Ok so go with me on this… if your car is your brain, and petrol and water are the fuel that make your car run smoothly, then the fuel that makes your brain run smoothly are the foods you eat, the drinks you drink, and the thoughts you allow yourself you have.

I’ve written before about the correlation between food/drink and your thoughts. To simplify, food turns into thoughts and thoughts turn into feelings. And… thoughts turn into feelings, and feelings affect your physical health. Digest that!

Yes, it’s all connected. The body-mind connection is not just a yogic concept.

If We were to analyze a microscopic image of live blood, taken sixty minutes after consuming a cup of coffee, 2 boiled eggs and a piece of toast, you would notice the high acidity straight away. The image would show stuck together blood cells all worked up trying to figure out what’s going on, and you can stay assured that in your head you would feel just like that too.

On the other hand, were we to take a look at an image of live blood taken sixty minutes after consuming alkalising salts, good quality vitamins and a spinach, pecan nut and strawberry salad, the image would show us healthy blood. Individual blood cells swimming in a healthy relaxed environment.

When your blood is in this condition, you are bound to feel pretty great; you think more clearly, focus more easily, have more energy, perform better and feel better about yourself and life in general.

You wouldn't have to be a scientist or a nutrition expert to notice the obvious differences. All you have to do is google an image of live healthy blood and an image of live unhealthy blood, and compare.

Phil Richards, world renowned Nutrition Expert, personal mentor and friend, has taken microscopic samples of my own live and dry blood, and was able to diagnose a condition I've had all my life - asthma - just by the look of my blood.

But what does this have to do with NLP and most importantly, your car?

See, NLP is much more than just a bunch of extremely effective techniques that oftentimes create miraculous like transformations, it’s a methodology, and also an attitude.

It involves you taking ownership and responsibility for your own life, doing what’s necessary for you to enhance the quality of your life, for you achieve the things you want to achieve, and for you to be happier.

It entails constant learning and practising. It entails more than a once off coaching session. It’s an ongoing process.

Clients and friends ask me how come I always seem to be in great form. First of all, because I feel great when I am in great form. Secondly, because if I wasn’t in great form I’d be of no use to you, my clients, my family and friends. And thirdly, because I constantly service and upgrade my vehicle, that is my brain.

So if something is off or I need to tweak certain things, be it the foods I eat, certain thoughts, my knowledge or practice in certain areas… I go do it.

And just like you do with your vehicle, now and again you have to go take a brain NCT, avoid waiting until something is seriously broken or you find yourself stranded on the motorway of life and have to make a call to AA Roadwatch.

So, I am not so sure how I managed to link blood, cars and NLP in this post, but as long as you make sense of some of it or all of it, that’s what counts!

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Anna Aparicio is regarded as Ireland's top female IINLP/Hypnosis Coach. She uses Neuro-linguistic Programming, Neuro-hypnotic Repatterning, and other psychology tools to help you develop profound and lasting changes in your life. As a Self-image and Confidence Expert, she specialises in: weight loss, eliminating cravings and overeating, boosting confidence and motivation, life management... Anna has featured on RTE's The Afternoon Show as The Confidence Coach, is regularly published in top Irish lifestyle publications, and is highly recommended by The Irish Institute of NLP.

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