My Husband Left Me How Do I Get Him Back: I Really Want My Husband To Willingly Come Back

Some of the more common emails that I get from my blog are from women whose husbands have recently left. These emails run the gauntlet in terms of the situation. Some of the husbands have just stormed out in anger, but will likely come back in a few hours. Some husbands have literally packed their bags and walked out the door, not sure when, or if, they will come back. Some husbands are beginning what is commonly called "a trial separation" or "working on themselves," while others just want some time apart or have even initiated a divorce.

No matter what the situation, the wives who write me all want their husbands to come back home, but this is often difficult because, as the husband has left either in anger or desperation, communication, empathy and affection are at all time lows. This article will offer you some advice on what you can do (and definitely should not do) to encourage your husband to come home so that you can save the marriage.

Don't Rush It. (I Know You Want It Home, But Do It The Right Way): It's very important that, even though you want a quick resolution, you don't allow your panic to force you to act in such a way that is going to make the marriage seem even more undesirable. I understand how easy it is and how much sense it seems to make to keep calling, keep engaging, keep trying to strong arm, or to keep putting on the guilt. I have done these things myself. But, none of them worked. All they did was make the job harder in the end because I was having to do damage control for these mistakes.

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Think for a second about what is your best case scenario here. It is probably that your husband decides, all on his own, that he wants to come home and he is wholeheartedly committed to going all in the save the marriage, right? Well, you can't get to this place if you try to trick or convince him to do this, but the decision was really your doing rather than his. He may come home, beaten and resentful, but in a few weeks or months, these festering feelings are only going to cause a repeat of what you are going through now.

So, starting today, I want you to consider every interaction you have with your husband, and, before you take any action or say anything, ask yourself if it is going to help or hurt your cause. Is it going to push him further away or pull him closer? Is it going to bring out positive feelings or negative ones? Because if he has left, you have a lot of negative feelings to address and you don't want to add on even more.

When You Interact With Your Husband, Show Him That The Woman He Fell In Love With Is At The Home He Left: Let me describe to you a scenario I see way too often. The wife is finally successful in getting her husband to at least come home just to talk. He comes in, tentatively, because he knows she's going to try to change his mind and engage him, and what does he find? Exactly what he expected. Chaos all around. The wife hasn't kept it together and is greeting him with puffy eyes and a desperate look.

I know from experience that it's oh so tempting to just order take out and watch chick flicks in your old, stand-by tattered robe (I did this quite a bit), but if you're going to do this, never let him know it. He doesn't want more negative experiences. He doesn't want to feel guilty. He wants to be pleasantly surprised by what he hopes to find instead of what he knows he will.

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Even if you know and I know it is just for appearances (at least for now), get out, get moving, and be the vivacious, capable, happy go lucky, roll-with-the-punches woman he first fell in love with. Because, this is what he really wants. And, knowing that you are very able to keep right on keeping on will show both you and him that you have enough self respect and love for both of you and your home to maintain it.

Don't Repeatedly Talk About Your Problems Until The Marriage Can Withstand It: Sometimes, I see wives who finally get their husbands talking and maybe even get their husbands regularly interacting with them again, but then they mess the whole thing up by wanting to beat their problems to death before the marriage is back on solid ground. For whatever reason, they feel like they've got to "solve" everything before he can come back home or the marriage can be saved. Yes, problems will need to be addressed, but this doesn't need to happen immediately and moving too quickly could delay your progress big time.

To put it simply, two people who are in love can deal with almost anything. Problems seem very petty then, but people who are circling one another, knowing that they just might get the same old thing, don't want to dissect the marriage or talk about it endlessly. They just want to experience the good feelings and good experiences they know are possible, but have been absent lately.

So, take it slowly, and just worry about creating positive emotions and outings where the two of you are having fun together. You'll worry about the big stuff once you're both committed, present, and living under the same roof. But, to get to that point, it's best to put off the serious discussions.

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If you are to have a great marriage, if you are to have a relationship that is filled with happiness and fulfillment, it's apparent that BOTH you and your spouse must CARE about each other.

But, there's something that isn't so apparent about how people within a marriage care. Let me explain...

When you read the word "care" in the first paragraph, you may have thought to yourself, "My spouse needs to be more caring towards me." And, that may be true and we'll deal with that in a moment but first, let's check up on YOU...

All too often, married people:

o Care about what they can get from their spouse
o Care about how their spouse makes them look
o Care about what their spouse can do for them
o Care about how their spouse helps them fit the societal norm of being married with two children
o Etc.

But, they DON'T care about their spouse as a unique individual with particular interests and passions and they DON'T have a desire to lovingly SHARE in that individuality in a meaningful way.

As such, they DON'T really care about their spouse. They may have genuinely cared when they first got married but now their caring has DEGENERATED into a selfish caring.

Obviously, such selfishness is not the foundation of a happy, healthy, fulfilling marriage relationship.

So, take an honest look at yourself now. Just how much do you like, appreciate, approve, support, and even celebrate the unique individuality of your spouse?

Your answer to that question will tell you just how caring you are towards your spouse.

And here's the thing...without a significant level of persistent caring between you and your spouse it's impossible for there to be satisfying love - let alone lasting love.

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In fact, all that can come from such uncaring is coldness, distance, disrespect, rejection, emotional abuse, and ultimately, the destruction of the marriage relationship.

Before there can be love, there must be mutual caring. Therefore, to enjoy more love in your marriage relationship, be more caring towards your spouse.

You can start by learning to chit-chat about whatever little things happen to be on your spouse's mind - and doing so WITH INTEREST and ENJOYMENT! Doing so will build an ON-GOING connection between you and your spouse because there's always some little something on their mind that the two of you can chit-chat about.

Now, let's switch tracks. How do you get your spouse to be more caring towards you?

First, you don't get angry or disgruntled with your spouse. Rather, you put REAL effort into enhancing and improving yourself, your skills, and your actions.

Did you RESIST what I just said?

Many people do. Now, pay attention...

Wonderful relationships come from being a wonderful person who has wonderful skills and who does wonderful things in relation to their spouse.

In other words, if you want a great relationship, YOU must first be the kind of person who has developed and who uses great skills in order to PRODUCE a great relationship.

Second, you stay calm, positive, and loving towards your spouse while communicating directly and firmly with them about the problem or issue. You stay loving towards your spouse at all times and directly and firmly communicate the thing you would like to see changed.

For the most part, people are UNAWARE of how what they are doing affects and impacts others. It's a RARE person who maliciously does things to hurt others. Based on this, your strategy is to lovingly yet directly and firmly bring to your spouse's ATTENTION the thing you want changed. Your strategy is to RAISE THEIR AWARENESS of how their actions or lack of action impact and affect you.

And, if you do this in a loving, calm, positive way, your spouse will inevitably receive it and make the corresponding changes.

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Does your husband still love you? It's a difficult question for many women to answer after they've been married for several years. Gone are the days when your husband would bring you home roses for no reason, or surprise you by cooking your favorite meal. Those things have now been replaced by a feeling that you're being taken for granted and he just doesn't appreciate you anymore. If that's exactly what's been happening in your relationship, it's time to make a change. If you love your husband and you want to feel that he utterly adores you, there are steps that you can take, beginning today, to completely transform the dynamic between you two.

If your husband says he doesn't love you anymore you're obviously going to start feeling as though there is no hope for the relationship. Many men will tell their wives that even though they aren't in love with them anymore, they still love them. Emotions can get easily muddled and typically what a man means when he says this is that he doesn't feel that passion and spark he once felt for you. You need to always keep in mind that at one time he was crazy about you.

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It's that feeling that you need to reawaken in him and one way to do that is to start being more attentive to his needs. If a man feels as though his wife is taking him for granted, he's going to treat her exactly the same way. Make an effort each day to do things to show him how much you value and appreciate him as a partner. This may mean planning a nice evening out for the two of you or going out of your way to pick up his favorite take out. Even the smallest gesture can start to turn the dynamic of a relationship around.

You've also got to impress him all over again. Men want to be with women who are passionate, driven and caring. He already knows you're a great mother but you need to show him that there's much more to you than that. Start following your own passions. Show him that you're still the dynamic, exciting and confident woman he fell in love with. If your husband sees qualities in you that make him proud, he's going to feel his heart start to open up all over again.

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I sometimes hear from folks who are starting to feel very discouraged because their separation has gone on for so long or things have been so volatile that it is starting to feel as if there is no hope. Sometimes, people recount situations where they feel disrespected and mistreated by their spouse. Or, they indicate that the separation is starting to weigh heavily on him.

I might hear from someone who says: "when my husband left me, I admit that I didn't help myself very much. I cried and begged. I became overly emotional. And I believe that I sort of pushed my husband away with my desperate behavior. He eventually started up a relationship with someone else. Some of his friends told me that he actually started seeing this woman before our separation, but he denied it. I refused to accept this and made a fool of myself. Things got so bad that my husband and I were fighting every day and I just got tired of it so I stopped calling. Weeks went by and I really thought that this was the end of my marriage. But then my husband called me and said that he was wrong and that we should try again. I was thrilled. At first, things were wonderful. It felt like our marriage was better than ever. But after about four months, things deteriorated and we started to fight again. He stormed out again. And now he is seeing several different women. Of course, I'm trying to maintain contact with him, but part of me feels like I am being silly and that this is a roller coaster ride that I just need to let go. How do you know when it's time to just give up?"

I have to tell you that I asked myself this question many times during my own separation. And I wish I had an answer for you. But honestly, this isn't something that I can decide for you. This is an important decision that you have to make for yourself.

I can tell you my opinion, but quite frankly, if you don't agree with me, than I encourage you to listen to your own instincts. Only you know your own situation, feelings, and wishes.

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That said, my inclination has always been to suggest that you back away if this process has become unhealthy for you. I've had people email me and tell me that their spouse is cruelly critical of them, says or does things meant to hurt them, or disrespects them in a number of ways. I understand that emotions are high and that sometimes people say things that they really don't mean in the heat of the moment. But I am talking about repetitive behavior here. I suspect that you would know in your heart if you are at this level. There is a difference between being sad about the state of your marriage and feeling sad about the way that you have been repeatedly treated when you see no end in sight.

By no means would I ever tell anyone to give up on their marriage. This isn't my place. But I would suggest that if your spouse is doing something that is in direct contrast to what you know is your own well being, that you step away from the situation and reevaluate. I'm not saying to step away forever. I'm just saying that maybe it would be beneficial to step away for a bit and reevaluate.

In my own situation, I was being hurt daily by my own impatience. It hurt me that we weren't together. But our inability to work through our problems was not because either one of us were disrespecting the other. And that's why I didn't give up (although I did take a bit of a break.) I knew that my husband was a good man. I knew that I was a better person for having been with him. I knew that being married to him elevated me most of the time. You have to determine if this is true in your own situation.

No marriage is perfect. Things go wrong. Misunderstandings make people do or say things they don't mean. Separations are rarely fun or without pain. But there is a difference between couples who need a break and who still approach each other with respect and couples who continuously set out to hurt one another and tear one another down.

Sometimes couples get in a very destructive cycle where they were hurting each other and then reconciling so that they maintain a sense of control. If you find yourself in this place, I would gently suggest either making a decision to stop the cycle or to step back. I would never encourage you to stay in something where you're being hurt or your spirit is being diminished.

I can't make the call when or if you should give up. If I had listened to people who told me to give up, I wouldn't be married today. But my pain was due to things not going my way and not due to my husband being cruel or disrespectful. My rule of thumb has been that if it was a previously healthy relationship that you still feel invested in, then all is fair game, as long as you're not being injured by the process.

But it's important to know when you are holding onto something that can potentially be healthy once again or something that has become unhealthy and can't be changed. I can't make that call for anyone, though. This is something that you have to be honest with yourself about or get input from someone who knows you well and loves you unconditionally. Or, if that is not possible, I'd highly recommend a neutral, professional third party such as a therapist.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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