Newly Married And Miserable: Married And Miserable What To Do

People who just got married often start out sweet and full of love but life after the honeymoon doesn't always go smooth sailing as most people would want.

For most part, newly married couples think that marriage is like a slice of their wedding cake, sweet and so easy; but when reality hits them like a brick on the head, it suddenly shakes the foundation of their marriage. Issues like intimacy, work, financial, family, peers, and other matters that might be relevant to their marriage will start pouring in. Long time married people often share their married secrets to newly married couples with pieces of advices like:

1.) Keeping an open line of communication. Rough times can be waded through if you and your partner talk things out instead of pointing out the flaws of your spouse. Never fail to be honest with your spouse, especially if dealing with marital issues.

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2.) Time management - always have time for your spouse, be it a few hours in a theater, or a dinner date or just cozying in your living room. Work and other problems will always be there and solving them all at once won't help your marriage. It takes two to tango, as people might say.

3.) Avoid hearsay - never let trust be the main issue of your marriage. Don't listen to the gossip brought about by people who want to ruin a married couples' life together. As stated in #1, never ever hesitate to clarify the issue or rumor you've heard from a source with your spouse.

Marriage is an institution of values and emotions brought upon by two people brought together by love. Like the legs of a table, it needs the support of the other legs to keep the table stable and firm. With marriage, it takes the support of two people to keep it strong.

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Usually, people who end up reading this article are in the position where their spouse has decided to ask for divorce. You are probably in the very same position, trying to find ways to prevent him from breaking it up. What provides a little hope is that you are one of the very few who believes in the sanctity of marriage and the importance of saving your union. At this point, the divorce rate is extremely high, and very few people are willing to put in extra effort to prevent their marriage from falling apart.

This article should provide some valuable information for you, simply because I have been in the very same position that you are in now. My husband also approached me and advised that he wanted to get a divorce, which obviously completely devastated me. I immediately tried doing everything I could get him to change his mind. I even went through all of the suffering that came with his rejection, so I know exactly where you are coming from and how desperate you are to get it to work.

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I know full well that being in this position is definitely not easy. After trying everything you could to get him to change his mind, nothing worked, and you probably one day broke down in tears, became extremely emotional, and begged him to stay. My first bit of advice to you is never let that happen again. Allowing your emotions to overwhelm you is the worst way to try and get your husband to stay. In fact, it is easiest way to push him through the door.

As difficult as it may be, you need to find enough strength to hold back your emotions and stop expressing your desperation in his presence. Once you have been able to do that, you can start to seek outside advice for getting your marriage to stay together. In my case, the saving grace for my relationship was found on the Internet, but you could very well find the answers from an impartial friend, family member or marriage counselor. Once you have gotten past being overly emotional about your husband's decision, then you will be on the right step to finding the solution to keep your marriage together.

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Sex consummates a marriage and being in a marriage without sex is not easy. The role of sex in a marriage must be well understood in order to get the real picture on how significant it is. When two people tie the knot of holy matrimony, they vow to share and stay as one entity. Sex is an expression of the intimacy that a married couple share. It is one way of expressing love to each other. You would ask yourself important questions like; What if the couple wants children and their marriage is sexless? But what would make a marriage to lack sex? There must be underlying reasons or problems that must have resulted to this marriage without sex. It is like staying without food. Either you are not hungry, you are sick, you are fasting or there is no food in the house in which case you can eat out.

Unless this hoarding of sex is due to a terminal illness affecting one of the couples, other reasons are subject to debate. When sex lacks in a marriage couples out source it from outside though in a discreet manner. This is where problems start setting in. It must be put in due consideration that sex is one of the most basic needs of a human being. This need must be fulfilled whether in a marriage context or not. A couple can pretend they are comfortable to stay together without sex but there is someone behind the scenes who meets their sexual needs. In a marriage without sex couples stay as roommates because this marriage is not a full package, it is a half package. Your partner in marriage is your friend, your husband or wife and your lover. These are the three pillars that support a marriage. Remove one pillar and the marriage tumbles down.

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When stuck in a marriage without sex it means your rights are being denied. Conjugal rights in a marriage must be met and respected. Every married person has a right to sex with the other partner. A denial of this right can even end up in a court of law. If a persons rights are denied somewhere the person gets them elsewhere. A marriage without sex is therefore bound to end up in divorce as a result of conjugal rights. What would a married person be waiting for before having sex? An unmarried person would be excused for waiting till marriage. There is no reason whosoever to have a marriage without sex. A relationship is not all about sex but sex is the catalyst as well as the engine oil that makes everything work.

People staying in a marriage without sex are people living in utopia. They are lame ducks maybe waiting for the day they will meet their maker. Staying in a marriage without sex is impossible and unworkable. Let no one lie to anyone that they are contented with such an arrangement. Even if they are together it is public relations stunt but otherwise they are cheating like no one gives a damn. Their sex lives are very active and vibrant only that these services are outsourced.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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On the outside you're acting tough and trying to pretend that your impending divorce doesn't really matter to you; however, on the inside, you're silently crying out, "Help save my marriage!" You probably don't even bother to say it out loud, because you think it's a hopeless cause, and you don't believe there's anyone who can help you, anyway.

You may already know that marriage counselors charge exorbitant rates and aren't very effective anyway, so where can you turn? A marriage coach is an alternative to a counselor, and this is a person who will help you get the job done if at all possible. He can teach you the techniques you need in order to avoid divorce.

When you married, you loved your spouse, and you still do. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line something has gone wrong. It probably happened when you were too busy dealing with life to even notice that anything was changing, but slowly and subtly along the way, your marriage fell apart. The person you used to feel closer to than anyone else in the whole world has become a stranger to you.

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There is no communication any longer, and your spouse always has a headache when you try to initiate a bit of romance. Is there really something very wrong, or are a lot of small things just bogging you both down?

Without open channels of communication, your spouse isn't going to tell you his or her feelings any more than you're going to expose yours. You feel lost and vulnerable, and chances are your mate does, also. By working with a marriage coach, you can learn the strategies to get communication going between you again and turn negative vibes to more positive ones. This is where it's all going to start, and then your coach will teach you how to build on these skills to bring you and your spouse closer together again.

If there aren't really serious underlying problems in your marriage, you can turn it around in as little as four weeks. Even a marriage with a lot of deep-rooted troubles can be saved, but it's going to take a little more time and effort. You'll be amazed, though, at how the proven techniques your coach will give you can start making a difference within days of your first consultation. When you're looking for help to save your marriage, a marriage coach is the only answer you need.

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