Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.
~Carl Jung

For that is what we are; dreamers awakening.

A universal experience has surfaced among my clients, colleagues and friends -- well in effect amongst us all. Some have willing sought out the experience, while others have been swept along the current of the transitioning times. Some are closer to mastering aspects of the experience, while yet others are just starting their epic journey of discovery.

It is the awakening of the true heart and mind consciousness.

Over the years we have entertained misconstrued ideas on how to effectively work with both our heart and mind intelligence. Trial and error were teachers throughout most of our experience, as were parents, mentors, friends, family and cast of extras along the way. They did their best to pass on reflections, thoughts and ideas about the depth of this intelligence, but the full potential for the most part was never shared nor understood. For how could those precious souls pass on what they themselves had been unable to see.

From this sea of limited beliefs our world became that much smaller and our ability to use heart and mind tools became dulled and muted. Our tapestry of life was still very much functionable, but it lacked a spectrum of infinite color, sound and knowingness. When you are unaware that you are missing something, you rarely go looking for it. And so this monochromatic existence was the lens through which we interpreted and participated in our reality.

And for millennia we surrendered to this amnesiac state of being. It is only in recent years that the depth of Mindset and heart influence have truly caught the attention of the public at large. If there is truly one secret that has been withheld from us, it would be that the inner world, the world of mind, consciousness, heart and feeling, is the source of our greatest strength and co-creative ability. Truly at the end of it all, we are the artists of our illusion, the poets of our reality, the authors of our creation.

We are truly living in a time of golden opportunity.

There might be those that would scoff at this potential, so immersed in their fear and doubt about the perceived state of the world and 2012's long held forecast of destruction and despair. Perhaps we should view current prophetic events for 2012, not so much from the perspective of chaos and global upheaval, but more so from the view that transition from one World Age to another may just embrace the practice of letting go of our beliefs and replacing our experience with a state of expanded consciousness. Perhaps the war has been taken from its ever present external expression, to an internal battle where unworthiness, limitation and outdated beliefs of an old paradigm claw and struggle to survive in a field of rising consciousness, knowingness, self love and infinite potential.

As I witness the people around me move through their expressions of evolution, I watch how the battle unfolds in their lives. Financial ruin, loss of jobs, careers, relationships, friendships, homes, beliefs, identity and so much more; in effect a complete letting go. It is as if everything that we hold onto is caught in a tsunami of epic proportions and when we finally surrender to the uncertainty and "be", a new paradigm opens up for us and reality literally takes on a whole new expression.

Like it or lump it we are moving forward as a collective and with that comes the ever present request to go within and clean house. And clean house we must do. In years past, a handful of people felt the pull to move into this divine state of elder-hood. Today I see people of all ages and all walks of life, being drawn forward; either gently cajoled or outright overwhelming challenged.

We are changing and the time frame for our personal 'tipping point' is not in years, or months or weeks or days, but in actual fact TODAY.

The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands.
~ Robert M. Persig

More and more people are feeling the call within to make a change, to honor something deep within and hear the whisper in their heart to be their authentic, magnificent selves that they were meant to be. Gloves are off, masks thrown to the ground and the work begins.

Today is the day - Heart and Mind unified as a single voice, resonated through our combined Consciousness.

At our 11th hour how will you move forward into your truth?

Have an amazingly empowered day.


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Devoted the last 11 years to personal transformation. I recognized within myself a passion to help people to achieve higher states of consciousness and personal development. I studied Usui Reiki, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Crystal Healing and Quantum Healing and have combined them with Mindset Coaching. From all of these disciplines I came to truly understand my own innate gift to see transformational energy fields and the ability to modify those quantum fields to the greatest potential of the people, biological systems or animal species I serve.