There is no magic way to lose or maintain your weight. The age old equation of energy in energy out equal’s weight remains true, unless you have a medical condition.

Excluding medical interventions the best way to loose weight is to re-educate your mind and body. When you engage with your brain through the use of Hypnosis and NLP you can create a relaxed receptive state of mind where powerful and well designed suggestions can influence your behaviour. You can find old patterns changing, old cravings gone and most importantly emotional eating over. Together with sufficient exercise, strong motivation and healthy eating you can achieve and maintain your desired weight.

The first thing to do is to make real commitment. If you really decide to lose weight and commit yourself to it you will do it. Hypnosis can help develop the receptive state necessary to accept and enjoy new attitudes and behaviours. NLP processes can help give strategies and structures to move you in the desired direction.

You must make a plan. What weight do you wish to be, make it realistic and achievable. Think about your existing patterns and behaviours. Do you really want to change them or is something holding you back. You have to make a decision even with the magic of hypnotic NLP you need to do it! The really good news is that the whole process can be made a pleasure and a source of inner pride.

The process starts by understanding what drives your behaviour and how you overeat. What has to happen in your mind, how that generates your behaviour and leads to excess weight. When you understand those patterns you can begin with hypnotic NLP skills to change.

No foods are banned but you just might find the foods that you use to overeat unattractive, while small portions of healthy food become a pleasure. There is no need to feel deprived or to go on some ruthless eating regime. Food can become more of a pleasure as you savour and enjoy them more fully and at a leisurely pace. Foods that were once attractive but you over consumed can become much less compelling.

There are many positive changes you can make using your mind to create the beneficial behaviours you desire.

Although you can do this on your own the best way to get results is to employ a hypnotherapist who understands NLP processes and commit to series of sessions to start those changes and monitor and refine them as you journey to your desired weight. You could also benefit from using a Weight Loss Hypnosis CD or MP3. Please visit to see The Motivation Method series of mp3 downloads and CD’s using Hypnosis and NLP (all of which have been highly recommended by many satisfied clients and by The Anglo-American Book Company).

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Matthew Ferguson SQHP
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