My Husband Is Insensitive To My Feelings: How To Deal With A Self-Centered Husband

Sometimes, your man doesn't listen to you. He doesn't prize your feelings. Especially after the wedding, he fritters away his time in his office, or with his friends... If he lingers in the home, he watches a movie, reads books, or play video games.

You become a valueless creature for him, and he stops taking interest in you.

For a wife, or a girlfriend, this situation is very disheartening. Because, she wants to share things, she wants to express her feelings, and she wants to feel an emotional connection. And, all of this happens only through meaningful conversations.

If your man doesn't listen to you, then this is very alarming. It shows that the feelings of love are going to kiss the dust and the strength of your relationship is about to get wrecked.

I have a solution for you.

"Become an Emotional Storyteller"

Emotional stories have the power to engage people and activate their minds. The true leaders, motivational speakers, and famous artists know this secret very well.

The story can be about anything. It can be about your daily routine, it can be about some specific incident, it can be about your achievement, or it can be about some tittle-tattle.

Just make sure your story contains the flavor of laugh, pain, seriousness, or fun. Because, these things add emotions into your story and make a person listen to you intently.

If he has a habit of giving you solutions rather than sharing things, then storytelling solves this problem too. He participates in the conversation rather than imposing his own opinions and advices.

The one more advantage of emotional story telling is that, it doesn't let the human brain wonder. Researches have proved that, during conversations, a human mind wonders almost 30% of the time.

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In addition, the initial 20 minutes of every conversation are critical. Because, they decide the interest level. If your story can infatuate the interest level of your man within the first 20 minutes, then he will keep on listening to you for at least 1 hour.

His mind and emotions engages with you, and your words, completely. He asks you questions, takes interest in your words, and starts sharing his own opinions too.

Let's talk about the essences of a great emotional story.

1) A story should always have a 'Powerful' opening. You have to rock his world with your powerful initial lines in order to get his attention. Sometimes, an open compliment and encouraging words also work like a miracle.

2) Take advantage of the initial 20 minutes. If you can keep him curious within the first 20 minutes, then you can make him listen to you for hours.

3) As I said before, add the flavor of laugh, pain, romance, or fun must. These ingredients are necessary for an interesting story.

4) Your story should have an agenda. If you are sharing your feelings during the first ¾ part of the time, then ask for his advice and opinions too in the last ¼ part. This will boost his masculine ego and make him feel respected.

5) The more "Elements of Surprises" your story contains, the more your man stays curious, the more he listens to you, and the more he gives you time.

6) Make a list of at least 3 important questions or topics from your daily routine. This will help you to start an interesting conversation/story always.

7) Never let him predict the end. If he can predict the end of the story, he won't have any reason to listen to you for hours.

These 7 points always bring your A+ Game in every conversation. Your man and others listen to you whole heartedly and desire to spend time with you. They don't get what secret you hold, but they know that the time they spend with you is totally meaningful.

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Sad as it may be, nearly 1/3 of marriages in the United States fail. The news media and famous people sure don't help the picture any. Does our society not value marriage any more? Has marriage lost is luster? Well, it depends on if the marriage is run right in the first place. This article includes 5 tips to help prevent a divorce and stay married.

1. You should always include time for your spouse.

Studies have shown that the quality of marriage improves greatly if you devote no less than 20 minutes of uninterrupted time a day to your spouse. This time is for you and your spouse only. Not the kids, not T.V. or reading together either. Devote 20 minutes a day to your partner and just talk. You'll be amazed at the difference this tip alone will make in your marriage.

2. Tell your partner how great he or she looks often.

Everyone loves compliments, and they feel good to give also. Write a small note and post it on the bathroom mirror telling your spouse how wonderful they look. Tell him/her how attractive they are at least once a day. (Trust me; it never gets old hearing how good you look). You can easily prevent a divorce simply by giving your spouse compliments on a regular basis.

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3. Love your partner the way THEY want to be loved.

It's not uncommon to have misunderstandings in your relationship and love misunderstandings are no exception. Remember, your spouse does not see things the way you do. For example, don't try buying clothes for your partner just because YOU like how they look. You may like the color green, but your partner hates wearing green and it doesn't matter how good you think he or she looks in that color, they are not going to wear something they don't like. Period. Play the love game by your spouse's rules and you'll have no problem saving your marriage and preventing a divorce.

4. Dress sharp and look good for your partner.

It's easy to fall out of lust and out of love with your partner when he or she dresses like a slob and doesn't take care of themselves. It's funny how after a couple years of marriage how a guy thinks putting on a beer belly is okay. Similarly, it's funny how women stop wearing make-up and put on 20 pounds without giving it a thought. You want to prevent a divorce and stay married? Stay fit and attractive for your spouse. This holds the same weight for men and women. (Pardon the pun)

5. Never cheat on your spouse. Ever!

Like I said earlier in this article, nearly 1/3 of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Adultery has a large role in this. I doesn't matter what the other person looks like outside of your marriage, adultery is never okay. Ever. It's hurtful, sinful, mean and selfish. If the thought of adultery crosses your mind, just imagine how You would feel if you walked in and saw your spouse in bed with another person. The feeling is terrible, so don't do it.

Keeping your wedding vows is not hard to do when you are truly in love and communicate your affection to one another. You'll have no problem preventing a divorce and staying married if you incorporate these five tips into your marriage.

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Couples often wait until their marriage is nearly over before they start asking how to stop a divorce. If this describes you then seriously consider these two tips for restoring your marriage. Even though things may be terribly messed up between you at the moment, most troubled marriages can be saved if you go about it the right way.

Let's get one thing out of the way first. Some relationships have been terrible since the beginning and have only gotten worse. Most marriages are worth saving but there's no doubt that some should end as soon as possible, for the sake of all concerned.

Let's imagine that you know your marriage is worth saving, and that you can remember back to better times when you were both happy and in love. You'll discover that, though deceptively simple, both of these recommendations will steer you on your way to a stronger, more wonderful relationship, free from the fear of an impending separation and divorce.

Take Action to Stop a Divorce

It might seem like divorce is casting a shadow over your marriage. You might think that the end of your relationship is inescapable. You can't afford to buy into that line of thinking. Couples save their marriages each and every day. Now if you keep spending your time worrying when the end will come you'll be wasting a lot of time. You could be spending that time taking steps to stop to a divorce and to save the marriage.

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Every marriage that is saved from the brink of divorce can be transformed into something meaningful and loving; but only when someone in the relationship shrugs off the helplessness and takes action.

Your Marriage Can be Saved if you have a Plan.

Marriages can run aground for a thousand different reasons. Whatever happened in your relationship is unique to the two of you. That being said, you have to understand that it's more than likely that the hard times had a certain pattern. The same is true when it comes to saving a relationship. There's a series of steps, and if you navigate each one right there will be a kind of predictable progression.

Are you are serious when you ask "How can I stop a divorce?" If you are then you will need to understand that the road to a happy marriage moves along a continuum. The exact path won't be the same for every couple but it will take you back to love and happiness.

If you haven't divorced yet your marriage isn't lost, even if you're the only one trying to make things work out. But you can't sit still and hope for the best and wait for the worst while there's still a chance to save your marriage.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Your spouse has filed for divorce even though it's not at all what you want. You may think that this is the end and that there's nothing you can do about it. However, that's where you're wrong. If your gut is begging you to find a way to "stop my divorce", there is someone who can help, and that's a marriage coach. A coach is a person who takes a positive outlook towards all marriages that haven't yet been dissolved. He believes that they can be repaired, and he has the tools to help you learn how to put your relationship back together. There's nothing magical about what he does. He just uses practical, proven methods to teach you techniques for saving your own marriage.

Although the situation is never hopeless, even after the final papers are signed, a marriage coach will help you settle things once and for all. He'll help you sort through the various aspects of your situation and then teach you what you can do about them. There's nothing secretive or magical here and no gimmicks. Just good, solid, down-to-earth information that has been proven over time. A lot of the relevant material you need is available on his website for free, and you're welcome to read through it and use any part of it you like. In addition, you can start with a 30-minute free consultation in which you can assess the benefits of what the coach has to offer.

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Divorce is a devastating event that occurs in far too many marriages. So many people are hurt when a relationship disintegrates to this point. Anything that can be done to avoid it becomes vital, because no one really wants to give up on something they've spent years building only to start all over at the bottom again. A new place to live, moving costs, changing schools, crying children, transportation issues, financial difficulties, lack of emotional support... The list of negatives revolving around a divorce goes on and on. No one can win!

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