My Husband Filed For Divorce Suddenly: Saving Marriage After Divorce Papers Filed

Have you been questioning your marriage lately? Are you wondering what you can do to save the relationship? How do you start repairing the damage which has been done?

Every marriage is going to hit a rough patch every now and then. Nothing is ever as good as it is when it first begins, but if your marriage is having problems, there are ways to save the relationship. After all, you still care for each other, but you may have begun putting your marriage on autopilot without even realizing it. Unfortunately, a marriage is something that must be given continuous attention, but it is never too late to turn back the clock.

Find the Real Issue

There are several different types of arguments and fights which take place in a marriage. Some of those fights happen on a regular basis, but there are others based on petty disagreements. However, it is the arguments which are based on emotions which bring out the real issues in a marriage. Once you have identified the real issues within your marriage you will have a better idea on how to save the relationship.

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Are There any Outside Barriers

Are there outside influences which are causing disagreements between the two of you? For example, there may be a mother-in-law who is always putting down your spouse or there are work issues which are beginning to drive the two of you apart. If you find problems outside the marriage, think of ways that you can get around these issues and fix them.

No Show, No Tell

It is not uncommon for couples to put their relationship on auto-pilot if they have been together for a while. However, this is not a way to save the relationship. But many couples still find themselves not saying "I love you" to each other as much anymore or otherwise showing affection. On the other hand, "I love you " may get said, but it lacks the emotion behind it that it used to. This is not because you love any other any less, but rather that you have grown too comfortable. The good news is this issue is one of the easiest to fix to save the relationship. Simply do something that you know your spouse will appreciate to show them how much you do care for them.

Get Back in Touch

Life is busy and once you settle into a routine, it is easy for a marriage to become relaxed and lazy. Instead, you will need to spend some time with each other in order to reconnect. Go out for a nice dinner or have a weekend away where it is just the two of you in order to make each other a priority.

Get Advice

If you do need more help, then seek out professional advice. There is nothing wrong with taking this step to save the relationship. Just be sure to find someone you trust and feel comfortable with when looking for a therapist.

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It is far easier to break a thing than to make it. You require years of commitment and dedication to nurture and nourish a relationship to existence but you require only minutes to declare it dead and divorced!

Even if your marriage seems to have hit a rock bottom and you have been going through what seems like an unending stretch of rough phase, then also it is recommended that you take your time in deciding about divorce.

And if at any point of time you feel doubtful about going through with the procedure, and instead feel even remotely inclined towards saving your marriage, come to us for we shall tell you three easy steps to save a marriage.

If you have decided to consult us, it must mean that you have deemed your relationship to be worth fighting for and to be worth saving! However, both the partners need to feel the warmth and the desire to salvage the marriage for it is and it will always be a partnership deal.

If your spouse is not ready to compromise, this will be but a futile effort. So first make sure that both of you are equally interested and the rest of it will come easy. Just follow our uncomplicated tips to save a marriage and you will be left wonderstruck with the result that is going to follow:


The first step lies in acknowledging the problem and identifying them for what they are. All relationships are riddled with problems of various kinds. After all problems stem from incompatibilities and incompatibilities are bound to exist between any two individuals. The existence of these inconsistences does not wreak havoc, what does is undermining them or refusing to acknowledge their existence. So the first step in saving a marriage should be facing up to the reality.

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While identifying your problems, be honest, just and fair- there should be no name calling. This is not a fight- you cannot let it degenerate into another round of blame game.


Save a marriage by trying to work around the problems. Try and find a solution. Make sure that you two are communicating well. Let it be a participatory discussion between the two of you. It will be but a temporary solution if only one party dictates the solution to all the problems. Spending quality time with each other also might work out well in this direction.


Consulting a marriage counselor too will be a great idea if you two cannot come up with a solution jointly. Opting for short term counseling sessions will help you to repair the void in your marriage for good. Since you might not see eye-to-eye with your spouse, enlisting the help of the third person could help both of you get the bigger picture!

Post these easy to execute guidelines, how to save a marriage and make it work will not seem like an insurmountable challenge to you!

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Can I save my marriage today is a question that far too many married couples find themselves asking at some point or another. No one ever wants to see his or her marriage end in divorce, so the desire to mend a broken relationship quickly can be a strong one. Unfortunately, saving a marriage fast is not an easy thing to do.

One of the most important aspects of a marriage that keeps it together is the bond of trust between the husband and wife. If this bond is broken for any reason, such as infidelity or financial difficulties, it can be very difficult to rebuild. Trust is not something which is easy for people to have in one another once they have lost it.

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Perhaps the most important aspect of repairing a marriage is effective communication between both spouses. If lines of communication are not open, then issues cannot be resolved. They will only remain under the surface and continue to get worse until they are talked about. Ignoring problems will never make them go away, only get bigger.

You must realize that it is rare for a marital issues to be resolved quickly. The road to recovery for a couple can be a long and difficult one, but if both spouses truly want the marriage to work, it is always possible to mend a broken marriage. Hopefully, if you both work hard at it and don't give up, the question of can I save my marriage today is one that you will never have to ask again.

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Even great relationships have issues.

Sooner or later, even if you find your soulmate and marry him or her, marital issues are BOUND to arise.

As hard as we work to resolve our relationship issues, though, we usually feel stuck in them.

Even if you attend the very best marriage counseling, you will very likely find that after all of the airing of issues, the issues continue to divide the relationship.

There is an alternative. It is a bit unusual, but so is a really happy marriage! Consider this some free marriage counseling that you really can count on to solve your relationship problems:

Look WITHIN for the real cause and solution to any relationship problem that you face.

Looking within to become better acquainted with YOURSELF turns out to be some of the best marriage advice, or advice for any relationship, that you will find.

Most often, it is not actually couples counseling that a troubled marriage needs: it is growth in self-awareness.

Whether your issue is as extreme as, "How can I save my marriage?" or as mundane as, "How can I stop my spouse's annoying habit?" The path to problem solving in your relationship leads WITHIN.

Whenever you feel annoyed or disturbed by another person, look at how YOU are thinking and feeling.

As you grow more self-aware you will receive the satisfying marriage help you are you looking for.

As you grow more self-aware you will begin to realize that any relationship issues you have actually exist inside of you. It exists in your mind. It exists as a state of mind.

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Let's look at some typical marriage problems:
• "He doesn't communicate.
• She treats her work as more important than our relationship.
• He's typically late.
• I'm always kept guessing about what she is thinking.
• I can't tell if he really loves me.
• She doesn't seem to even care about our relationship.
• He shows me little or no respect.

Please notice that with example of a problem with marriage, the condition of concern exists as a disturbing mental scenario.

While you focus on what is wrong with your mate or wrong with your relationship you overlook how you are wronging your yourself.

Instead of worrying about what your mate is thinking, feeling and doing focus on treating YOURSELF better.

This applies to all relationship issues, including the problem of feeling lonely and married.

Loneliness has to do with a relationship problem with oneself. While you presume that you are feeling lonely for another, your loneliness is actually a sign of your disconnection with yourself.

Any time that you catch yourself wondering about what your mate is up to, or anyone else for that matter, immediately refocus your attention onto yourself.

Notice what you are thinking and how that train of thought is impacting you.

When your THINKING makes you feel married and lonely or unhappy and stressed out in any way, stop trying to control the other person. Focus instead on exercising more self-control by letting go of that disheartening and depleting train of thought.

Whatever YOUR relationship issues might be, focus on being better toward yourself.

This will release you from depending too much on others and empower you to naturally and automatically make better choices for yourself.

This, in turn, will bring you more of the satisfying results you want in life, and leave you with fewer complaints about your spouse or anyone else.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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