Newly Married And Miserable: Married And Miserable What To Do

Where have all the love, passion, caring, understanding, harmony, great sex, excitement, support, comfort gone? Has marriage become a routine, or even a painful place where there's either silence, constant arguing, indifference, neglect, lack of understanding? Do you no longer recognize your spouse? Are you suspecting infidelity? Do you wish things were the way they used to be?

You are not alone. What's also important to grasp is that it's not, necessarily, the end of the road for your relationship. There are reasons why you are in this situation today and there are ways to get out of it without a divorce. This is not about staying together for the children (I don't think this alone is never a good reason to stay together unless you learn to stay together and love staying together); this is about learning to understand, love and live with your spouse all over again.

1. Understand that you 2 are communicating with each other even in silence and that neglecting what's being said (verbally and non-verbally) is a huge mistake if you wish to work out a strategy to transform your marriage. You need to learn to step in each other's shoes. Each brain works differently and the way we understand, see and perceive everything around us is different from person to person. No two people process the world the same way. So, you need to learn how to see the world from your partner's prospective. More on this later on.

2. Learn to rekindle the love you felt for each other when things were great. Break bad, depressing habits or routines you do together and try to spend time doing exciting things together. It could just be going for a bike ride or anything that you haven't done ever or in a long time but would like to do. Then, learn to elicit emotions from your partner a in a way that will allow transference onto you. Rekindle great memories, life dreams, and talk about it together as often as possible. Be excited together. More on this later.

3. Learn to understand who your partner truly is. Ask questions about his past before you, even childhood, then questions about his thoughts and fears, then questions about future life goals and dreams (and desires). Do it as a game and never, ever criticize him/her. Ask your partner to do this to you.

The above 3 ways will immediately change things between you and your spouse.

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You may be thinking: how can I repair my marriage? There are millions of couples in America that end up their marriage in divorce. In America alone more than fifty percent of the marriages do not end up happily. There are always some issues that develop between the couples after marriage. It takes a lot of hard work to keep things rolling smoothly. Every married couple has to deal with many issues that may pose potential threat to their marriage. There are issues where couples feel stressed due to work pressure or presence of someone else in their partner's life. Sometimes, the reason can be physical illness or issues related to kids.

However, the fact is that you can still continue with your marriage if both of you are determined to take the relationship further. You can repair you marriage with some tricks. The most important thing is to solve the problem as soon as it arises. Do not let the problem grow bigger so that it can worsen your life even more with the passage of time. If there is anything as such, then you should let your partner know about it so that both of you can find a solution for that. It is in your interest to share every single difficulty of your life with your partner. With this your partner would know you better and this will help you to develop a better relationship.

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Positive attitude is the key to success in any field, be it personal life or professional. There may be some weak moments in your married life and you should know how to handle them so that they do not hurt your marriage. If there were any issues in the past that still hurt you then you should learn to forget them and take life as it comes. We all do mistakes but the important thing is that we should learn not to repeat them in future. May be too much of concern in the past matters is ruining your present as well.

For improving your relationship with your partner, it is very important that you spend time with your spouse. The more time you will spend, the more you will learn about your partner which will in turn help you to work out your relationship better. The other reason may be that both of you are not finding your life interesting at all. Thus, you should take appropriate brakes from your work and spend some time together outside. You can go for dinner or shopping together to bring that refreshing feel in your relationship. Plan something that both of you would enjoy.

The fact is that you guys are going to argue at some point or the other even if you try to avoid this. So better accept the difference in each other. Arguments leads to better conclusion and hence do not panic if any one of you picks up an argument. Stay cool and listen to each other comments with attention.

Bring out some old memories to add some spark in your married life. Old memories may bring back the lost charm.

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When you are trying to save your marriage from ending up in the divorce court, you will have to pull it together. It is always rather sad to watch your marriage collapse. At the start everything went so well, and now it is difficult to fathom out why you are now thinking of separating. If you do not want this to happen, do something about it. Help save you marriage. Pull it together. Here are four areas of reflection that you both need to examine if you are going to save your marriage.

First of all the two of you have to try and calm yourselves down. Whenever one of you dares to say anything to the other, the temperature immediately rises. So you are going to just take a step back and compose yourselves. You are going to have to learn how to communicate better between yourselves and learn to speak to each other without getting angry. If you do not learn this you will never be able to help save your marriage. You will learn why things went wrong and you will perhaps find answers to your problems which may help save your marriage.

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Don't take each other so seriously. The problems you have you have both likely exaggerated out of all proportion unintentionally. When you analyze what has really happened, you will realize how ridiculous it is that affairs took such proportions so unnecessarily. You will have to see that in the future this does not reoccur

You should now be ready to start moving on. Putting some perspective t your problems has enabled you to understand that they can be solved. Now that you understand that the problems you had are perfectly manageable and can be settled quite easily and you are perfectly able to sort out your differences.

All that is left to do now is to work on improving the way you tackle different situations, by learning how to avoid overreacting when you have a problem to resolve. When you start to improve how you manage situations and work better as a couple rather than as two individuals, you will be able to pull it together and save your marriage.

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