Quote: “View the world objectively and the eyes will open up to a new reality of infinite possibilities.”

How can we get to better place in our lives? Learn to see the world objectively without the mind creating thoughts of struggles in order to survive. To see the world objectively, you must come to terms with accepting reality. When the eyes are closed, we reject and oppose another individual for the morals they uphold. Subjective thinking paralyzes the mind from seeing outside of one’s personal view. We must face reality in search of our own truth. Like the saying, “What you see is what you get.” Focus on the object without drawing conclusions to fit into your perception. When the world revolves around you, the Ego feeds off this energy from a limited mind and subjective views. Avoid the intrusion from the subjective mind, peel away the Ego’s veils of illusions and leave them behind.

To accept the world objectively, we have to learn not to take things personally. We live in a world with different perceptions of reality. Can you see the world for what it is or live with painful memories and hidden fears? Unhealed wounds from past life experiences can sabotage your ability to create new belief systems. Tear down these walls of defenses and follow the heart's gift of intuition. The six sense of intuition will assist in changing your perception. For example, emotional eating can increase your chances of gaining weight. You rationalize with the subjective mind regardless of what reality says. Open your eyes and accept what you see without imagining perceptions based on false beliefs. Twisting the reality does not increase acceptability. In actuality, it decreases taking responsibility. When rationalization interferes with actualization, you experience load of frustrations and aggravations. We become upset and disappointed in ourselves for not having the willpower and determination to do well. Change your beliefs there is nothing to fear. You actually gain more in life when you accept the world for what it is. For example, you receive a call about a job interview and immediately believe the company will not hire you. You created negative thoughts about the interview not going well while the subconscious mind has already set you up to fail. Subjective thinking can work against you, especially when you choose not to accept the truth. Truth is knowing. Knowing is truth. If you continue to create unrealistic images in your mind, the blame remains on you. We must stop perceiving our realities filled with such irrationality from societies systems of false beliefs. The time has come to live our lives based upon our own individuality. See the world like a projector. You have all the rights to be your own director. You direct the movie you want to see. Why not invest time in seeing the world with infinite possibilities? If you can accept reality without the confusion, the blinds within your mind will lift all veils of illusions. Truth is reality while an opinion is a belief. Sway your mind away from thoughts of the unlikely. You are God's loving child who can create anything within your mind that will make you happy. If you can learn to let go of the idealize self, pat yourself on the back from lifting the veils. Give it all your might and learn to see things in a positive light. Trust in God's plan. He is always there when you need the help. Tomorrow we travel down the road to The Mask of the Idealized Self.

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