If you have obsessive thoughts about food and weight and you act out compulsive behaviours like binging, purging or starving yourself you will be relieved to learn about a new unique treatment method for eating disorders.

This new method to overcome your eating disorder is based on Neuroplsticity. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change. To explain this exactly: the first part neuro, is for neurone (which are the nerve cells in the brain) and plasticity means plastic or changeable.

The motto for this treatment is "change your behaviour - change your brain".

You see, for every single action we regularly do there are special brain pathways in our heads. Many actions we do become automatic the more we do them and we don't think about doing them because certain brain pathways in our head get activated and it is all automatic.

For example, driving which can be difficult at first becomes automatic later on, playing the piano seems hard until you master it, meditation can be perceived as a weird and a useless action. That is until you practice it and then it becomes an essential tool for your wellbeing and happiness: again it becomes an automatic function.

So, all normal actions turn into automatic actions when we do things regularly. But on the contrary, when we stop doing certain actions - we simply forget how to do them. Like learning a foreign language at school, we soon forget it if we stop using it. This is because those certain brain pathways we built through learning stopped being stimulated by action and they disappeared.

The same happens with eating disorder behaviours. Binging-purging and starving becomes automatic actions: we do them and it doesn't matter how hard we try to stop we can't. This is because special eating disorder pathways are getting activated automatically in our heads: we built them over time with our own destructive behaviours.

But if you change these destructive behaviours and replace them with other behaviours - your brain pathways will start to change and when the brain pathways changes, you will lose the urge to binge-purge or starve yourself.

It is the "use it or lose it" principle in action.

But you may ask: "How can I start changing my behaviours in order to change my brain?"

Well, you can do in a special way. Here I will show you 5 steps which you can follow to achieve the desirable changes in your brain.

1st step: BELIEF that you can stop your eating disorder.
2d step: Re-IDENTIFY
3d step: Re-SYMBOLIZE
4th step: Re-DIRECT
5th step: Re-EVALUATE

After following these 5 steps your brain pathways will be changed. That's why you will be able to lose the urges to binge, purge or starve yourself.
As a result your eating disorder can be stopped for the rest of your life.To read more about neuroplasticity training for eating disorders go to http://www.eating-disorders-books.com

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Dr. Irina Webster MD is an expert in eating disorders.To read more about neuroplasticity for eating disorders go to http://www.eating-disorders-books.com