My Wife Doesn't Want To Be Intimate: My Wife Loves Me But Doesn't Desire Me

Your wife isn't affectionate anymore and it's starting to impact your relationship. This is something that happens to many married men once the marriage has settled into a comfortable place. You miss her affection because it was a sign of her deep love and devotion to you. Perhaps you have started questioning whether she still adores you or what has changed so much that she's stopped being as loving as she once was. There are actually a few reasons why this happens. As soon as you understand what those are you'll see a clear path to getting her to feel closer to you and wanting to show it.

Before you can start to work on fixing the problem you have to identify the cause. If your wife isn't affectionate anymore there's a reason for it. One common reason why women start withholding affection is they feel hurt or upset by something. You have to remember that many women are very sensitive and absorb things deeply. If you two quarrelled and you said anything unflattering to her in the heat of the moment she may be holding onto that too. It's a breeding ground for resentment and with resentment comes distance. If you believe this may be the case, apologize. Tell your wife you're very sorry for what happened and ensure she knows that you didn't mean it.

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Also, your wife may feel less connected to you which in turn will result in her being less affectionate. This actually happens in many marriages. We all feel a shift in our marriage once the daily grind replaces the honeymoon phase. This is felt even more when children come into the equation. Although you two may have once made a point of doing everything together, that's probably not the case anymore. If your relationship has been delegated to the backburner and your only contact is a brief exchange a couple of times a day, that's the problem you need to fix now. Your wife isn't going to be affectionate if she doesn't feel close to you. Work on rearranging your schedules so you can devote some time just to the two of you. Your marriage will improve overall because of it.

Part of the problem may be your own behavior. If you're not being affectionate with your wife she may have felt that there was no need for her to be either. Spouses often take their clues from one another. Test this theory by being more loving and attentive today. You'll likely notice a change in how she treats you too.

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Do you know how in marriages many couples break up because they no longer have anything in common? One of the best ways to keep common interests is spend time doing fun things together. Many times you end up in a rut and do the same things over and over. Eventually it becomes boring and your relationship may start to feel stale. Read on to discover 7 great ideas for dating your mate that can rejuvenate your love relationship.

1. The Memory Date

The Memory Date is doing something that evokes special memories of the past. For example, we have gone back to places that were special to us when we were dating and reminisced about those times.

2. The Park It Date

This can be an inexpensive date that makes you feel young again. Go to a park, pack a picnic, and enjoy yourself. You might want to try out the swings, go on a nature hike, or feed the ducks.

3. The Take Out and Make Out Date

Take the kids to the babysitter's house and drop them off. Then get take out, go home and enjoy making out without any interruptions. This can remind you of what lovemaking was like before the children came along.

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4. The Restaurant Date (With a twist)

You are probably saying "Well duh! Of course eating at a restaurant is an obvious choice. I did not have to read this to know it." However, if you are like we are, then you tend to eat at the same restaurants over and over.

So change it up. When we were dating, we were constantly looking for unique and special dining experiences. Be creative with your restaurant choices.

5. The His Date, Her Date

Hopefully, you and your mate share many common interests. However, we all have unique interests as well. With the His Date/ Her Date, you make plans for two different dates. You each get to pick an activity that you enjoy doing.

6. The Surprise Date

With The Surprise Date, the surprise is more important than where you go. You make all the plans (just make make sure your mate is available). Then show up and take them out.

7. The After Hours Date

The ideal date is to get a babysitter and get away from where the kids. However, there are times when this is not possible. If that happens, make stay-at-home plans after the kids go to bed. Be creative and enjoy each other.

The reward

Hopefully, you have some fresh ideas for your next date night. Dating you mate may require some work, but the reward is a warm and loving relationship.

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You might be trying to figure out how to save marriage but your will power is wavering. Seems like for every step you both take forward, sometimes you end up taking two steps back.

Your quarrels are getting worse. You hardly talk with each other anymore. You haven't been intimate since forever. And worse of all, you see signs that your husband or wife might be having an affair.

Some days you see hope, and on others you're ready to give up and sign the divorce papers. Here's the thing -- when you go about learning how to save marriage, be aware of how your mind will play tricks on you. Your resolve and your beliefs will play an important role in your ability to meet the challenge of how to save marriage. Here are five beliefs you must have to turn your marriage around, without which your efforts will fail --

1. That the marriage is worth saving

The fundamental belief you must have when attempting to salvage your marriage is that it is still worth saving. Think about why you decided to marry your husband and wife, of all the good things that have come out of your union, the happy memories and times together, the bond you have developed.

If your will is shaky, make a list of the things that make your marriage worthwhile. Refer to this list when you need that extra boost of motivation to keep the marriage going.

2. That you still love your husband or wife

Ultimately, you are married because you love your husband or wife. Without this love, and your belief in it, there's no point really to staying together.

Through all the quarrels and fights and hurtful words, go back to the basics and recall why you love him or her. Again, use a list to quantify and put in front of you the very reasons you love them. Keep the list as a handy reminder of why you are figuring out how to save marriage.

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3. That you must focus on the big picture

When you get too caught-up in the small bits and pieces, you will merely erode the energy and will power you need to get the marriage working again. In your belief system, understand then the need to focus on the big picture. To do so, you must concentrate on the end-goal of saving the marriage. Everything must either add to achieving this or you must then regard as unimportant.

4. That you are willing to compromise but not on everything

Compromise is key to resolving marital differences and to get any failing marriage back on track. But you must distinguish between compromising on what you can and not on those things that are crucial to saving the marriage. For example, you can compromise when it comes to personal preferences but never when it involves having an affair outside the marriage.

5. That pride has no place in your efforts to try and save your marriage

Oftentimes, pride and the belief that you must have your way, or you can only do things a certain way, can and will destroy every effort you make to save your marriage. One of the biggest challenges that pride causes is the unwillingness of a married couple in trouble to seek outside help. They might believe they can solve their conflict by themselves but don't realize that it's hard to because they are too emotionally involved. In this case, you should open yourselves up to getting help from marriage experts. Click below to check out the online resources of some of these experts.

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Having your wife say "I don't love you" is a pretty hard thing for a guy to hear. If you find yourself trying to repair an unhappy marriage, then I'd like to share what I have learned through much pain and frustration in my own marriage, but ultimately after I found out the secret. This was truly a life changing experience for me and my wife, and I hope it will be for you and your wife as well!

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If your wife on the other hand is upset, has said she doesn't love you, wants a divorce or anything else, then you have some time. BUT NOT MUCH TIME! You will need to learn the most common mistakes men make and how to avoid them. You will need to drop the notion that this is a 50/50 deal and dedicate yourself 100% to doing what it takes to repair your marriage. You will need to get out of your emotional state and replace it with a resourceful state that will allow you to take calm, rational and powerful action to save your marriage. This will involve saying certain things, doing certain things and behaving in a certain way that works every time.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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