Hurtling from a source unknown, a catalyst of change heads your way. With it brings a series of events that will catapult you to break old habits and search for more understanding. This allows you to grasp a better knowing of
whom you are, and where you are going. Do not let others determine your emotional state.

Rock Pool

The things we do not allow and accept in others, are the very things we hide or do not like about ourselves.
This happens because we use others as our mirrors. So look at our enemies as part of ourselves, we will find unity amongst people we never thought possible. Have humility when learning about ourselves through others. Learn to laugh at our misgivings, do not hide or protect them as this will only create anger and frustration


Rising above the trees.
The loss of your own negative thought's in turn feelings, creates a very powerful aura giving you a blindfold to all things negative. Negativity is still around you, but you simply do not notice it. Therefore having no effect or presence in your life. A change of perception, one of love will do this.


Physical and spiritual energies are now asking us to bring them into alignment.To be grounded and surrounded in the light is the key. Take care of your temple give it all it needs exercise, healthy diet, comfortable surrounds Nurture the inner-being by taking care of negative thoughts in turn feelings. Replace them with positive ones.Finding that happy place inside


Take the shape of what is needed to achieve your goals, sometimes we have to bend a little,flow in a different direction, and search for what we do not normally allow ourselves to see. Reflection and flexibility will extend and
enrich all our relationships allowing an atmosphere of one where it is, OK to be yourself and voice your inner truth.

Running Creek

Allowing Movement
Uplifting all expectations to preferences eliminates emotion backed reactions allowing calm positive clarity to enter a situation beginning a new set of circumstances for which to create goals. Expect nothing prefer everything.


The way to ascension is through unity. Fresh wisdom's orange light, surrounds you. Release the past to the past, for the future awaits.Conjure thoughts with manifestation in mind. Before the sun rises, is the ideal and most peaceful time to send out your thoughts for manifestation. A new strength is found by moving forward.


A glow of sunlight rains through the clouds Capture its Chi (life force) let it enlighten you. Do not let your mind be clouded by negative thoughts. Pay attention to what you say to yourself, as this reaches the subconscious and then comes to be. Look up to see what is coming, but don't notice the clouds, only the ray of light that shines for you.


Manifestation of movement
Everybody has at least two abilities encased in them, these are usually found at a young age. We must follow what we are good at, no matter what it is. If we do this, abundance follows. If we do not pursue our gifts, we will constantly feel a piece of us is missing. Now is the time to make dreams a reality.

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Nature's Oracle (The way of energy) is a divination Oracle card system, that acts as a spiritual learning tool, to help one raise their consciousness and develop ones psychic potential. Within the words and principles outlined in the Oracle an energy may be read about any question. Hidden amongst finding the answer to your question is a guide to a higher understanding.