When someone talks about Nuru massage, the first thing that comes to your mind is a relaxing body to body massage to raise the sensuality and mental calmness. In the lines below, you will be introduced to the benefits of Nuru massage in London, and you get to know the soothing effect of it on your body and mind. Whether you as an individual or looking for a massage with your partner, get to know what Nuru massage is and how to get most of it-

How does the concept of Nuru massage come from?

In simple terms, Nuru massage is more than an erotic massage that originated in Japan. A masseuse uses their entire body to massage the client providing bodily contact than the traditional massage. In this massage technique, the body of the client and masseuse both are covered with the massage gel. The gel is odourless and colourless that is made of Nori seaweed.

According to client’s preference, the massage could be done on an air mattress, massage table or bed. In recent times, the popularity of massage seems to be rising. However, it is a fact that Nuru massage is not only for men, both genders are allowed to take the pleasure of this amazing massage service. Although, Japan has gifted this massage technique to the whole world, London is gaining the popularity of Nuru massage today.

What can you expect from the Nuru massage?

Apart from enjoying the massage individually, Nuru massage could be a way for the couples to spice up their love lives. Just think how sensational it feels when your partner is covered with the gel and sliding against you! Well, there are more such benefits yet to be discovered-

• You will find out more than physical connection and as the Nuru massage is intimate in nature. Therefore, it improves the emotional connection.

• Some people compare it with tantric massage in London and take it as an awakening spiritual journey. You will get fully body to body sensual massage that is much more erotic than the typical oil massage.

• Nuru massage also relaxes the muscle, moisturises the skin with the application of gel based products.

• Depending on what massage technique you use, Nuru massage will help you to get the toxins out of your body.

• With few session of massage, it promotes the recovery and healing.

• Besides strengthening the immune system, it reduces tension, calms headache and relieves the back pain besides making your body flexible.

• Being extremely sexual, Nuru carries a lot of health benefits. The unique strokes and the massage gel are rich in vitamins that not only keep your body hydrated but also make help you to melt the body fats with proper massage.

• The message therapy improves the posture, while aligning the muscular-skeleton structure.

Well, before book a Nuru massage, assess your need to know what exactly you are looking for. For example, instead of some erotic massage service, if you are looking for only some strokes to soothe your muscle pain, then it would not be a right choice for you.

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