This article can help you understand some core ideas behind the law of attraction so that you can be more successful in creating abundance for yourself. While much information has been written about the steps for participating in successful manifestation, some key elements that are less explored have to do with our attitudes, our beliefs and our perceptions. These unmeasurable, intangible parts of the human experience are the very ones that affect our relationship with the universal intelligence.

The interaction between our heart-felt self and the force which animates all of life is what allows the process of manifestation to occur. Independent of how we may choose to believe in a higher power, what matters is that we believe in something grand and loving, and that we are willing to work at creating an interactive, humble relationship with life. The foundation for creating abundance comes from having a respectful working relationship with the energy that supports all of life as well as having a healthy, humble relationship within our own being. Much like having any relationship, it is necessary to establish a positive view of oneself which then leads to better interactions with others. First we'll look at a few common approaches that tend to hold us back from creating what we want and then we'll explore nine key perceptions that strengthen our innate connection for creating abundance.

The first challenge behind unsuccessful manifestation has to do with how we view the life force. Childhood experiences and subconscious programs that support ideas of an angry or vengeful God may block successful results even after we mature. If these ideas exist, they must be transformed. There is a reason why ideas of "love conquers all" remains a common belief in many cultures across history, continents and time. Believing in a loving Creator changes life in amazing ways. However, if we believe the Creator does everything for us and there is nothing for us to do, then we may set ourselves up for disappointment.
Although this perspective demonstrates the epitome of faith, it causes us to give our power away and then all that we can do is to hope and pray for things to happen. This is similar to asking another person to do something important for us yet we do little if anything on our end to help the process along. Waiting for the desired result can be unsettling and stressful especially if there is uncertainty whether or not the other person will make it happen. This is out of balance and it puts us in a position of being dis-empowered.

Another extreme occurs when we don't believe in a higher power at all. Many people have walked away from the traditional dogma of religion and they spend their life "running solo." This lack of interaction between oneself and the source of life is similar to when a person experiences repetitious hurtful relationships and then ends up feeling alone. When we feel alone, we feel separate from life. When we feel separate from life it can be draining to the soul.

"Prove it to me first and then I'll believe" is another great pitfall that many of us fall into. I suppose this is indicative of our learned attitude of mistrust among our fellow humans. If we lack trust in our self or we feel unworthy, it can also block the way for our success. Needing proof demonstrates that we don't trust the other person or in this case, the life force. If the Creator knows that we lack trust, then most likely that's what we'll receive; an experience that supports our belief. In other words, what we want probably won't happen.

We must remember that each and every thought that we have, whether spoken or unspoken, literally becomes a set of instructions for the universe to follow.

Nine Perceptions for Creating Abundance

1. Focus on what is good.
Learning to live in this way can be challenging, but with desire, awareness and practice we can each learn how to create a life of greater peace. First we must choose to live in trust rather than in fear. Then, when we become aware of those moments when fear takes it's grip, we can remind our self that we have a choice. Rather than focusing on what is "bad" or "wrong" or "unfair" we can change how we think. I have lived a lifetime of creating meaningful outcomes with successful results even when all odds seemed to be against me by focusing on what is good. My husband and I trust that we are well supported and that everything turns out fine even when life throws us a curve ball.
This past summer we experienced a stage 2 evacuation due to near and extreme fires. We remained peaceful (and smart,) and this experience led to a favorable bonus. Through time we have come to trust that when we focus on what is good, even in the most challenging of times, even better things unfold. It is absolutely true.

The following example is quite simple yet it shows how we can change our negative thoughts to create a respectful and more gracious relationship with the life force. I was cleaning my house one afternoon, feeling quite put out that I had to vacuum instead of doing something fun such as gardening or doing yoga. I felt hurried and tense and it seemed to take forever. I just wanted to be done! Then I caught myself. I changed my thoughts to, "I am so grateful for these beautiful rugs. Thank you for this beauty in my home and in my life. I am happy to take good care of them." Everything changed. I instantly relaxed, I enjoyed vacuuming and time passed quickly. This attitude of being grateful helps develop and support a healthy relationship between oneself and the creative life force.

2. Take action and let go with trust.
The best approach for successful manifestation occurs when we have both faith in the life force to do its part AND we are willing to take action and do our part too. Much like a bird in flight, we must find a working balance between flapping our wings and knowing when to rest. This ebb and flow between taking action and letting go is founded in trust; trust in our self to do our best and trust in the life force to support our goal. This is similar to when we are young and we instinctively trust our parents to do what they say they will do. This intrinsic knowing demonstrates a different attitude of "Thanks for your help. I feel peaceful and I trust that my needs are met."
Although many people struggle to live in this way, the life force hasn't any ego interference and easily creates congruent responses that support the continuum of life. Just as we are more inclined to give to others when we know our efforts are received with joy and appreciation, the same holds true for the creative life force. An "attitude of gratitude" works to our advantage because it is a respectful and humble way to live.

3. There is always enough.
Everything that is needed for our survival, for our happiness and for our desired experiences already exists. There is plenty for everyone. If you think about an apple, it contains many seeds within it's core. Each one of these seeds can produce another apple tree. Apple trees grow and give forth a great many apples each year. This cycle of giving goes on and on. I have an apple tree in my backyard that is over 100 years old and it still produces fruit!
Instead of living with fear and believing that there is not enough, our job is to receive and enjoy only as much as is needed. Rather than living excessively, the universe serves all of life with a natural flow of abundance that is just right.

4. Fear and worry block results
Fear and worry tend to evoke the "prove it to me attitude." What relationship can function smoothly under this kind of disrespectful pressure? Rather than needing proof, when we are grateful for what we already have, it opens the door for more to come. Keep in mind that the universal energy supports all of life. A deer doesn't worry about growing more fur for the winter. When we trust that the universe supports all of her creatures, including us, and we are humble and grateful for what we have then this opens the door for greater possibilities.

5. The universal intelligence is always ready to help.
The natural connection that permeates all of life presents us with opportunities or answers, often in subtle, or disguised ways. We often refer to these moments as "coincidental." Our part is to be present, aware, and willing to listen or to step through the doors when these are presented. If you miss the chance, don't worry, it will be provided for you again.

The following story is relatively inert in its presentation yet it serves as a reminder of the wonderful and often playful connection between our self and the creative life force. One night while I was baking dinner in the oven I sat down to watch some television. I was aware of feeling tired and I knew that I might easily drift off, so I made a mental note to myself, "Remember that you are cooking dinner!" Some time past as I drifted into t.v. land when I suddenly heard a voice, loud and clear from the television screen, "Remember to take your dinner out of the oven!" Up I flew, somewhat startled and most definitely delighted. The synchronicity of this moment was perfect!

6. Have kind intentions for the common good of all.
The universal energy is happy to support you and your desires as long as these serve to make the world a better place. Even if you are seeking something for yourself, there is always some kind of impact that affects others. When you focus on creating common good with appreciation and humility and you are willing to do your part, you are more apt to influence the universal energy to support your cause.

The following example shows how working for the common good of all people who are involved can strengthen our connection to the creative force for obtaining successful results. My intentions for buying a home in Montana were steeped in a childhood dream of living in the mountains, but it wasn't just for me. While my heart's desire to obtain this lifelong dream was included, I also focused on providing my children and husband with a better lifestyle than the big city had to offer, bringing the glory of the old Victorian house back to life, and building a sense of family and community from our new home. The benefits were for many people, for touching lives in beneficial ways through my work, for bringing greater good into the world. My intentions were answered in the form of a home loan offer via postal mail. What caught my attention was that the offer was for the exact amount that we needed for the down payment on the house in Montana. With joy and gratitude, along with some creative thinking, we were able to buy our new home.

When we work together with the life force with humility and compassion, and we seek what is best for the common good of all, then we create a balanced relationship that supports positive results.

7. Universal time and ego time.
Universal time is measured by our heartbeat. Ego time is measured by our logical mind. Perceptions of time can be tricky and tend to be based on how we feel in our current environment. The process of manifestation works best when we let go of ego time constraints and allow the magic to unfold. Heartfelt time is "the very best time for everyone involved." This is often different from what our ego mind wants. The same amount of universal time passes whether we trust and feel peaceful or whether we get trapped in feeling impatient and frustrated. Feeling peaceful supports health and vibrant life. Letting go of attachments to outcome including time-lines, demonstrates complete trust and confidence in knowing that our desires are realized. Again, we must be willing to participate in this dance and to do our part.

8. Nothing is ever as it appears to be.
We are taught to believe that "seeing is believing" yet in truth we have it backwards. "What I believe creates how I see" is a much more accurate interpretation. Most people can relate to an experience when things appeared to be a certain way, yet with more time or information we learn that our perceptions were inaccurate. This has to do with focusing on the tangible world of effect rather than the unseen world of causation. It also reflects back to our own insecurities and subconscious patterns. Whenever you are in a moment of being judgmental or fearful, remind yourself that "Nothing is ever as it appears to be." You may be surprised at how different you feel. It can alter your responses as well as influence what happens next. One thing always leads to another.

9. Let go of judgments and find acceptance.
Judgments are a man-made perspective. Many of our judgments come from past experiences and tend to be founded in whether or not we feel safe, accepted or validated. Perceived judgments can be mistaken for our intuitions which provide inner awareness for our survival. Remember that in the eyes of the universal energy, we are all the same and everything just is. Acceptance is a wonderful gift. When we live with love in our heart and we free our self of judgments, we open our self for receiving what is positive and uplifting.

In closing, I strongly believe that a new consciousness, one that is more evolved and constructive is emerging. When we make the choice to live with compassion, trust, love and appreciation for life and all that is, then we create increased good in our mind and body, in our life and ultimately in the world.

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Roberta Swartz has been teaching people how to lead healthier, happier lives for more than 3o years. Her evidence based skills are easy to learn and they are life affirming.

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