My Husband Looks At Me with Disgust: My Husband Looks At Me Like He Hates Me

Life can be very unfair at times. For example, what do you do when your husband doesn't love you anymore and you are still in love with him? This is particularly traumatic because you are really at crossroads - should you just let him be and let the marriage take its own time for complete collapse, or should you make all out attempts to win back his love?

If you love him the way you used to, when you married him and today you find that your husband doesn't love you anymore, you should not let your marriage go to ruins. In stead, you should make every effort to get him back. But when your husband doesn't love you anymore, the first thing you need to do is to find out, what is going on in his mind and why has he stopped having any feelings for you?

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Before you jump into any wrong conclusions about your husband's feelings, think whether it is possible that he is overtly pre-occupied with some particular issues like career, job insecurities, kids or finance. Or it could even be his health. It could also be a fact that he does not feel connected to you anymore. Perhaps both of you are not spending any quality time with each other. When your husband doesn't love you anymore, these are areas which you need to focus on.

When your husband doesn't love you anymore, remember a few home truths about husbands in general: they hate women who do not have any interest in any other area other than fending for the kids or taking care of the meals. Women who have a mind of their own, who are involved in several other things along with home and family interest them most. They are essentially looking for engaging and challenging company, over and above a super wife and a super mom! Therefore, if you love your husband and when your husband doesn't love you anymore, think how you can make yourself more interesting, attractive and appealing to his senses.

Give him loving company, make him feel important and remain supportive, instead of bothering him with reminders regarding duties and responsibilities. Sometimes he too needs a break from the monotony of running a household! When your husband doesn't love you anymore, probe deeper and you would know why he is distancing himself from you and the home. Then take corrective action accordingly.

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When a marriage starts to experience serious trouble, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the whole process of trying to save it. At times, it's as if you are at each others throats so to speak on an everyday, every conversation basis. So much that it seems as if any communication just turns into another heated argument in which nothing is resolved or has just made things a whole lot worse. If you're having trouble, may I suggest this little idea of letting go? Let me explain.

Now, it's probably safe to assume that things haven't always been like this. There was a time when you both loved and cherished each other unconditionally. But, over the years much like any marriage things begin to change. You've had your fair share of ups and downs with one another. And, together you have weathered many storms and have gotten through it, for the most part just fine. Along this journey, I imagine or presume that many memories have been built and to some degree there is a level of blame that you both share for one event or the other.

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While it's important for you or your spouse to own up to your mistakes and take responsibility for them as time goes on, it serves neither one of your best interests to be constantly reminded of it. Holding on to it and using it against your spouse every chance you get will not do your marriage any good. In fact, it can constantly or repeatedly damage it. So for the sake of saving your marriage, try your best not to bring up blame throughout the process of saving your marriage the best you can. I know it's hard at times, especially when trying to justify some of the things you have done directly related to what they have done, but do your best to remember it only makes the situation that much more difficult.

Now, the next part of letting go may go against everything you believe at the moment, but it really works. That is love your spouse enough to let them go. I know it fits into the old cliche of "if you love something, let it go and it will return if it's meant to be". But, that's not the case exactly or the meat and potatoes of it so to speak. What it means is, give them some room right now. Don't be so attached or needy of them or at their throat. Believe it or not, you're spouse is just as confused and emotionally drained as you and could use the extra space to sort things out. What you don't want to do is push them away further, by not giving them this time and space.

Believe it or not, letting go can be a powerful concept when it comes to saving a troubled marriage. It helps set up a foundation in which the marriage can be rebuilt, guilt and blame free. It's part of setting up a troubled marriage moving forward for lasting success.

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After the great marriage ceremony and a dream like honeymoon; real married life starts and realities settle in. Some couples are able to weather this. But even they, after some time - be it 5 years or 10 years; start facing real problems. Women, especially, are quick to doubt their husband's ever lasting love - when it's obvious that your husband doesn't love you anymore, how to make your husband love you again?

First of all we need to understand why men usually lose their attraction to their wives - men have an inner instinct to always go for the hard to get. Unfortunately, when you married your husband; this meant that you are no longer hard to have. In fact, by signing the marriage papers, you have pledged your whole life to your husband. This makes you "easy to have" in your spouse's eyes and he is attracted to you less.

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To make your husband love you again you have to understand this principle deeply and act according to it. For example; to re-ignite the love you might be thinking of "serving" him more, maybe like a geisha. This does nothing to make you "harder to get", so such things will never help you to make your husband love you again.

A lot of women take another wrong way - begging their husbands to save their marriages. I really wished people would stay away from this, because it's really damaging to a marriage. In addition to being completely opposed to the principle I talked about above; it makes your husband even more fed up with you because of all the pressure you apply to him with begging.

Being elusive and hard to have is a must if you want to make your husband love you again. You should stay away from all knee-jerk reactions and desperate attempts like apologizing and begging to save your marriage - they do even further damage to your marriage.

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The day you say your "I do's" you really have little idea of what's in store for you. Marriage isn't easy and anyone who tells you it is likely isn't being truthful. Although there are many joys that go hand-in-hand with married life, there are just as many struggles and conflicts. Sometimes it's impossible to see how strained your marriage really is since you're right in the thick of things. Fortunately, there are some signs that your marriage is headed for disaster.

Here are 5 clues that your marriage is in trouble:

You avoid each other. This can actually be very subtle but it's unmistakable. If you and your spouse do everything in your power to avoid focused time alone together, your marriage is falling apart. Many couples fall into this trap by eating their dinner in front of the television, going their separate ways in the evenings or working most of the weekend. Anything either of you is doing to avoid the other is contributing to your marriage problems.

You no longer talk about your relationship. Obviously you and your spouse talk. You two need to discuss things like the children's schedules and bills. If you're not talking about the root of your relationship issues, you're no longer working on improving your marriage.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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You aren't nice to each other. When you stop considering your spouse's feelings or they stop considering yours, that's a real problem. Criticizing each other or making rude and uncalled for comments are sure signs that your marriage isn't in a good place.

You are no longer intimate. Physical intimacy is an essential part of a fulfilling and balanced marriage. When the intimacy disappears, the problems start. Resentment and frustration rule the relationship and this is always a recipe for disaster. Emotional intimacy is at stake if you two no longer make love.

You argue constantly. If the two of you can't have a normal conversation without it erupting into a confrontation, your marriage is on its last legs. It's obvious that your anger for one another reaches beyond the subject at hand when arguments become a daily occurrence.

If you recognize any of these clues that your marriage is in trouble in your own relationship, you need to act now. Burying your head beneath a veil of ignorance won't save your marriage. You have to face the state your relationship is in and take steps to fix it now, before it's too late.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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