And, the changes keep coming.

In addition to excitement, increased hope for the future and a greater sense of balance than you have had for months, are you also experiencing: anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, high blood pressure, nervousness, job concerns, relationship problems, sudden illness, stress with family or other mysterious undiagnosed physical conditions? These are just some of the symptoms I have encountered with my clients in recent months. Yes, these conditions have always been present in human life, but they seem more pronounced than ever before. Do they warrant a new more current explanation than we have ever explored? I believe the changes and the symptoms you are experiencing are different --- in intensity and cause.

In recent years, and most especially, since the earth has passed through what is known as The Lion’s Gate, a recent astrological configuration from July 26th to Aug 12th, in which the earth received a particularly strong new in-flow of light that is en-lightening and shifting everything on earth and in each of us. It is as if we are each being recalibrated or re-tuned like an instrument to be in harmony with the new energies.

I have, over and over again, observed in others and felt in myself, some of the above symptoms. I believe they are caused by the increase in vibrational frequencies on the planet, in and around us. We are being forced to live life differently, to find new solutions to old situations, to view our lives from a new perspective. Let me explain by sharing my own personal experience.

I have had a scoliosis (pronounced curve in my spinal column) all my life. It has never given me any trouble. I have never had surgery for it. Periodic chiropractic adjustments have always enabled me to move freely without pain. In recent weeks, however, I have been seriously uncomfortable....A rib in my back kept going out. Sciatic pain has also been recurrent. Chiropractic adjustments helped, but did not hold and discomfort returned again and again. And then, as mysteriously as they arrived, the symptoms subsided and disappeared. What is going on?

I have learned that as the energies on the planet speeded up, the frequencies which make up my body had to align to the new energies and adapt to the earth’s new situation. My frequencies also became more rapid and some of the slower, denser frequencies dropped out, to be replaced by faster, lighter ones. I have became more fluid, less solid, less structured. My body no longer holds its shape as it once did. I describe my physical structure as ‘loosie goosie”, constantly shifting and changing, inside and out, as the energies outside of me, change and shift. I have come to understand that the frequencies in my body that once managed certain necessary functions, like keeping my structure upright and in my posture correct, maintaining my balance, keeping me asleep at night and a variety of other tasks, were not functioning as they once did. Without these frequencies, my body was struggling to keep up with the task of running itself. Is this happening to you? Are you experiencing any of the discomforts I mention above?

If so, I invite you to consider an energetic explanation for your situation. Rather than believe that you are falling apart physically, understand that you are changing energetically and physically. Allow your body time to adjust. Ground yourself on the earth. Center in your heart. And, seek out energetic, homeopathic and herbal remedies that act as substitutes for these missing denser frequencies. Trust will rebalance, but it may take time and adjustments may be necessary, as you continue to evolve.

Keep in mind, although these changes can be disturbing while you are going through them, in the long run, they are positive for you are moving gradually, step by evolutionary step, towards the full and complete light being that you are meant to be. This is not a process that happens overnight (and growing pains are sometimes unavoidable...)

Author's Bio: 

Elaine Seiler, Energeticist, Coach, Author & Creator of Transformation Energetics, one of the internet’s leading resources for information about the unseen realms of energy in, around and beyond the third dimension. The unseen vibrations affect us every moment and we, in turn, affect them. It is therefore critical that we understand the immaterial realms and learn to work effectively in and with them.