What To Say When Your Wife Is Mad At You: How To Make Things Right With Your Wife

You want to learn how to reconnect with your wife. Kudos to you for recognizing that you two aren't as close as you once were. It's astonishing how many marriages slowly drift apart without either partner doing anything to change it. Eventually the couple finds themselves virtual strangers and the only path they think they can take is to divorce. It certainly doesn't have to be this way at all. If you take control of your relationship and guide it in just the right way, you and your wife can actually be much closer now than you were the day you two married.

Understanding how to reconnect with your wife has to begin by recognizing the changes that have taken place in your relationship. Obviously over the years you two have both matured and grown. You're not the same man she married and she's not the same woman you pledged your vows to. Even though people change, that certainly doesn't mean their feelings for one another have to shift. At its foundation, your bond may be just as strong but everything you two have to deal with has clouded things.

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Perhaps you two spend a lot less one-on-one time together. This happens for many reasons including careers becoming more time consuming or children entering the picture. Maybe you just stopped talking to one another about your feelings because you had so many other issues to deal with. Consider what you believe is the root cause of the disconnection you feel for one another. Then you need to set out to remedy that.

Regardless of what is pulling you two apart, you can start reconnecting with your wife by spending more time with her. You have to focus all of your attention on her at times so she feels treasured and valued again. Turn off your cell phone, close your laptop and put the children to bed. Then pour your wife a glass of wine, light a candle or two and just talk with her. She needs to know that you hear her and want to be as engaged in everything that is going on in her life as you were when you two first married.

Start working towards a goal of making your wife's life easier. Small gestures can make all the difference when you want to get closer to your spouse again. If you've been neglecting some of your household chores, now is the time to step up to bat and get them done. Also, don't overlook the power in stopping to buy her flowers on your way home from work now and again. She'll love that you thought of her and she'll feel extra special and loved.

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If you're considering the question of how to save a marriage, you are probably facing one of a number of possible situations. Your marriage might be one where you don't talk anymore, go anywhere together or share anything in common anymore. One or both of you could be having an affair with someone else. You could be in a marriage where almost every word spoken is in anger, resentment and frustration.

You're probably wondering how things have come to this. Like most married couples, you thought you were the perfect match. That marriage would seal a perfect relationship. That love will see you through anything. Instead, you're now facing the possibility that the marriage is dead and divorce is imminent.

But is the marriage really over and its time to get a divorce? When considering between the alternatives of how to save a marriage and getting a divorce, you're making probably one of the most important decisions of your life. What should you consider in order to decide if you should work at how to save a marriage? These are the five most critical questions to ask --

1. Do you still love each other?

Clearly, if your love for each other is dead, things might really be over. But if there's even a sliver of that love left somewhere in your heart, you need to refocus on the marriage and your spouse and try to make it work. A good exercise to go through is to take paper and pen and list all the reasons why you love each other. Then compare notes.

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2. Are you committed to the marriage still?

A marriage that has no commitment from both the people involved will not make it. Commitment in this case means that you both need to have the common belief that the marriage is worth saving and the resolve to go through the process of salvaging and rebuilding the marriage

3. Are you willing to make the effort to figure out how to save a marriage?

Don't think for one second that just deciding you love each other, and that you are committed to making the marriage work is enough. It will take a lot of energy, time, effort and a considerable amount of discomfort to get a marriage back on track. You will have to spend time talking through your issues, figuring out solutions and acting on the decisions you make. It's a lot harder than it sounds and looks, I can assure you.

4. Are you willing to start anew?

Many a time, a married couple cannot save what they have because one or both of them cannot put aside old baggage and start afresh. This is something that cannot be compromised as typically a marriage in trouble will need to start again on a new foundation. This could mean putting aside past hurt, past mistakes, forgiving and forgetting, and really letting go of what is past.

5. Are you open to seeking help for your marriage troubles?

Marriages in trouble rarely survive without outside help. Are you both willing to involve other people like friends, family, your religious leaders or marriage experts and counselors? If you are, you have a greater chance of saving your marriage than a couple who refuses to allow help from others.

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Every marriage has its ups and downs and at some point every couple will face a crisis or two in the marriage. When my wife said she wanted me out of the house, I was facing the end of my marriage and was devastated! After nearly losing everything, including the woman I loved, I saved my marriage and we are now happier than ever. Here is how I did it.

When things first started to get bad for us, we did what a lot of couples do and tried counseling. The counselor who was actually a doctor spent session after session talking about communication and how learning better communication skills would solve our problems, Unfortunately it didn't solve our problems and just improved our arguing skills! I still shudder when I think of how much money we wasted on counseling!

Here is an incredible discovery I made which changed everything for me. The beauty of it was that it worked even though my wife was doing nothing at all to save our marriage! She was the one asking for a divorce and after a short time, we began working together on our marriage because of the actions I had taken:

- Love your spouse enough to let him or her go. The more you push them, the more they will pull away.

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- Do not place blame or argue with your spouse. Blame is the fuel of divorce.

- There are specific things that you can say and do and very specific actions you can take which will begin to change the dynamics of your marriage!

- You must be the one to take ACTION! Nothing will change unless you are the one to make the changes happen.

Once I made this important discovery and learned the specific actions to take, everything began to change. I learned to look at my marriage in a whole new way. Today, I am glad to say that my wife and I are happier than we ever thought possible, but it never would have happened if we had continued on the path we had been on. The same thinking that creates problems will not fix them. Saving your marriage is really about a new way of thinking as much as it is about a new way of acting.

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When I first began my journey to save my marriage, I had no clue what I was doing. I had at first tried my own hand at it, but nothing I did seemed to make any difference. As far as I could tell, everything I did seemed to make things a 100 times worse. I couldn't win for losing so to speak. So, about this time, I started seeking advice from friends and family, but what did they know? None of them had ever been through a potential divorce, and most of them were single. The only things that seemed to work, I had to learn on my own. But in the process I learned a lot of what not to do that's for sure. It wasn't until I learned the steps to save my marriage that I knew any better, and I'd like to share it with you so you don't make the same mistakes and potentially ruin your chances to save your marriage.

#1. Begging and pleading with your spouse to stay together. You may have a natural inclination to do so, which is perfectly normal. But, the results of doing this makes it difficult for your spouse to desire you. It often pushes them away further.

#2. Arguing with your spouse. I'm sure you have plenty to say right now, I know you do. But, you can get your message across without getting into a heated argument that can often make things worse. It is a very sensitive time right now, and we don't want to make it worse by flying off the handle and saying things we'll regret later.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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#3. Making promises to change. It's too late for that. The marriage has reached a breaking point and statements like this are a waste of breathe. Because more than likely, your spouse has heard it all before. Your promises to change aren't carrying much weight right now, so keep them to yourself and instead take steps to change or rather actions to change without talking about it. Just do it if you know it has been part of the problem, your actions will go much further than only promises.

#4. Trying to make your spouse feel guilty. This could be a number of things. Threatening to involve the kids or threatening to harm yourself. Anything that makes you look desperate will only make you look pathetic and less desirable. So don't do it.

#5. Stalking or harassing their every move. I know you want to be informed and involved, get to the bottom of what's going on, but you have to back off and give your spouse some space. That means, no phone calls at work or while their out about your marriage issues, no emails, texts, no following them to confront them or lay it all out. Give your spouse the space needed to think this through clearly without you being in their ear constantly.

There are many more, but these are the most critical and often misunderstood or overlooked. If you can learn now to avoid doing these things, while working on positive steps to save your marriage then you are way ahead of where I was. Even though I had done a number of these things, I still saved my marriage. But it took understanding these critical mistakes and how to fix what I had already done wrong to finally save it. The key was learning steps to save my marriage that actually worked and by someone who actually knew what they were talking about. So, what can you do next to save your marriage?

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