My Husband Is Always Against Me: Stay Committed Even When The Going Gets Rough In Your Marriage

I very often hear from people who tell me that they just aren't sure about staying married. I often hear things like "I just don't think I'm in love with my spouse anymore." Or, "I think that we are drifting apart." Or, "we have grown into two different people who just aren't compatible anymore." Of course, just walking away from your marriage can be heart wrenching. Often, you have shared things in your life - children, homes, responsibilities, etc. that can make this not so clear cut. And we haven't even yet mentioned all of the history, hopes, dreams, and promises between you.

At the end of the day, I think that most people who write to me are frustrated rather than finished. They don't really want to walk out on their spouse's. But, they don't know how to fix things either and they know for certain that they don't want to continue living this way. They don't want to keep walking through life in kind of a daze without any real connection, commitment, or the deep bond that they once shared and enjoyed. In the following article, I will offer five ways that you can stay commented when the spark begins to fade and the commitment comes into question.

Commit To Stay Put In The Marriage For A Defined Amount Of Time: I firmly believe that if one or both of you always have an exit strategy in the back of your mind, you're not going to be as successful in trying to work things out or reconcile. Talk with your spouse about both of you committing to taking any separation or divorce off of the table for a reasonable amount of time, which might be 6 months to a year at least. This will talk a lot of pressure off of you and will not make the situation seem so immediate or dire. With that said, just because you've given yourself a generous time line does not mean that you should not take immediate and definitive action. Things are not going to improve just because you hope they will. You have to take your hopes and wishes and make them happen through decisive action.

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Ease Into The Heavy Issues And Consider Waiting To Tackle Huge Problems Until You Are Bonded Again: Many people will go about saving their marriage in a backward way. They will sort of shore themselves up for a long, hard won fight all in the name of saving the marriage. They will anticipate having to make huge sacrifices and making huge concessions. The problem with this is that no one is looking forward to this process. Both people have their guard up. This is not the atmosphere that is most conducive to getting a good outcome.

Before you put the cart in front of the horse, it's advisable to set things up so that the two of you are clicking and are closely bonded again. When you were first dating and issues (even big ones) came up, you likely brushed through them without much fanfare, right? This is because you didn't want to let anything get in the way of the positive pay off that you were receiving. So, if you can repeat this process and work with a stronger relationship, you'll often find that the major and big problems are not so problematic after all.

Try To Focus On The Positive Rather Than The Negative: Often when we hit a rough patch in our marriage, it is so easy to dwell on what's wrong. We tend to hyper focus on the fact that our spouse doesn't understand us or isn't giving us what we need. By the time we're done obsessing over what is wrong, we come away feeling as though we are in an awful situation that has no end in sight. Sometimes, if you can change your focus, you can also change your perception. Once your perceptions change, you generally become much more receptive to trying new things and being open to making things better.

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Try To Make The Process Fun Rather Than Frustrating: Again, often when you hear people say that they need to "work" on their marriage, it sounds as if they are being sent to the gallows. Very few people look forward to this process (at least as it is presented to them.) There is nothing that says that you and your spouse have to shore yourselves up for a long and painful process. Take a look back at the sort of things that the two of you used to enjoy and incorporate things into your life. If you can make the process something that you don't mind doing, you're going to have much more success and you're not going to quit nearly as soon.

Settle For Small Victories At First: Often, things are going to feel a bit awkward initially. This is OK. Don't allow for this to make you stop the process. Don't set yourself up to get into a situation that is going to be very uncomfortable. For instance, some couples will schedule a "second honeymoon" when they are having trouble being in the same room for more than short amounts of time. Doing this is just inviting disappointment. You're much better off trying to go for a walk for a few times a week and then graduating to bigger and better things. You want to sort of ease into it so that each time you try new things, you come away feelings successful and like you want to repeat the process.

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Successful marriage tips really can make the difference in a marriage. Sometimes they may seem a little obvious or trite, but you'll usually find that simple solutions are the best ones. If you are looking for successful marriage tips to help your relationship, check out the rest of this article.

Successful Marriage Tip 1

Accept your partner for who they are. Don't fall in love with the person they could be, love the person they ARE. Trying to change a partner is not only pointless, as people only change when they want to, but it will most likely make them feel pretty awful about themselves. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that making your partner feel awful is not an ingredient for a successful marriage.

Successful Marriage Tip 2

Make an effort with your appearance. It's quite common that people sometimes "stop trying" with their looks and things once they snare a partner. It's for this reason that marital affairs can be easy to slip into. The new girl at the office with her perfectly made up face and her high heels can look quite appealing if you've become the wife who spends her life in sweats and trainers and hasn't put make up on in 2 years.

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Successful Marriage Tip 3

Kiss more. What brings you closer than kissing? Why not kiss more? Why wouldn't you kiss more? One of the first things to fade away sometimes in a marriage is the kissing, so why not work to make it stick around a bit longer. Kissing is not only fun but it has many by-products, not least of which is the closeness it brings you.

Successful Marriage Tip 4

Filter your thoughts before you turn them into words. Sometimes we get so comfortable with our partners that we will literally tell them anything, and this can lead to the kind of relationship where you just blurt out whatever's on your mind. Think back to when you were first together- chances are you liked your partner so much you carefully vetted everything you said, so as not to upset or dissuade them. Some thinking like in the later stages of your marriage will sometimes go a long way...

Successful Marriage Tip 5

Put a muzzle on the green eyed monster. Jealousy is one emotion that it can be very very tough for a marriage to recover from. Once you let it get inside your mind even a little bit, it will change and twist almost your every waking thought until you are one of those crazy spouses that calls her partner every ten minutes to check up on them. Unless you want to end up like that, or even end up single, you should put a muzzle on the jealousy.

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If you are in the process of working through issues in a marriage, there are some important pointers that you will want to keep in mind and follow. By following these tips and pointers you will have a far better chance of resolving any underlying problems in your relationship in a healthy and an effective manner.

First, when working through issues in a marriage, it is important to be completely honest. There really is a great deal of truth to the old adage that honesty is the best policy when you are trying to deal with and resolve issues and problems in your marriage.

Second, when working through issues in a marriage you will also want to make sure that you keep the lines of communication open. Clear and regular (as well as honest) communication is fundamental to dealing with issues and problems that arise in any marriage.

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Third, in working through issues in a marriage you also need to appreciate that patience really is a virtue. You need to keep in mind that typically issues and problems in a marriage took time to develop. Therefore, you should not expect to be able to resolve these issues instantly.

Fourth, it is also important for you to be brave enough to admit that you are wrong when you are wrong. Accepting responsibility for your contribution to the issues that have arisen in your marriage is a crucial step towards resolving the issues and problems in your marriage.

By following these tips and pointers you will be able to head onward towards working through issues in a marriage. You will be able to deal with problems and enhance you marriage on many different levels.

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If you are feeling very stressful and frustrated with your marriage, there may be some signs of unhappy marriage appearing. It is best to rectify the problems immediately as it can lead to a divorce if it is not handled properly. How to recognize the signs of unhappy marriage?

Constant fights
Fighting constantly is a sign to tell you that there is a problem with your communication. Fights normally will end up hurting the spouse and people who are close to them, like children. It can be very devastating to go through if there are arguments all the time.

Little or no sexual intimacy
This is one of the obvious signs of problems appearing in your marriage. If you or your spouse is not showing any interest in sexual intimacy, it may lead to more problems such as infidelity.

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Bad communication
Lack of communication can also be signs of unhappy marriage. If both parties are not seeking to discuss or share their thoughts and feelings with each other, it may mean the relationship has already lost trust and faith. This signifies very strongly that there is something wrong with the marriage.

Do not wish to see your spouse
If you or your spouse is starting to dread going home to face the other party, this may show that either party is trying to avoid or escape from something that they do not wish to face. The avoiding party will try to keep him or herself busy at work or activities. The one who is always left at home alone will start to feel neglected, giving rise to frustrations and depression.

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