Here are some tips to keep yourself on target without
beating yourself up while still finding time to enjoy, sleep, eat . . .

In my blog ( on 7/30/09 I discuss the expression: “Don’t push the river.” Below is a recap of that blog with some time management suggestions to help you to “swim” more effectively.

Are you a good boss to you? Would you quit if you were an employee who treats you as you do?

I am often my worst taskmaster. I look at my “to do” list and my calendar that I have created, and hound myself to do it all and on time. I create benchmarks for myself and sometimes browbeat myself to meet those benchmarks – to make sure that I complete certain tasks by a certain time. I then feel pressured and stressed if the task isn’t completed on time. If I push myself to make things happen when I’m not ready, or other aspects of life aren’t in place to complete the project either I, or the project, fall apart.

I have a vision to help as many people as I can transform their lives, and I see there is so much to do to manifest this dream. However, it doesn’t have to be done right now, at this moment. Dreams, goals, and desires will unfold and I will move forward one step at a time. I know that everything will get done at the right time and I have plenty of time. (See my book Unlimited Life: Limiting Beliefs and Belief Busting Power Truths for more explanation of this.)

We are the masters of our benchmarks and we can move them. Knowing this, we can use the power of our intention to bring in the information and creative energy for projects and tasks when it’s time. Here are some tips to keep yourself on target without beating yourself up while still finding time to enjoy, sleep, eat . . . :

Write down your goals or visions. Use only one sheet for each goal.

Think about what you’ll need and things you have to do to complete the project. Be very specific and detailed. Know with certainty that all of the information, resources and time will come together for you at the right time.

Divide your task list into 3 parts. Designate them: Immediate, Evolve in Time, Delegate. You can use different colored markers to highlight them, or put the tasks in three columns.
Schedule the immediate items into your calendar. Make those time periods sacred and don’t let others, your email or you step on them, unless . . .

Use your intuition to notify you when it's the right time. If it’s the right time to work on something you'll notice a strong urge to complete the project that comes from the gut and heart. You'll be open and ready – excited instead of stressed. You’ll feel peaceful and happy as you work on it.

As you work you’ll come up with other tasks that need completing. Add them to the list with completion dates. Plan only those activities that are immediate.

Keep lists for other types of activities that aren’t project or dream related. You can use colored file cards and label them: Home projects, charity activities, investment activities, relationship activities.

Only work on one type of activity at a time. We all wear many “hats” or roles and tend to multitask between them. This is confusing and distracting. Only wear one “hat” at a time. Consciously switch them when you move to another type of task.

Keep track of where you spend your time. Make sure that you’re focusing on the things that add the most value to your projections and your life. Cross everything else off or delegate it.

Our dreams are within reach and very doable if we’re equipped with a few management tools and unlimited beliefs. Do what you need to when it’s the right time and “the river” will pull you along towards your goal.

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