Most of us want to change our lives, but we find it hard to get started. Too often we have more excuses than motivation.

The good news is that you can most of the resources and tools you will need to stay focused on your goals right on the Internet, thanks to your computer and/or smartphone. Embrace the technology at your disposal and use it to make a positive change in your life.

Managing Your Time

The number one more common complaint from modern men and women is that there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything required of them. A job, family, pets, household management – all of these responsibilities get in the way of achieving personal goals.

But if you really sit down and examine how your time is being used, you just might find some extra minutes to spend on your Self. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing in front of the TV or playing video games, but do you really need to do so for hours on end? What could you accomplish if you just stopped doing those things for half an hour per day?

I understand how difficult it is. While working, going to school, and being a single mom, I managed to write a book by doing it in ten minute intervals. Sure, it took a while, but it was a goal that I managed to achieve over time and felt immensely proud of when it was done.

When it comes to time management, there are lots of online tools to help you find the time necessary to achieve your goals. Most of us use Gmail, why not use Google Calendar, too, to keep track of appointments and things to do? If you are used to using a physical day planner, check out the Franklin Covey website for tools that turn your computer or smartphone into a virtual daily planning calendar. Evernote is another great tool that allows you to take notes and clip snippets of content on the Internet that spark ideas to incorporate in future activities.

Apps for Personal Development

In order for positive change to occur, you need to work on personal development. And that requires that you know your Self better so that you can set goals that work with your personality and core values.

There are lots of self assessment test online. Taking several of these is a great way to get in touch with your Self and teach you a thing or two about what you want and need from life. Try taking one or two tests per week and saving the results so you can review them as you start setting up goals.

When you’ve got your goals in place, use an app for your smartphone or software for your computer to input the necessary steps and keep track of your progress.

Virtual Networking

It’s helpful to gain the support of other people as you attempt to make positive changes. Why not find a Yahoo group or online forum that is filled with like-minded people and dedicated to a specific topic that correlates with your goal? Spend some time with your online group daily or at least weekly and get to know the other members; they could end up being your biggest source of support!

In today’s world filled with technological gadgets and tons of personal development resources, there are no more excuses as to why you can’t make a positive personal change. Use online tools in conjunction with personalized life coaching to get started now.

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Lori Chance is a collaborative writer and editor specializing in how-to, informational, spiritual, and personal development articles and books. Her self-coaching book for women titled Who Am I? is now available through Amazon and her website. Learn more about answering this important question and receive the Top 5 Secrets to Successfully Change Your Life for FREE, by visiting her website and blog. You can also connect with Lori on Facebook.