My Husband Has Cheated On Me Several Times: What To Do When Your Husband Cheats Lies

No woman can stand their husband for being unfaithful in the marriage. An affair in a marriage can change a person's life and behavior. Hence, it is important for you to identify and stop your husband's affair immediately.

There are a few things that you need to do to stop your husband's affair.

- Never show desperation

You may panic when you think that your husband will leave you because of his affair. Not knowing the way you behave, you start to show out your desperation by begging and crying. Remember this in your heart, if you want to stop your husband's affair successfully, the first thing that you have to learn is be cool and calm. It will only make him spend more time on his affair when he knows that you need him badly.

- Talk to your husband about his affair

Do not let his affair sink deeper because of your annoyance. Find a good time to be alone with your husband and talk to him about his affair. He may deny his affair if you do not have enough evidence to prove. Approach him only when you are quite sure of his affair. Learn to control your emotions and never let go of your frustrations or sadness in front of him. Do it behind closed doors if you want to. Understand the reason he is cheating on you. Tell him about your thinking and feelings. Let him know you cannot tolerate an affair going on in this marriage and ask him how he will deal with this affair.

- Take a look at where your marriage was before the affair

Is the passionate part of the marriage still going on? Remind your husband how he fell in love with you. Get your marriage back on the track by doing things together with your husband again. Go back to places where beautiful memories have left behind.

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While the chances of saving your marriage at this point may look grim or without hope, there is still a way. Many times the reasons behind why you haven't had much success with changing your situation around is the lack of information to do so. Eliminating the guess work and taking away the chances of you to mess things up further in the process are vitally important. Your commitment to saving your marriage and avoiding a devastating divorce begins with wrapping your head around the "right" advice.

You see, for so long millions of couples who've been down this path have struggled to find the right kind of advice. They've been told time and time again that the key to saving ones marriage or in making it better should begin with better communication or that counseling is needed to work out issues between them. But, on the contrary, this method of thinking can in fact end marriages faster.

What's the point of learning to communicate better, if the only thing you're communicating better is your disgust for one another. Is it important to find better ways of saying how much you disagree with each other or how much you think the failing of the marriage is your spouses fault? If learning to communicate better becomes the starting point of your journey to save your marriage, this only enables the both of you to become better at battling one another in the midst of all of your conflict and or heated discussions over the marriage and the terms of it's ending.

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Learning to communicate better doesn't lead to understanding your spouse any better, it won't open your eyes or allow you to see the big picture of what's really needed to be done about saving your marriage. You have to know how to put your marriage under a microscope, and have the ability to know what to look for in terms of what is really causing this marriage to fail, not learning how to communicate better.

Now I wouldn't totally rule out counseling, for an individual. But, as a couple, the statistics speak for themselves. Saving a marriage using couples therapy or counseling only has about a 10 - 20% success rate, with an average expense of $3500 and up with no guarantee. I agree that an individual may certainly benefit from counseling to work out some issues that may be affecting the marriage, but as a couple using it as a sole means in which to save their marriage, it just doesn't work out to well.

So, how do you save your marriage and avoid a devastating divorce if the traditional methods remain ineffective? It all starts with a good plan of action. One that separates the marriage from the individuals, and treats it as it's own entity. A plan that will help you gain back control over your emotions and walk you through the steps necessary to save your marriage, not pie in the sky theory, but tried and true steps designed to save a marriage from even the worst of marital crisis.

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I have created this 5 part series to show you just how many mistakes people make in marriages. I will go through each mistake and show you how they happen and why you should avoid making them.

Mistake #1 Hurtful sarcasm

Sarcasm comes naturally to some people but you need to realize that it is inherently negative. Using sarcasm in conversations can be demeaning to your partner and although they may not be able to identify it as such, it will lead to them having negative feelings towards you.

Using sarcasm in arguments only compounds the argument because you are essentially insulting your partner indirectly. But you have to see it for what it is and try to speak as directly and honestly as possible.

Mistake #2 Unclear boundaries with family and friends

This is one of the leading causes of conflict in marriages where people find it difficult to transition from their immediate family into their marriage. You need to understand that when you get into a marriage, your relationship comes first. Your life now is to please your spouse and yourself and not to accommodate your family and friends.

Some people allow their relatives and friends to be abusive to their spouses because they don't like them but this is absolutely intolerable. You need to put everyone in their place and make sure that they understand that your spouse comes first THEN them.

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Mistake #3 Distance

There are many causes of distance between partners in a relationship. From children to work and other responsibilities, things come up that get in the way of you nurturing your marriage.

You need to remember to make the time to shorten the distance that comes between you and your partner. Spend time alone, go on dates or take a vacation. Do anything it takes to ensure that both you and your partner are having a marriage with each other and not a business arrangement.

Mistake #4 Unfair fighting

Unfair fighting happens when one partner has done something exceedingly wrong to the other and they are never forgiven. The person that has been hurt continually holds it against the other and takes it as license to do whatever they want as long as it is not worse than what the other person did.

The fact is, that when you do something to hurt your partner no matter what it is, you are hurting your marriage. If they have done something to hurt you, you have to take the time to deal with it and learn to forgive them. This type of behavior leads down a spiral where you cannot save your marriage.

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It is important for wives to know the different emotional affair signs. Husband who is having an emotional relationship with another woman is cheating despite what other people say. The worse thing is that this type of affair is more damaging than a physical affair.

Although there is no sexual contact involved, an emotional infidelity is founded on betrayal, dishonesty, and deception. The husband becomes disloyal to his wife and this will eventually lead to big marital problem. Your husband made a vow during your wedding day to be faithful at all times.

It is not hard to detect whether your husband is having an emotional affair or not. A woman's intuition is a very effective tool in recognizing if your husband is cheating. But it is also important to confirm your suspicions first before you confront your husband.

Below are the most common emotional affair signs of a husband:

• Your husband now spends less time talking and bonding with you. This is because his emotional investments are now with someone else. He is no longer intimate and you will usually feel left out. He does not talk about his problems anymore because he has now a "special friend" that he can turn to.

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• You will also notice some changes in his behaviors. He easily gets irritated and annoyed and prefers to be alone all the time. He is always out and does not tell you where or who he is with. He has also become very self-conscious on his image and wants to look and smell good all the time.

• You can also see emotional affair signs in your husband's bills and credit card or bank statements. You might notice some peculiar purchases such as dresses or jewelry but you never got them. His phone bills have also drastically increased and you don't recognize the contact's details. It might be inappropriate to be snooping around your spouse's personal stuffs but you have to do everything you can to prevent your husband from having an affair.

If you notice these emotional affair signs in your husband, ask him about it. Get marriage counseling if you think you really have to. You can also avail online resources that deal with a husband's emotional affair.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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