How long have you been married- 5, 10, 20 years? You’re certain you know everything about your other half. Maybe you do but then again, maybe you don’t. Today, we will explore the forbidden world of clandestine extramarital affairs. Men are more prone to cheating, this is not surprising. Some countries even have cultures which tolerate this.

You’re less of man if you haven’t tasted the “forbidden fruit”. Some wives have learned to adapt to this double- standard custom. So you ignore the late night to early morning arrival of the hubby. Smelling like a woman’s perfume, but you are oblivious. You choose not to see the hickey on his chest, the nail marks on his back.

Deep in your heart you know he lies. Some wives stay and some just cannot take the crap which usually ends in a gruesome divorce, or worse. Let’s embark on men’s plight as the receiving end of this wayward situation. Happy wife equates happy life, so you say. You work and work for a big house, new car and expensive goods.

You truly know that she understands your long hours in the office and less time at home. You missed asking how her day went because you’re dead-beat from work. You forgot your anniversary; you apologize and give her flowers. She accepts. Her birthday slipped your mind; again, you say sorry and consoled her with expensive jewelry as a gift.

She acknowledges. She nags and complains for a while but in the end she doesn’t have much choice but to concede. You have become so pre-occupied with work that you don’t have time for her emotional ravings. You tell yourself your wife always understands. Yes she can be a nag and nuisance at times but her world revolves around you and your kids.

"Extramarital affairs" are words which are unthinkable in your comfortable "bliss". You believe this so well, you haven’t noticed it takes almost all day for her to do the groceries. She takes trips with her girlfriends you haven’t met. She decides to go to the gym. She hides her cellular phone.

She ceased nagging but is easily irritated by you. Suddenly she is filled with inspiration. There has been drastic changes in your sex life- she doesn’t ask for it anymore and when you do have it, she now becomes more "experimental". She has been cheating and you never had a clue.

Why do married people cheat? For men, studies have shown the main reason is sex- more of it and for variety. It’s quite different for women. Wives get involve in extramarital affairs because of emotional issues- neglect and insecurity. Mainly, the longing for intimacy and emotional thoughtfulness makes married women prone to have lovers.

Lack of attention and the re-validation of being attractive is also another cause. Boredom, loneliness and the need to experience the “high-school” romantic enthusiasm again can yet be a further factor. If you are married and want to avoid the complications of extramarital affairs, these ought to shed some light.

Knowing the reasons behind this “impious” act can help you in keeping a monogamous relationship. For all the couples out there, add a little spice and romance in your marriage. Decide to compromise and communicate and don’t forget to enjoy and indulge in each other. And if everything is in a plateau, you have the privilege to fall in love with each other again- that’s the beauty of marriage- you will always have each other.

No affair can sway the unconditional love married people share with each other.

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The author of this article, Ruth Purple , is a Relationship Expert who has been successfully coaching individuals and couples in their relationships. Get A Copy of her sensational ebook on Winning Over Infidelity. Experience a Happier Love Life.