is building to danger levels. Either you or your partner is:

o Judgmental about the other's perspective without curiosity to learn more about it

o Irritated by how the other feels

o Intolerant of differences - you should see things the same way

o Irritated by things you used to think were cute - facial expressions, laughter, tone of voice, manner of dress, etc.

o Making less important things more important than the most important things, e.g., the towel in the middle of the floor is more important than your emotional health and the well being of your relationship

o Losing interest in most forms of intimacy - talking, touch, hugging, sharing, sex (resentment is no aphrodisiac).

The cure is to understand that resentment covers a deeper hurt, even when the things you resent seem petty. Increase your:

o Core value - get back in touch with the most important things to and about you, which will not include resentment and anger at people you love

o Compassion for yourself - recognize that when you are resentful or angry you are hurt or overwhelmed; focus on healing and improving rather than punishment

o Compassion for your partner - recognize that when he or she is resentful or angry, he or she is hurt or overwhelmed; try to help

o Respectful negotiation - you have equal value and equal rights

o Recognize the effects of emotional pollution.

Couples inevitably develop automatic defense systems (ADS) once they start blaming their negative feelings on each other. The ADS is mostly triggered by non-verbal cues of body language and tone of voice, but is primed by the effects of emotional pollution. The best way to disarm it is to view it as something happening to both of you rather than something one is doing to the other. You should be able to say, "He our ADS got triggered, let's regulate it so we can feel connected again." Together you can disarm the ADS and other effects of emotional pollution. Blaming your partner merely contributes to more emotional pollution and makes you both more defensive.

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It' s an old cliche I know, but the importance of communication in a marriage cannot be underestimated. If there is a communication breakdown between couples then the marriage is more than likely to go downhill fast. This is because one partner can no longer express their feelings and thoughts to the other, and any resentments or issues can build up, and will eventually come to a head. So how can we improve communication in order to make our marriage better? Here are some ways in which you can become an all round good communicator.

Think before you speak
It is all very easy in the heat of an argument to just blurt out the first thing that comes into our heads. More often than not, it doesn't come out the way that we mean, and because of this, it can have a detrimental effect on our relationship. So in order to prevent this from happening you need to think before you speak, especially if you are in a conflict situation. If you feel yourself getting angry, then tell your partner that you are not going to discuss this right now. Tell your partner that you need 5 minutes to think about what has been said, then take a deep breath and just walk away.

Conflict resolution
when communicating in a marriage it is really important to know how to handle conflict, and more importantly how to resolve it! When a situation occurs it is best to sit down with your partner and discuss the issue. Find out what their take on the situation is, and try to understand what they are saying and why they feel that way. The next step to resolving the issue is to try to find some middle ground whereby you can both compromise until a solution is reached. Once you can learn to compromise, then you will be able to handle any conflict situation in this way.

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Listening ability
Another important tool that we can use to make our marriage better is learning to listen. Being a good listener is all part of communication in a marriage. By listening, it doesn't mean just hearing what the other person is saying, It means taking what they are telling you on board, understanding why they feel the way that they do and empathising with them if needed. Often the other person may not want you to comment, but by just listening, and acting as a soundboard, they can feel that they have taken the weight of the issues or problems they are carrying off their shoulders. The old saying " a problem shared is a problem halved" is never more true than in this situation.

Express feelings and thoughts
sometimes in a marriage it is very difficult to know how your partner is feeling at all times. We know if they are happy or sad, as body language generally gives this away, however; it can be very difficult to detect more underlying issues. So if you are able to sit down with your partner and express how you are feeling, and why you are feeling that way, then it gives your partner as chance to put things right, especially if the fault lies with them. The importance of this cannot be underestimated, because if you cannot do this, then the problem will escalate into something worse.

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So you woke up one day and found that the passion that existed in your relationship was gone. It may seem like this crisis just appeared suddenly, it didn't. A crisis in a marriage relationship usually has built slowly over time; it's just that it all of a sudden hits you and sort of catches you off guard. If you're really honest though you've seen it coming for a while you just didn't want to believe it.

A lot of people who find themselves in this situation are shocked and wonder what went wrong. You're probably also wondering what you can possibly do to save your marriage.

Change as we all know is the only constant thing in this world. Life keeps changing and it is that fact that means you have a chance to change your spouse's mind and save your marriage.

Even when your spouse says "I don't love you anymore," or "I don't feel the same way I used to about you".

There is one thing that doesn't cost us anything and yet can make a world of difference in the way we or someone else feels about things, TIME. I am not saying that time heals all. I'm saying that over time we tend to see things differently. Sometimes better and sometimes worse but time combined with the right moves can have a big positive impact on the way we see things about our marriage.

Let's look at what it can do.

Give yourself time.
Although we all are looking for an instant fix it is very important that you assess certain things for yourself first. Our society is always after instant success, instant coffee, instant rice, and instant life. If things aren't quick enough we are frustrated, like, why is this computer taking so long.

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But your problems didn't happen instantly and they won't be solved instantly. You need time to figure out where you are exactly right now in order to be able to move ahead. To help in this you might try asking yourself these questions.

Why did you do what you did, really?
Why did you react the way you did?
Are these ongoing problems or can you change your ways?
What are your feelings for your spouse, really?
What are you really looking for in a marriage?
Do you really want your spouse back? Why?

These questions, and there are many more, sound simple but they really are complex and have many different aspects to them. As such, you need to really be true to yourself and think through all the different aspects before you come to any conclusions.

Give your spouse time.
Time cannot make offences disappear into thin air but it can help us deal with the pain. As a result you need to also give your spouse the time and space they need to come to terms with things. Your spouse needs to also figure out how they feel about your situation and their life in general. Pushing your spouse into making a decision will be counterproductive.

Try and put yourself into your spouse's shoes. What would you be looking for from your spouse in order to accept them back? Be honest here. Your immediate answer might be nothing really but think of a time when someone did you wrong (stole from you, offended you, and stabbed you in the back at work). What was your reaction? I bet it wasn't O nothing. Just saying I'm sorry doesn't always work does it? However, by putting yourself in your spouse's shoes you will hopefully see things clearer and you can start finding ways to address their issues with you.

Now, while you are giving your spouse time, gently remind them, by your actions, of the person they fell in love with in the first place. If your spouse loves to laugh, bring some humor into your conversations and let her see the person they fell in love with.

Know this that if you are truthful wanting to save your marriage and you help your spouse see how great your marriage could be again, everything will be worth all the time and effort won't it?

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Are you interested in how to keep your Christian marriage going strong? What are some Christian marriage tips that you can apply in your own relationship? Are Christian marriage tips different from those for a regular marriage?

A Christian marriage is based in respect each other as well as being based on the word of God and The Bible. There are certain aspects of a Christian marriage that others may not follow, but any marriage can go through its rough patches. The good news is that there are numerous Christian marriage tips that you can follow to make sure that your marriage stays strong.


One of the most important Christian marriage tips is to take the time to pray together. The best time to do this is early in the morning before things get busy and the kids wake up. Take time to sit with each other and ask God to be with you both throughout the day. This will bring the two of you together as well as let you know what the day holds in store for your partner.

Read Together

Of course, this means that you shouldn't just read any old thing, but rather set aside time to read The Bible together. You can choose to do this once a day or once a week, but be sure to keep to the schedule. You may also choose to read a book of devotions as well. Be sure to read to each other and then spend a few minutes at the end in prayer.

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Make Decisions with Each Other

This doesn't mean trying to figure out what to wear on a particular day, but rather make sure that all major decisions are made together. Anything that is financially related, job related or involves a major life decision should be done together. In addition, talk regularly about such topics as finances so there are no surprises between the two of you. Make sure you agree on how to spend your money and where to put the savings. These mutual decisions will help to strengthen the bond that the two of you have. In addition, it will lead to even greater trust in the marriage.

Go to Church

This may seem like a basic Christian marriage tip, but it can be easy to start skipping church once you settle into a pattern with your relationship. Be sure to find a place of worship that you both enjoy and feel comfortable with. In addition, be sure it is one in which you feel that you can become part of its community.

Keep Dating

Be sure to keep the fun in your marriage by still dating each other. Many times, couples get into a routine after they have settled into a marriage and they forget to spend time with each other. In addition, the romance aspect can begin to wane especially after kids come into the picture. In order to keep this fire in your marriage be sure to take time to go out and have a nice dinner or plan a weekend away.

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