My Husband Looks At Me With Disgust: My Husband Looks At Me Like He Hates Me

Every wife would like to enjoy a blissful marriage. Hence if your husband no longer loves you, you are bound to be greatly disappointed. You may begin to wonder what could have gone wrong. Where did you mess things up? You may ask yourself.

An unfortunately high number of wives have to face the sad issue of husbands who fall out of love. While some of the wives end up being greatly devastated, others recover from the condition fairly fast. There are a number of simple steps that create this difference.

You may still be deeply in love with your husband while he seems to be pulling away. You may notice some changes in his actions or he may have actually told you what he thinks about the relationship. This is something that will give you quite a heartache. However, you should not let yourself break down. There are some measures that will help you to bring back the sparkle if your husband no longer loves you.

Take stock of your marriage

You will need to take a hard and honest look at your marriage if your husband no longer loves you. This will help you to determine the possible problem areas.

One of the common causes for the drying out of love is lack of intimacy. Intimacy can be easily pushed back due to other necessary responsibilities. For example, you may be so involved in looking after your children that you neglect your husband.

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Lack of intimacy can greatly influence how your husband will feel towards you. Men really enjoy getting physically close to their wives.

Renew your passions

Another thing you should consider if your husband no longer loves you is how interested you are in other pursuits. If you do not seem to have interest in anything, your husband is likely to lose interest in you as well. Spark his interest by enjoying other pursuits in life.

You certainly have something you are interested in. Start pursuing that passion so that you can become more interesting to your husband. It does not necessarily have to be something serious. A simple hobby can make you more interesting.

You will become more enjoyable if you enjoy your own life in the first place.

Remember that particular things you say or do will have a great bearing on how much your husband loves you. You can easily drive him further away from you if you act in some inappropriate manner. There are definite steps you should take if your husband no longer loves you.

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When your spouse first brings this shocking news to your attention there are several things that you should begin doing first if you want to give saving your marriage the fighting chance it deserves. Most of the time, it's these 3 key steps that often go overlooked. They not only help you to begin on the right track to saving your marriage, but can in fact be the difference maker between whether your marriage will be saved or continue heading down the road to divorce.

One of the first steps, and is pretty hard to do but will be of the most benefit to you in the beginning is not to panic. I know this news is devastating and begins to take it's toll on you immediately. Not only that, but it tends to loom on every aspect of your daily life. You can't do anything literally without thinking about it every second of the day. And, to be honest this adds to your sense of panic as well, so it's kind of a double edge so to speak working against you.

So, what do you do about it? Acknowledge it from the beginning, that it's a part of your natural reaction and learn to control it and/or suppress it. Easier said than done I know, but you have to. It only serves to rush your decisions, clouds your judgment and forces you to do things that you normally wouldn't. Know that it's there and do your best not to let it make decisions for you.

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The second thing you should do right away is to get control of yourself as fast as you can. I know it's an emotionally charged time, and your conversations are probably just as charged. In fact, statements like "I was only mad when I did that, I didn't mean it" or "I was angry and confused when I said or did that" are probably pretty regular at this point or will become so if you don't get control now. The bad part is, when we act or speak out of uncontrolled emotions it tends to bring out the worst in us. Your not exactly thinking it through, but speaking and doing things based off of how you feel at the moment. Which can be potentially very dangerous and damaging to your marriage. When it's done, it's too late to take them back, and somethings just can't be fixed at that point.

Although this is the last step in this article, it's not the last step needed to save your marriage but it will help just the same. That is, you should really learn or work on giving your spouse some space and time to think this through. It doesn't help at all to be constantly talking about the marriage. What their going to do, what their plans are, why they want to end it etc.. There's a time and place, but it shouldn't be all the time. This will work against you if you let it, and actually drive your spouse to leave sooner, or just flat out leave to find somewhere to sort this all out. Which you don't want, it's easier to save the marriage if they haven't already left, and not giving them the proper space will tend to do that.

These steps should help get you back on track, but what's equally important is that you begin to plan how you can save your marriage. Figuring out exactly what the root problem is of your marriage troubles and what the next steps are you should take to fix them, while preventing any more damage.

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Spring brings newness of life, even in marriages. Young people are becoming engaged or planning to take their marriage vows. People, who have been married for a while, may be finding it difficult to stay together; their marriage may be on the brink of divorce. As Easter arrives with egg hunts and baskets filled with colored eggs, here is a basket of eggs-tra special ideas to make a fresh start on the success of your marriage.

As you take an idea from the Easter basket, notice that the eggs have colors that represent ways for an eggs-tra successful marriage. First, take the white egg. It does not have color. It represents the vows that you will take or took during your wedding ceremony. The translucent white means the pureness and faithfulness of marriage partners. The yolk signifies the value of commitment to success. When you promised to live together in marriage, you were pledging a harmonious relationship and to live together as peaceable as possible. However, when sickness, enlarged families or even changed life-styles threaten to crack your matrimonial bond, vows may become shattered like eggshells. Vows you make should be permanent, not shattered by other people or things.

Newly married couples usually are in the pink with love and affection for one another. Love is represented in the pink egg of the Easter basket. As time goes on, the pink may fade; the love and affection may wane. A partner may break the wedding vows and become unfaithful. When the color in your marriage egg begins to grow dim, seek fresh ways to bring it back. Plan a candlelight dinner for two in a romantic setting. Recall the love and affection that you once had. Discuss what has happened to lessen the brightness of your marriage egg. Send a card or a note of love to your spouse for no reason. Surprise him or her with tickets to his/her favorite event. Be sure that the other person attending with your spouse is YOU! Love covers a multitude of sins. Put your marriage egg back in the pink!

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Marriage is often like a journey through green fields with eggshells. You may have to be careful where you walk, because the ugly head of green eggshells filled with jealousy may be lurking. You may encounter hard eggshells of distrust or un-forgiveness. Even financial woes or job changes may be hard eggshells to crack. Yet if you walk in peace and harmony with one another, you will find the journey easier. Talk about what has caused the hardness in the eggshell of marriage. Discuss about ways to overcome the green-colored resentments and failures that is spoiling your marriage egg and leading to divorce. Walking together in prayer relieves many problems. Even through the marriage egg may become cracked because of faults and imperfections by human beings, the egg of success can still be saved when couples walk and work together.

This Easter go on an Easter egg hunt for solutions. Make the hunt together. Seek advice from trained authorities in their fields of expertise. Look for different colored eggs with ways to communicate and place them in your marriage basket. Count your eggs of blessings when you felt love and affection for one another. Repeat your marriage vows on your anniversary. Talk about why you were married. Work together to make your marriage as valuable as a golden goose egg. Strive for an eggs-tra special successful marriage that will last until one of the spouses is deceased.

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At times when couples have problems in their marriage (whether soon after their wedding or long after their wedding), they see it as a very dramatic change in their spouse, and wonder why things could change so dramatically.

No doubt, there are bound to be problems in marriage. Problems are meant to provide opportunities for couples to sit, talk and resolve issues that threaten the happiness in their marital life. They also provide avenues for them to know more about each other and to make their marriage better and stronger.

Where a particular problem defy solution or couples could not actually reach agreement on the best way to resolve that conflict, it may lead to instability in the family. It is common for a spouse or couples to feel that a persistent problem in their marriage is recent, that is, it is just starting.

I know that most of these problems are recent or are reactions to things happening around couples (whether internal or external), a number of them however might have been there for quite a while. There are some problems that couples failed to address while they were dating, such problem may come back to haunt them when they get marry.

Take the case of a man who beats his wife regularly. You will agree with me that, it is pretty difficult for a man to start such a bad habit all of a sudden. Wife beating is not a habit a man picks up easily. Of course, if the problem has been there before they got married- unresolved, then, it will be easier for the same man to go back to that habit.

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Another example is the case of a jealous partner. When your partner monitors your movements, read your e-mails, sms, phone calls, and the company you keep, the parties you attend etc, such things if not resolved might cause serious problems when they get married.

An unappreciative partner, a partner that does not have a mind of his/her own, a bullying partner, an unsatisfiable partner, drunkenness, flirting, stealing, bullying etc, are some of the many examples which might cause trouble for spouses who failed to address these issues before they get married (That is, if they notice any of them in their spouse).

The purpose of courting (especially long ones), is for the partners to know each other (character, behavior, interest, habits, likes, dislikes, favorites etc). This is very important because success in doing it means success in their marriages.

When issues like the ones mentioned above happens during courtship, partner should learn to address it decisively. They should not pretend that it is minor (when they are actually major), or instead hope that things will change when they get married.

Sometimes, solving some of these issues might involve counseling, therapy, or treatment. Failure to deal with it can spell doom for couples. Leaving them or sweeping them under the carpet and hoping for a miracle that will change your spouse is asking for troubles. So deal with them before your marriage and make sure your partner is healed, then get marry after.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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