My Husband Does Not Sleep With Me: My Husband Never Comes To Bed With Me

There was once a time in your relationship with your spouse when you couldn't keep your hands off each other. A kiss was always special, you both got restless when you were apart, and you could not wait to be in each other's arms.

So does it make you wonder sometimes where have all that passion gone? Now it seems like private moments are just another thing on your do list. Is there hope for a ho-hum marriage? Of course, there is, that is if you and your spouse are both willing to work on bringing back romance and passion into your relationship. Oftentimes, it is the demands of daily living that put a strain on your relationship and can make the fire of enthusiasm dwindle.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Demands from children and work, stress over finances, daily frustrations are often the culprits that push your relationship back into the long line of priorities that you have to deal with everyday. The only way to get the flame back, really, is to commit to finding quality time with each other. This means private time, away from the other hundred things that you have to pay attention to, and all the mundane daily tasks that need to be done. You can do this by having a weekend away from the kids and other distractions like phone calls from the boss. Check in at your favorite hotel or a place distant from where you are staying, preferably a place where there is not much to do except enjoy each other's company.

You can do a lock-in with your spouse at the honeymoon suite of your favorite hotel, where you would have to keep the door locked for the weekend. Bring back the vigor in your sex life by spending time away from all the usual demands of your life and focus on giving your spouse pleasure. You can share a couple's massage in some nice and relaxing spa, or you can also simply buy some aromatic oils and give each other massages.

Before heading back home, you can go to a coffee shop and spend some time discussing whatever made your relationship fall into a boring rut. This is not a time to be putting blame on each other, but just a period of reflection which will make you both understand mistakes that you should prevent from happening again.

Two of those distractions in the bedroom are the television and the computer. So when you get home, you should try to switch off both every time you want some private moments with your spouse.

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It is an interesting phenomenon that most of the complaints about sexless marriage come from women rather than men. It could be of course that when men get resistance to their desires for sex they either retire into a shell or look elsewhere. If you're looking for healthy intimacy in your marital relationship that includes sex I think I can be of service.

The Greatest Sex Possible is a Shallow Replacement for Intimacy of Any Kind

OK, be honest; how many times did you reread the above sentence?
In order to truly intellectually understand the above sentence you have to begin with some basic principles.

The first principle is that raw sexuality is nothing more than an organic function of the body.

The second principle is that you are not just a body; so even if your body's needs are met it doesn't mean that your needs are met.

The third principle is that you are a soul who has a body and a mind. Where sexuality definitely taps the mind it does not make it to the soul.

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True soul intimacy, on the other hand, is a soul call from one to the other. Just as the mind has no physical boundary and can imagine anything material without limits, the soul has no spiritual boundary and can project and receive infinite love. The greatest craving each of us has is for infinite love. True soul intimacy is the expression of infinite love and satisfies far beyond the imagined connection of sexual performance. When one learns how to practice intimacy in their marital temple the notion of raw sex seems so beneath them. Then properly utilized sex becomes a fitting vehicle for a loving couple to express intimacy, but not until.

Our society places far too much emphasis on sexuality to the point of where it has been given meaning that is completely false. But people in general don't know that so when they have sexual union they are striving for a physical pleasure which effectively hides the more subtle connection of the souls. Even the small act of shifting your intention will greatly enhance your experience of intimacy. I go into great detail in my book Lessons For A Happy Marriage because the pain of a sexless marriage, which really means a marriage without intimacy, is very difficult to bear. Marriage counselors don't understand the above principles and so marriage counseling cannot help. But don't give up! The simplicity of the steps I'll give you will have you and your spouse connected in ways you never even imagined.

Truly, the answers don't lie in buying sexy clothes or watching pornographic movies; those things will only make matters worse. Don't let your love, which is infinite in nature, be eclipsed by the body's natural desires. It is your body, and it is your mind. When you rise above slavery to these two possessions you will be amazed.

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If you're looking for some relationship advice for women that will help you balance out your relationship, you're reading the right article. This article will talk to you about how to be authoritative and also get love from your man at the same time. There are a lot of relationships out there where the woman wears the pants in the relationship. She bosses her man around and yet doesn't realize that she relies heavily on him to be happy. You have to do some key things to make sure that your man will stick around and take care of you while still being the boss. Here's what to do.

1. It Takes Strength To Follow

A lot of women who are bossy in the relationship don't realize that it actually takes more strength to follow sometimes than it does to lead. Maybe they were brought up in a household where everyone was taught to be assertive and boss people around.

At any rate, it's hard for them to actually be bossed around themselves. If you're bossy, let your man be the boss for once. If he's uncomfortable doing it, make him do it. The balance has to be put back if you want your man to stick around.

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2. Give Him Choice

This is another way that you can be bossy while still getting respect and love from your man. If you simply tell him what to do without any consideration for what he values or the value of his time, you're going to ostracize your man.

If you actually care about his opinion, the simplest thing you could ask him is, "well what do you think?" That shows that you're willing to listen to his opinion and that you care what it is. This is an example of compassionate leading.

3. Be Thankful And Regretful

This is a very simple point that tends to be overlooked by women who are authoritative and that are the simple acts of appreciation and humility. There's nothing worse than a woman who doesn't say sorry when she's wrong. I would say that's worse than a woman who doesn't acknowledge her man.

Once in a while, say thanks and say sorry not for the sake of it, but because you mean it. Show genuine appreciation and say sorry for things that might have annoyed your man. This will show that you can read his pain/annoyance and can empathize with him.

This relationship advice for women should be followed, regardless of if you're an authoritative wife or a subservient wife, but particular the former. You can't go past simple principles like appreciation valuing his opinion and following once in a while to show your man that you are on the same level.

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You have much to be thankful for if your hubby is faithful, and never needing to wonder, is my relationship healthy. While 3 out of 4 spouses assume their partners are devoted, just 1 spouse in 4 can truthfully make that claim and answer to, is my relationship healthy.

A Rude Awakening to thinking you have a healthy relationship:

Every year countless wives who believed they had devoted partners, are surprised when their spouses request a divorce or just move in with another lady.

Others are stunned to find from empty bank accounts that household funds were used to fund an adulterous affair.

Still others are astonished to find out that they've contracted a sexually transferred illness.

Why the Wife is the Last to Know?

Could all these females be in denial when they think, is my relationship healthy? If a wife has no inkling to suspect her spouse it's easy to miss out on or misinterpret the caution signs.

Needing to be Thankful when you can honestly answer to, is my relationship healthy?

The Course in Miracles states, "The search for truth is but the honest searching out of everything that interferes with truth."

Not every family man is a cheating spouse, though the overwhelming majority of them are.

There are still quite a good many devoted men around where there's need for a questioning relationship.

If you're wed to one, you have a lot to be happy for.

- You can be happy that your marital relationship and household are undamaged.

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- You can be grateful the years you've invested in your marital relationship have not been in vain.

- You can be grateful you don't have to be in despair over the pondering of, is my relationship healthy? Or, a choice of whether to leave your husband or deciding to stay in a relationship and aim to get your marriage back on track.

- You can be glad that you do not have to handle the devastation and the psychological trauma that infidelity in the marriage brings.

Make Sure you're Not An Unsuspecting Wife

Given the increasing rate of adultery, you owe it to yourself and your marital relationship to make sure you're not one of those 26 million unsuspecting spouses.

How can you be sure when you answer to, is my relationship healthy?

Your Marriage May Depend on being Open to Warning Signs

The future of your marital relationship may one day depend upon your capability to find the warning signs of adultery.

If you identify the telltale signs in time, there are many things you can do to conserve your marriage. If a spouse has no idea her partner is cheating, by the time she learns, it might be far too late.

If your husband is faithful and you are confident when you ask yourself, is my relationship healthy, be truly thankful.

Talk to him about how you feel so secure in your trust and love with him. Be open with what you both want of the marriage.

The Course in Miracles further teaches, "Our emphasis has been on bringing what is undesirable to the desirable; what you do not want to what you do want."

Be grateful you somehow bumped into this article if you're not sure.

That said, keep in mind that every year countless females can not be certain when they wonder, is my relationship healthy.

Many who believe they have faithful husbands, are surprised when their husbands ask for a divorce or simply move in with another lady.

If your hubby is faithful, that's great, be appreciative of the wonderful man you are spending your life with.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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