Husband Chose Another Woman Over Me: Why Does My Husband Want To Sleep With Another Woman

You may be one of the many wives that is wondering why your husband decided to cheat on you. You probably had what you considered to be a good marriage --perhaps with children -- and everything now seems ruined. If you are straining your mind trying to come to terms with the reason why your husband has cheated on you, you should understand that you are not alone. Anyone that has gone through the effects of an affair always has the same question.

The real reason

There is only one real reason why a person decides to cheat on a loved one. It all boils down to the same thing: There is a character flaw with the spouse that is cheating. That basically sums it up.

You see, whenever a couple get married they are entering into an agreement that they will remain faithful to one another for a lifetime. This means that even when things get bad, when sex is not available for weeks or even months at a time, when horrible arguments take place and everything seems to fall apart emotionally -- there will be no cheating.

Cheating on a spouse is not an option. If there are problems in the marriage they can be dealt with in another way. A marriage counselor can be sought, you can talk to a religious leader, confide in your friends and family, a separation can be requested or even a divorce. Once again, cheating is not an option that is left open.

The matrimonial vow is sacred and you pledge that you will never cheat on your spouse once you are married. That is a promise that you make to your future wife or husband during the marriage ceremony.

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This means that any of the reasons that a husband comes up with for cheating are merely justifications for something done wrong. In almost every case in fact, the cheating husband is actually the one that created the problems or at least added to them.

This leads to the conclusion that there is a character flaw in the cheating husband. How deep this flaw goes will depend on how much remorse there is for the act done, how many affairs took place and how often and how emotionally involved the cheater was with the other lover.

Dealing with the character flaw

It is not important that you try to understand why your husband cheated on you. You will never be able to fully comprehend what makes a person have an affair and instead of spending too much time trying to rationalize it, concentrate on your own healing instead. It is time better spent.

As a rational person that does not have a character flaw you can learn to deal with your own emotions to help the healing begin. This will be a process and you will learn and grow from it. You can start by developing your own communication skills so that you can better listen to your husband and deal effectively with what is being said. You'll also need to learn how to rebuild the trust that has been lost in the relationship and start building a new relationship that is built on honesty and communication.

Your cheating husband will have to commit to repairing the flaw in his character and make a new commitment to you and your marriage. Your husband will have to sort out what brought him up to the point where he could have an affair in order to prevent it from reoccurring. An apology will have to be made, a new commitment offered to the marriage and an agreement of honesty and transparency put in place from that point forward.

The focus will need to be on establishing a marriage that is even better than it was before and growing it every day. It is important to realize that you will never really fully understand what could lead a husband to cheat on his wife, especially when there is still love within the marriage.

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It's nice to see old couples walking holding hands, and seeing in their eyes despite creased foreheads that they have a great marriage despite 50 or 60 years of togetherness. This sight is a living proof that you can stay in love with the same person regardless of how many thousand days you woke up and seen his/her face as your first sight.

Staying truly in love with only one person despite knowing that there are more than 6 billion existing people in the world, is indeed a wonder. It's also choice, takes a lot of hard work, and needs a lot of effort to be achieved. Grandma and Grandpa chose to still be in love, worked hard, and exerted efforts to stay in love with each other. How they did that?

Most probably, they know the importance of communication to keep the love alive. Being open to your partner by sharing your thoughts on matters concerning you and your marriage is a must. Although you've been together for ages, and already know each other that much, your partner does not always know what's on your mind.

You have to say it out loud for the other to know what to do and for both of you to reflect on what's really happening. Keeping things from your partner especially resentments is one way of diminishing the chance to have a great marriage. Communicating is not just speaking, it's also about listening. You can't always do all the talking. You sometimes need to be the ear, because it's always not about you, it's about you two.

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Although you have been marriage for years, find some time for you and your partner away from the kids and everything else. Watch movie, candle light dinners, getaway vacations are perfect opportunities to rediscover the things you loved about each other. It makes the husband and wife bond between the two of you grow stronger and deeper.

These activities need not be expensive and grandiose. Actually, the where is not very significant as to who you're with. Quality time can also be spent despite your busy daily schedules. Before getting up in the morning, spend some quality minutes with your partner, have coffee together, do chores together, walk together, and other simple yet quality activities that will definitely make you stronger as a couple.

Hug, kiss, and touch more often because these little things contribute a lot to have a great marriage. Touch is one of the best ways to express affection because it creates a connection between you and your spouse. That connection prompted you to get married in the first place. Strengthening it is also strengthening your marriage.

It's also proven that hugs, kisses, and touch helps ease stress and resentments you feel for each other. Remember that it's hard to be mad to someone who always hug, kiss, and touch you. Also, a healthy sex life will also help you have a great marriage. It may not be everything in your relationship, but it's a huge chunk. It's the connection you share only with your partner and no one else.

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All it takes is one night a week to discover how to save a marriage. Try taking your spouse out for desert one night a week after dinner. Everyone loves desert. And this would be a great time to go over how your day was with your spouse. The sad truth is that most couples rarely share moments like this together and that's one reason why marriages. So take your spouse out for desert after dinner tonight and see what happens.

Another way you can learn how to restore a marriage is by playing a game together in the evening. If you want to spice it up a little then get an adult x rated game and play it when the kids go to bed. Many couples when surveyed admitted that their sex life was suffering after about five years of marriage. It's not that you don't enjoy those intimate encounters anymore. It's just that it seems like the same routine over and over again. So if you would like to know how to restore a marriage, then pick up some adult games and play them with each other once a week and watch the sparks fly.

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Finally, you can discover how to restore a marriage by watching a movie together one night a week. This will work with any kind of movie really. However, romantic comedies tend to be the most enjoyable to watch with your spouse. The idea here is to have a close intimate encounter with your spouse. There is just something about being cuddled up with your lover at the end of the day and watching a movie on the couch in the late evening that just makes you feel good. Many folks just like you who are trying to learn how to fix their marriages have used this one tip to help get their marriage back on track.

There are many more ways that you can learn to save a marriage. This article only covered a few of them that I think are easy and fun to implement. You see, if you don't inject a little fun into your marriage then you will not only end up dull and boring, you could end up heading to the court house divorce papers in hand.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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The honey moon is over and real life has now began. This is where you will get to see him in his true colors. All those vices that were well hidden during courtship are bound to rear their ugly heads. Sooner or later you are bound to discover what type of man your husband is. He fails to pay attention to small things which are what matters to a woman. The courtesy which he had mastered so well during courtship has done a disappearing act. Those endearing words he used to call you for instance honey, sweet heart, darling are replaced with a gruff word like you or hey! He no longer remembers any anniversary as long as your marriage is concerned. He can hardly figure out which date your birthday used to come. He even has the audacity of going out without informing you. These means that you no longer mean so much to him. He can do without you. All these are tell tale signs of what makes a bad husband.

Alcohol if not used in moderation is known to transform a once good and responsible man into a dumb man. Alcoholism is irritating and the source of many domestic problems. Alcohol impairs reasoning and when he comes home intoxicated and you question his conduct it degenerates into a brawl. A confrontation that makes you wince every time you remember the incidence. What makes a bad husband is lack of responsibility. Alcoholism shows he is not in control of himself. It only exposes his recklessness and lack of wisdom. Staggering home in the wee hours of the night does not go down well with the children. They need a role model but you are an embarrassment to them. They are ridiculed by their peers because their father is the laughing stock of the neighborhood.

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Bad husband material is always involved with womanizing and cheating right, left and center. He has a string of mistresses and girlfriends even in places you would never think of. He has a roving eye and would not hesitate having an affair with the tea girl in the office to the girl seated at the counter in his local pub or the house help at home and his wife's best friend. He will pretend to be repentant and promise to reform and never repeat such acts. But that will only be a public relations stunt. You cannot change a man from what he is. You have to learn to stay with him that way. If he is a jerk, do not think you can change him. Be prepared to be heartbroken several dozen times. He is no longer sensitive to your feelings and neither does he care about your opinion.

A man who is self centered and eccentric. He only thinks about himself without putting you in the bigger picture is what makes a bad husband. He fails to offer child support to his very own children and you are left fending for the children single handedly. He is not sensitive to your plight. A person who makes you regret the day you said i do. A bad husband fails to live up to your expectations. The love and happiness you always thought of remains elusive with him.

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