My Husband Wants Me To Leave Him Alone: Husband Told Me To Get Out Of His House

"My husband wants a divorce and I am desperate to win him back, I can't lose him!" Is this how you are feeling now? 8 out of 10 women will show out their desperation to stop a divorce. They will react to cry, beg or promise to change anything as long as the husband doesn't leave them. You tried hard to win your husband but it seems to be so hopeless. You start to feel worried that you will end up in a divorce, and when you ask him what to do to save this marriage, his reply is "I think we are really not suitable, we should divorce."

You're probably was thinking at that point of time, "Was he kidding?" You felt so confused and tried to argue or reason with him. However, everything just seems not to work. The most important thing that you should do is to get rid of your negative thoughts and be cool in whatever things that you are going to do the next step.

Instead of continuing to please him in everything. Let him know that you are agreeable to to leave him some space and time to think what he wants, but do note that you are not agreeing to a divorce first. Talk to him nicely about this matter and be sure that you are not going to contact him for time being. Go for holiday or engage in some forms of exercises to get rid of your negative thoughts. Both of you will soon come to a discussion about what to do with this marriage, so you have to make sure that you are absolutely okay to face him for a discussion.

Meanwhile, you should also take some initiative to know the problems in your marriage. Come out with possible solutions to the problems and think about what he is going to ask you and get yourself prepared to how you are going to react so that you will not look desperate on the day of discussion.

Divorce is definitely a last resort that you want to do in your marriage especially it does not only changes your life but also your children. Both of you should come out with ways to compromise each other. Communication is the answer to understand each other's needs. Other than that, keeping your marriage interesting and alive is also another success to long lasting marriage.

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As a relationship coach, I have come across a fair share of individuals who come up with the most negative of cliches when it comes to describing marriage and married life. In truth marriage is as simple or difficult as you make it in your mind, since your mind comes up with the words first that form thoughts, ideas, actions and ultimately your personality.

Here are a 3 tips to help you keep your marriage against all odds, despite what people around you have reaped from marriage or what they expect of it.

1) Share things first. Give your husband the feeling of exclusivity by sharing with him the parts of you that your best friend or your mother enjoyed before you got married. In no way does this mean that you stop being as close to the other people in your life, it simply means that you put your husband before the other relationships and let him know just how much he means to you, by giving him the preference of being the first to know of your daily achievements, thoughts and ideas. The advantage of letting him in your secrets first will allow him to feel at ease enough to share things with you in return, and value your relationship even more.

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2) Count the bright hours. You must have come across the naysayers, those who keep waiting for the, "honeymoon period" to end, or for you to have kids, or for you to grow fat and your husband to lose his hair, just about anything that might affect the level of happiness in your relationship. The truth is that those who are waiting for your marriage to go down the drain are usually the ones who focus on the worst-case scenario for them as well. Make the choice of counting only the bright hours and the happy moments with your husband and focus on them, since you will only become closer to what you love and want to be. You might have to make a drastic cut in your circle of friends. Keep in mind: those who do not want the best for your marriage certainly do not want the best for you as an individual either.

3) Choose being happy. This last tip is short and sweet. For all the times you know you are right in a debate, discussion or even an argument, choose being happy over being right. Give in to your husband with a smile, knowing that being selfless at that point will help your relationship. You already know the result of sticking to your guns in a heated dispute with your husband, now it is time for you to reap the benefits of giving in to his point of view in order to maintain harmony in your relationship. This does not mean for you to become a pushover, just to pick your battles wisely, and decide at what times speaking up results in you avoiding happiness rather than achieving it with your spouse.

Keep your marriage against all odds with these tips that begin with correcting your own attitude and approach towards your relationship and your spouse. Since these steps only involve your output, you know for a fact that will reap positive results since we are ultimately in control of only the things we think, say and do.

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When a husband files for divorce, most women just go insane - they have no idea how to win their husband back and they fall into a depression. We all know it's very hard, but you have to think clear if you want him to come back to you. I want to give you some good tips to save your marriage!

Find the real cause for this separation - feeling unappreciated and not loved is the main cause for most divorces. Many couples neglecting their relationship after few years and the love, desire and romance disappear. That's why most of the couples feel like they are roommates who have children. It's in your hands to fix it right now and you can. How? Well, show him that you really love him and tell him you are sorry for not showing your feelings for him too long! You can do it easily by taking more care of him - cook something nice for him, buy him a ticket to a basketball game or even make a romantic dinner for you!

Spice your relationship a little but - the excitement is very important and it's well know that in most marriages excitement doesn't even exists. That's why it's up to you to bring it back. How a bout a nice vacation in Vegas or another exciting thing!

How much time you spend just a 2 of you? When there are children in the picture it's a little harder to get some quality time together - but that's what your parents are for! Plan something nice for a weekend without children and surprise your husband!

Well, my point is that boring marriage will never be happy marriage. To make your husband change the decision you have to give him a good reason for it, to prove him wrong and make him fall in love with you again!

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It has been declared a shame that the human brain - the most complex thing found in the known universe - does not come with an owner's manual. You would think it would have one! And, many people have said the same thing about children: parents would love it if their children came with a user manual that was custom-designed for that child.

There is something else in life that is complicated, very important, and often comes with a number of tough challenges: marriage. It would be great if we all had the opportunity to take a class or even earn a degree in how to remain happily-married. But alas, most of us barely have the time in the day to earn a living, study, or otherwise do what we need to do just get by.

Still, there is a lot of collective wisdom out there held by people who have been (usually) happily married for years or even decades.

If you are saying to yourself, "I am looking for marriage advice on things that no one told me," here are 7 things you should know:

1. Having problems in a relationship is 100% normal:

Every person who has ever been married - and there have been quite a few of us throughout history - has sometimes felt frustrated with their spouse. Yes, problems are inherent in every marriage. So, do not get down on yourself or your spouse if you encounter some issues now and again. And, realize that there may be some things about your husband or wife that will always bother you and that you will just have to learn to live with.

2. The key to success in marriage is knowing how and when to pick your battles:

Those among us who are always striving for marital perfection may sometimes feel the desire to constantly try to "course correct" our spouses in small or large ways. This is a definite mistake. Instead, learn to pick your battles. This means: know when to stand strong on a particular point and when to just allow it to roll off your back.

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3. Be careful about how you vent about your spouse to your friends:

When you are feeling frustrated with your husband or wife, you may be tempted to share your woes with friends. Be careful about doing this. Once your spat with your spouse is over, your friend will retain the memory about what you said for a long time. You could end up poisoning the waters that you have to swim in.

4. Find ways to make each other laugh:

Maintaining a good sense of humor in marriage is very important. Find ways to laugh at life now and again with each other. In doing so, you will strengthen your bond.

5. When the chips are down, have each other's back:

In your marriage, there will come times when you feel like the world is against one or both of you. During these times, in particular, you need to set down any differences you have with your spouse and back him or her up. This is called maintaining a united front.

6. Once a week do at least one unexpectedly nice thing for your spouse:

Surprise is one of the spices of life, while maintaining the same old habits day in and day out kills the joy in marriages. Try doing something unexpectedly nice for your spouse at least once per week.

7. Sometimes, getting outside advice is needed:

If you find that some of your troubles seem very serious or you just cannot seem to get past them on your own, understand that it is okay and in fact encouraged for you to seek outside counsel and input about how to make things right again.

Consider these 7 things you should know about maintaining a healthy and happy marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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