My Husband Is In Love With Another Woman And Wants A Divorce: My Husband Is In Love With Another Woman What Do I Do

I often hear from wives who feel as if they might be running out of time to save their marriage. Often, the last thing that they want is to give up, but their husband isn't completely on board. In fact, he will often do whatever he can to discourage them that there is any hope left. Sometimes, he has even started seeing other people and will go so far to directly tell the wife that it is already too late.

I heard from a wife who said: "my husband left me for a trial separation about seven weeks ago. I have never given up hope because my love for him is as strong as the day that we were married. I realize that our marriage isn't perfect and I am willing to do whatever I need to do in order to improve it. The problem is that he doesn't appear that I am going to have that chance. A couple that we are friendly with just recommended an excellent marriage counselor to me. I wanted to share this information with my husband because it sounded like this might help us. But when I called him with this news he told me that the counselor isn't going to work. He said that it's too late to save our marriage because he's started seeing someone else. I told him that this was OK as long as he stopped seeing her right away and went to counseling with me. He said he wasn't willing to stop seeing the other woman. He said that he feels ready to move on and that in his own mind our marriage is over. He stressed that I should just accept it and begin to move on with my life in the same way that he has. I am not sure that I can do this. I don't want to move on. I want my husband and my marriage. Is he right? Is is too late for us? Because I am not sure if it is too late for me. And I'm not sure if I have any choices at all."

I really understood where this wife was coming from. I have been on the other side of this conversation. My own husband was relentless and in his assertion that it was too late to save our marriage. But I was pretty stubborn and I didn't give up. Still, I did realize that in order for us to stay married, it would take both of us to agree to that arrangement. If he had decided to divorce me, I knew that I could only prolong the process for so long. However, I also knew that while I couldn't completely control what my husband said or did, I could control my own behaviors and reactions. And it was my own decision as to whether or not I wanted to give up. I completely realized that he might divorce me and that might mean the end of my marriage. I could not control that. But his ending the marriage would not have meant that my feelings for him would have ended. That was completely within my own control. Now, I'll move onto the topic of his seeing someone else.

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His Seeing Someone Else Right Now Doesn't Think That Things Won't Change Later: Often, when people first separate, the one who initiated the separation feels as if they need to take full advantage of the situation. To that end, they will sometimes considering seeing other people. And when that happens, it can feel as if a corner has been turned or a line has been crossed. This can lead them to assume that they've gone too far or that the marriage can't be saved. This isn't always the case, of course. Plenty of couples end up saving their marriage after one or both of them has started seeing other people. Merely dating someone during a separation doesn't mean that you've met a soul mate who is going to replace your spouse forever.

Sometimes seeing other people actually makes you eventually appreciate your spouse more or miss them when you didn't even think that this was possible. Frankly, I could not see into the future in this scenario, so I had no way to know if the husband's new relationship was going to last or was going to contribute to the end of the marriage. But, here is what I do know. Countless couples eventually get it together even after they've started dating again. Still others reconcile or get remarried after they have divorced. Some even break up and live apart for several years until they find one another again. In fact, to me, the only scenario was says your marriage is over for good is if one of you is no longer on this earth.

How Do You Proceed When Your Husband Says His Seeing Other Women Makes It Too Late To Save Your Marriage?: My best advice is not to panic. And I've found that it doesn't really help to argue with him. I know that it's tempting to try to debate and prove your point but he's often not in the right frame of mind to listen. Some wives will try to put down the other woman or point out her flaws. But you have to understand that it isn't really about her. It's best to place your focus on you and on him rather than on third parties. You might want to tell him that you're sorry that he feels this way but that you hope in time that he might see things differently. You might stress that you will be there should he ever needs you, but that you're going to take his advice and get on with your life. Now, we both know that you're posturing a bit. But he needs to know that you respect yourself enough to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Do things that you enjoy and make sure he knows about it. Surround yourself with other people who love and support you. And leave the ball in his court. Just continue to live your life and see how he will respond. Remain positive and approachable but don't be the only one doing the communicating.

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It is great to think of marriage as a wonderful bed of roses. Yet we all know that this is far from reality. Just like anything in life, marriage is also filled with happy times as well as difficult moments.

Marriage may start happily and perfectly but as it goes on, there will be various marriage problems which a couple should face, resolve and win over else they will only break apart in the end. If the people in the marriage really love what they have, they would work out anything that is attempting to break them up.

Communication is one aspect of the relationship which typically affects every married couple. Being able to say what a person feels and thinks may be something that is easy to do for some. Yet, not all individuals and couples as well are good in communicating. Some are just not comfortable enough to share what they are thinking or feeling.

Couples should be able to express themselves well. They should also be able to tell each other what they are thinking or are feeling truthfully and honestly and properly. They should be able to do this about every issue that affects their marriage - from sexual matters to in-laws to finances and to everything else in between.

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There are two sides in marriage. The good side is full of blissful happiness and joy. The bad side, on the other hand, is full of challenges and problems.

One of the major marriage problems is conflict and issues with the in-laws. It is said that very rare is a person who is lucky to have close and supportive in-laws. More often than not, many married individuals have the opposite of such. In-laws are not only the parents of the husband or the wife but they also include the siblings and the rest of the family. That means that is a huge amount of people to deal with.

Another common marriage issue is money matters. Finances are in fact evident factors that can really strain the marriage. At one point in the relationship, spouses blame one another for their financial instability. This problem should be dealt with sensibly instead of aggressively. Being able to talk about such issues without hot heads and flaring tempers could help any couple deal with it better and with clearer minds.

Then, of course, there is the issue about sex. Strained marriages are commonly caused by lack of trust and/or money problems. However, let us not leave out the subject about sex.

When one spouse's sexual needs and passion preferences are not met accordingly by the other, it can likely lead to separation and divorce. If the sexual needs are not met, that is when some people commit infidelity by trying to look for another person who will give them their needs.

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Are you recently separated from your spouse or have they hit you with the news that they want a divorce? Do you have what it takes to save a failing marriage? Or will you keep making the same mistakes that others make that will guarantee failure? This article may be the most important thing you ever read.

Let's avoid the fluff and cut right to the chase. You are looking for a solution and maybe aren't sure what the best move is. When my wife informed me a few years ago that our marriage was over, I was a wreck. Not sure what to do, but desperate to do something, I made a series of blunders that nearly cost me any chance to work things out with her.

Here is a list of things that you must not do if you are trying to avoid the divorce that your spouse is asking for:

- Don't resort to begging or pleading.

- Don't make promises that you will change or have changed.

- Don't let them see you get angry

- Don't argue about the breakup

- Don't keep calling or texting or emailing

- Don't make threats of any kind

- Don't send gifts

- Don't use drugs or alcohol to numb your pain

- Don't have an affair to get revenge

- Don't say "but I love you!"

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The problem with all of these tactics is that they are counter-productive to winning back your spouse and avoiding a divorce. Whether you are a man or a woman, you make yourself less desirable to your partner, even re-enforcing their desire to end the relationship. You also surrender any power you might still have in the relationship, by appearing desperate and putting the fate of the relationship in your spouse's hands.

If you want to save a failing marriage, even when your spouse isn't interested, you need to be in the most resourceful state possible. You need a clear strategy using proven techniques. You must be willing to accept help and admit to yourself that this problem will not be resolved on its own and that your attempts to save your marriage haven't been working. Finally, you must be willing to take very specific actions. You must learn what to do, what to say and how to act. People using the resource I am speaking of have literally called off divorce proceedings!

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How exactly do you help save a marriage that's on it's way to divorce? Are there common reasons why most marriages fail? If you're keen to help save marriage, here's a surprising fact for you -- almost all bad marriages have the following in common.

1. The Couple Just Can't Communicate No Matter What

Married people are funny in this way. Unless and until they talk to their spouses, marriage trouble is definitely on its way. The worst marriages around usually involve people who get up when their spouses are still sleeping to dash off to work. Then one of them gets home late at night when the other is sleeping. Once the talking stops, the marriage does as well. Worse still are marriages where there's too much talking and not enough listening. Communication is two-way, something most people in bad marriages forget.

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2. They Just Can't Solve Disagreements

Look, the fact is every married couple is going to disagree, fight and argue. It's only human. The worst marriages, the ones well on their way to divorce, are the ones where every argument is left hanging, no disagreement is every resolved. You'll find that the couple involved will feel not only frustration but also resentment growing in their hearts. Sweeping things under the carpet will merely result in a deep pile of doo-doo.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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